30.Mobil Gas Station
Back in 1960s this was a Mobil gas station. to the immediate west, Gulf Radiator & Sandlin Radiators. Directly behind it was "the big field" a vacant lot of oyster shells all the kids in area played in and rode bikes, but sometimes impromptu baseball games, with Antelope side 2nd base & home run area, and I-37 backdrop. Later, Coca Cola would buy this lot and use for employees to park cars. And with that, they had to walk past out crappy run down house corner of Doss & Antelope, sometimes late brother Tommy & me sleeping on porch ha ha, as no electricity, hot inside damned house, but porch offered good breeze. Across from Mobil was Kelly Springfield Tires, #41) which was connected to Beils (#42). The Mobil offered both full and self serve. We never seemed to buy gas there, my dad opted to buy gas at cheapest place which was FINA station up around curve south of Lipan, and directly behind the cemetery, gas 16 cents a gallon there in 1960s, and guy would come out, and also check tires, clean windshield and if time, check oil in our Rambler. The gas pumps had spinny wheel near top and DING! DING! bell each gallon. Mobil didn't have this. Was to use kids, hypnotic, and we stared at the damned ting from windshield, never getting out of car. Maybe poppa onto something there too.


Mobil made most of it's money (at least to a observant kid) with service. It had two service bays and always cars in them for tune ups, oil changes, tire changes and so forth. There was a big, heavy set man who seemed to be the boss inside. Behind Mobil fenced in, number of cars waiting their turn to get fixed. Inside had air condition, maybe why fat man always stayed inside.

There were gumball machines too, penny & nickle ones. And the small Coke machine had a ice water thing on side of it, so could put bike down outside, walk in, drink water, and leave. Cold water, but not as cold as KAYO a block away, I will get to them later. As.. Leopard street slowly evolved, Mobil closed down, then became a service place only.

Photos #1 Mobil as it exists today, building intact and still being used. KC Hall would have beenon right, Gulf Radiator is shown on left of photo. The arrow in background was where Maria D Alcala's house was we were living in after Celia. Photo #2    This is a rare photo of me in front yard of 723 Doss washing my 68 AMC AMX. In background on upper right is back of Mobil station. If you can get past my big head of hair, directly behind it, is KC Hall, follow it to left upper corner that is whole building! My head, and ego blocking the steps though facing Mobil. The cars in fenced in area behindme, Coca Cola had bought that for employees to park. See here is a Dodge Polara a 74 Mustang. If you look above my car on right, that is Junior Rabago's 70 4 door green Impala parked facing me. Photo #3 a different angle of me washing car in front yard, note above my head is Ortiz's shotgun house, Meme & Trina raised a boatload of kids in it, was painted olive green. The big Agnes sign is also shown from 1979 there. Barely visible above my head, Wilson Tower, 600 Building & Driscoll building which is sort of black. And Coca Cola's lot behind me with a Ford Granada, Buick Skylark, Chevy Truck, and Ford LTD on the big oyster shell lot. My tshirt is Styx Memorial Coliseum

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