47 & 48. US Post Office & KZFM.

Across the street from Coca Cola was a US Post Office, right next to railroad tracks, pretty red brick building, and Bootsy would quietly wait for me outside with bike when I went in to dig in trash. Found lots of stuff here, but nothing of the sheer volume of the US Post Office on Upper Broadway near Cathedral where I stole a pencil from blind man inside, which to this day, still haunts me. Monsignor Schmidt long since forgave me in the Cathedral confessional, hope God does. Or maybe God will whip out the pencil one day at pearly gates and say 'remember THIS' and down I go into the Grandpappy's long slide into hell. This place didn't smell like the unique and wonderful smell of the Broadway post office, just smelled, I don't know, generic. Sort of like Mc Inness bookstore at Six Points. Smelled 'booky'. But as they say when I buy another Shamwow drunk at 4:00am, "But Wait! There is more!" Next door ( # 47) expanded with post office. Well, at this time we moved from old crappy destroyed house at 2009 Antelope that Celia had taken out with 500+ pound fan from top of Coca Cola, to a new trailer Senator John Tower gave out 10,000+ long trailers, so that was now next to house. Then we lost trailer after year and Lloyd Remple a friend of my dad's let us rent 642 Naples for $300 a month, so moved there. In the time we moved there to time we moved back 2-3 years later after getting kicked out of 642 Naples as Lloyd wanted to 'rerent' the house for $600 a month, the post office closed and now local radio station KZFM had moved in. I do not know if they kept their location in top floor somewhere in 600 building though. ad visited that as a kid, walked right in like I did lots of damned places, and they gave me tour. 1/2 the fun was not only seeing all the lights, turntables and microphones but of course, going up and down the elevator. ALONE. So now this place KZFM.

At one time, KZFM radio was in one of the upper floors of 600 Building about mile away. Then they appeared in this building, across from Noe's and beside Cage's in 1970s. But before it was KZFM was a US Post Office with beautiful red bricks. And whoever the owner is of building guess they subdivided it, as the Post Office was both places, and the big US postal 18 wheelers would come in on the Larry street side facing Missouri Pacific tracks (Auto Zone & later Vick's side) and plug up what was, then, a crappy little street, some paved, other dirt! KZFM had all the same equipment inside there, as several of us kids who had went to see the 600 Building location, also checked in here. There are some former KZFM dee-jays & workers that occasionally pop up in facebook Corpus Christi group, if you have photos or more info on timeline here place comment! And belated 50 year old THANKS from a kid who got to check out BOTH locations & didn't steal anything while there!

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