42 Kelly's Tires

Kelly Springfield Tires. This place was next to Beil's grocery store, Beil's is #43 on the map. This place sold new tires but also had services like front end alignments, brake jobs, oil changes. The big garage doors opened front north and south, so like most Catholic school classrooms, no air condition, breeze blew straight thru. I guess a good thing except on one of Corpus' famous summer days of 100 degrees and 100% humidity, that must have been living hell working in stall. There was a pit here also, kind of unheard of back then for a place like this, as pits usually reserved for big car dealerships, a pit is where mechanics can get under a car to work on it, change oil, most quick oil change places like this now, but in middle 1960s, unheard of.


Photo #1: this is the back of Kelly's Tires, so back still has garage doors, front if cemented up. Gulf Radiator across street in blue, and at the end of that corner was our house 723 Doss.

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Photo #2 This is what is called "the pit" even to this day, crawl under car and work, looking up, but easy to get to. Some places like hydraulic liftsd, but in 1960s those were more expensive than just digging a cement hole as Jed Clampett would say.

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Photo #3. Another angle front view of the pit, shows how deep they were, this fellow obviously is working on brakes, and has a smoke in his mouth, probably viceroy, Pall Mall, ugh. Gas tank right above his head maybe he is a Aggie.

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Photo #4 The Kelly Tires place had girlie calendars in it, some naked girls, some good looking ones in 'tasteful' poses, and uh, always with TIRES! You can still find vintage ones and those from 1950s command top dollar. My old lady neighbor had a 1957 one she gave me 5 years ago, I sold it on ebay $125.00.

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