ELLESSEE MOTORS (Leopard Street Next to Chicken Shack)

In mid 1970s after we moved back from 642 Naples street to old crap hole house 723 Doss, I found myself riding my bike a lot more. Sometimes dog Bootsy would go, other times not. Slightly behind THE BIG MAP on my site west of Lew Williams, HEB, was Ellessee Motors. On Leopard 2600 Block, and stretched between Stillman on west, Peabody on right and Antelope behind it. To the right of is was famous Chicken Shack. Across street was Westside Rexall Drugs after they had moved from behind HEB which later became Citizens Bank. Also across street was Radio Shack. And Charlie Thomas Ford. To the left was another lot, but don't remember name.

The cars at this lot were a mix of old and newer vehicles, and knowing what I know now, believe they probably had been bought at auctions, as some of the big car lots ran their used cars thru auctions whereas dealers then resell them, as opposed to selling on their own crowded lots. I would ride my bike thru this lot looking at, and inside cars to see how equipped they were as a pre teen, as liked cars, then and now, especially of this era.

Might be why I have driven nothing but American Motors (AMC) cars since 1976, and had 395 of them, 9 currently.

Never did a salesman come out to yell at me, as a few car lots did, up and down Leopard, "hey kid, getta away from de car!!" even though not doing anything wrong, just checking out cool car.

This might have been two used cars lots conjoined together & I simply didn't know that. But whole block of cards stacked 3-4 rows deep. Do not remember what was behind Ellesse Motors on Antelope, but for like of me, remember nothing although small little bar on Peabody corner.

So not on my BIG MAP photo. But have told you about citizens Bank, Rexall when it was on north side of Leopard, Rainbo Bread too, but so far, NOT Franks Spaghetti House, McNabbs Liquor next to it, Charlie Thomas Ford or Chicken Shack. Maybe I will get to those eventually, more committed to finishing up THE BIG MAP of Leopard.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. From the middle of Leopard Street facing North at Stillman, most of this lot was Ellessee Motors in 1970s. To the extreme left is Chicken Shack, to extreme right, Citizens Bank. Down Stillman street is THE BIG HOUSE, on Antelope which was moved there one day by large flatbed trailer, big two story house.

Photo #2. From Leopard Street facing Northwest at Peabody you can see how long Ellesse Motors lot would have been. I guess maybe 100 cars at any given time in any condition. In distance is Firestone, in front of that Franks Spaghetti House, McNabbs Liquor Store & Chicken Shack with the long white roof.

Photo #3. This is NOT Ellessee Motors but what it DID look like in late 1960s, 70s on Leopard Street. Charlie Thomas Ford in foreground, across street Ellessee Motors loaded with good used cars, and of course a Calallen or Saxet Heights bus (Saxet is Texas spelled backwards for you non locals) but cruising along, with NO Air Condition, all windows up! So sort of looking NW from atop Rexall.

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