64 Mirabel Bakery

MIRABEL BAKERY, (panderia!) is #64 on the list. This little Mexican owned place was a oasis that seemed to have been around for many, many years. You walk in and behind the glass counters was a array of pan dulces, conchas, cuernos and cookies. Colorful things, these ladies really knew their stuff.

And probably why many of us are diabetic now. Oh what the hell, if you have ever been inside City Bakery on 19th at Ruth next to Saint Josephs, this about same thing, except it was so....so....COMPACT. The ladies would bounce against each other like bumper cars behind counter. And never in all the times I went here did I see someone frown. How could you frown surrounded by all those pan dulces? Everything was cheap, the conchas which are like a shell, were 5 cents each. You could get Mexican wedding cookies dozen for 10 cents! Little various colored cakes, things that were filled with crema, twisty rolls...I would be lying if I said that if we walked up here, NONE of this stuff ever made it back to house. My brother Tommy went to Cathedral with a guy named Ted Mirabel, but they lived on corner of Horne road near Kostorzy, not sure if same family. Next to this place was a small, oyster shell alley. I loved hauling ass on my bike down this as it made crazy crunching noise on bike, but had to watch side traffic at Josephine then Mexico streets and that is where little alley ended. este lugar, esta pequeña casa panderia, trae algunos maravillosos vívidos recuerdos de mi juventud!! (this place, this little home bakery, brings out some wonderful, vivid memories of my youth!)

Photo #1, Mirabel Bakery is the pink house, someone living in it, wonder what would happen if I walked up to door and asked for some empanadas or conco shells, yummy! Photo #2 is self explanatory, thay is pretty much same face I make on right.

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