32. Black Tile Building Corner of Leopard & Cleveland 1900 Leopard

On the corner of Cleveland & Leopard was a "black tile building" that in my life, was only opened when Buccaneer days came to town, as this is there they stashed all the balloons, flags, and beads and stuff to sell. You go in, sign up and they give you a mess of things to sell. I did this several times as a kid, selling Pirate flags for 50 cents each. And they give you a dollar or two. I quit doing it when I was holding a $20 bill proudly in front of me (was about 11) and he just reached over my shoulder and snatched and and bolted for door. A number of workers, carnies, whatever you call them, bolted after him. I was left in tears. Boss still paid me, but I didn't ever sell any more flags after that. The building on lower front had cool solid black tiles, which ran up either side, the doors were rickety identical to the Hamauei's Waco Food Store a few blocks up Leopard. I do not know when this building town down as was still there when I moved to Houston in 1983. It is parking lot now.

Photo #1. This is Antelope street at Doss about 1967, maybe 1968. I'm the one with grimace like pirate (AAARRHHHH...it buc days matey!!!) That is my brother Tommy in red, white and blue American Motors dealership racing jacket, my dad, next to him, me and then small kid was neighbor called Pete Kawas, also known as 'Peetoe'. Interstate 37 behind us (was our front yard duh) where it curves towards crosstown. Behind dad hidden by trees is Driscoll hotel, 600 building & Wilson Tower. It was about this time that I was selling these plastic flags for Buccaneer days parade.

Photo #2. The bikes my dad fixed up and sold and rented to sailors, he also fixed up lawnmowers on the side. Earlier he would fix up televisions that mister Aldrich (that Aldrich of the Christmas house on Doddridge) had taught him. Since momma and poppa never went to parade less than 100 yards away, we would rent spaces in our driveway and onside of house. That is little Sarah selling lawnmowers there. Side note since am going on about Buc Days Parade.. my dad built a UPSIDE DOWN BIKE for the parade one year, was huge hit, a clown rode it )except walked it down S hill at Wilson Tower into downtown) but kids loved it. Pretty much two bikes welded together, rider sat about 4 feet up in air!

Photo #3. And with Buccaneer Days quickly approaching, beautiful girls would 'kidnap' the mayor at City Hall and toss them in the water. This would officially launch Buccaneer Days for Corpus Christi when the beauties took over, not sure if Corpus Christi still does this funny and neat tradition, which would garner a lot of attention for the city! And darn it, was fun, unless mayor didn't swim I guess.I can think of a few Corpus Christi mayors I would love to toss into drink, but would be big tank of piranahas ha ha!

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