49 L. L. Bean

The Missouri Pacific train tracks ran behind it of which was US Post Office then KZFM #48, #47, and Cages Hardware #45. But #49 was L.L. Bean of which as a kid, Bootsy & me not allowed, but we would go up thick wooden plank stairs to look at the Coke machine like we were buying, and sometimes drop nickle in the gumball machines. Just for show & spy. This place was packed to the rafters, and I didn't really understand concept of how if it was a store like HEB across street or Beil's a block over on Leopard, how did they make money if they didn't let people in? The railroad track ran behind it and had docks, where the boxcars unload. So would also peek in no one even minded that. It I guess was wholesale, so people just could not walk in like HEB or Beils, I never found out. so guessing here wholesale only like modern day Sams Club or Costco. I can go in those.

L L Bean place still exists, that is it straight ahead and it faces what is left of Mestina street where Missouri Pacific tracks used to be, and where Larry street was. I didn't drive down on it because was in wife's fancy ass new car, if I was in one of my American Motors cars, especially 4 wheel drive Eagle, it's on! But that is it with small squared boarded up windows. If you look tor right, the red brick building was US post office I mentioned and then later KZFM radio. There are some satellite dishes there. The white sloped rood building and back of barn building far right was Cage's Hardware. Not shown but still there is the old rail road tracks that ran between L L Bean, and buildings on right.

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