B. F. GOODRICH TIRES (Leopard & Staples)

On the southwest corner of the busy, busy intersection of Leopard & Staples was a B. F. Goodrich Tire Store in 1960s. Of all the tire places that battled for your Polyester, later Radial Dollar, this was only one with no stalls. So Carry Out. A block away on Alameda was Goodyear, across street Sears at Sam Rankin with dozens of stalls, across from Sears was Schaffer's Muffler Shops which also stocked tires, next to them Montalbano's Tires, and farther west on Doss & Leopard was Kelley's Tires.

B. F. Goodrich had a strategic location at this intersection and I believe due to Sears owning the back parking lot at the time, could not build back to put work stalls to do maintenance like rotations, installations, even basics like oil changes, brakes and alignments. But seemed to do some good business with walk ins. And was nicely lit at night too, so if stopped at stop light, look & see mess of tires, rims like Cragars, Raiders, & Keystones.

Next door to it was a either a HFC Loans place or H&R Block place, and seemed to be there many years long after B. F. Goodrich moved to different location.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. Well lit up at night in the windows, you could easily check out mag wheels, new tires while you waited at the stop light headed towards downtown eastbound.

Photo #2. B. F. Goodrich vintage sign from 1960s, the design relatively same now.

Photo #3. Old ad for B.. F. Goodrich from the 1950s this is a magazine type ad. Driving needs from $10 bucks, sign me up! I'll take a warehouse of B.F.Goodrich T/A Radials!

Photo #4. Just across Staples to the east was this long row of buildings, the blue one was Guzman's restaurant, 3-4 of the places with the spires on top were cantinas I mentioned in another post.

Photo #5. Standing in middle of Leopard looking south down Staples, several new buildings have popped up in recent memory, the blue Guzman's restaurant, whole cantinas, all gone.

Photo #6. Southwest Corner of Leopard & Staples facing south, and now part of I think county courthouse complex, and a big bus stop. Across street is where Guzman's you can see new development backed up to Mestina street.

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