65 Godoy's Pool Hall
What as a kid I always thought was a LIQUOR STORE was a POOL HALL just west in same littrle strip with Chat & Chew. Later would be come some taco stand I believe, building STILL there. But as a kid this place seemed to always have open door, smelled like old beer, and had a hot looking chick poster in front window selling schlitz Beer.

Can't tell you much about it as never would go in it, was a kid, kids not supposed to be in liquor stores, or pool halls, and Leopard was filled with them too. Did you know that my dad, Homer T Stakes & mom, Sarah Stakes NEVER drank or smoked? So this place would have been worthless as tits on a boar hog to them. Still, it had some cool looking posters in windows and could see some neons inside hanging on walls. Enticing to a kid? Nah. This place is STILL there,  if anyone wants to drive past it. Stay out of the dumpster, that is my job.

Sorry I have no photos of this place