61 Montalbano Tire Company

MONTALBANO TIRE is # 61 on the list. There was a old man whose teeth looked like piano keys who either owned, or was manager here. If you look closely, you will see the one, single, pillar at front of this place, this faced Josephine on the corner of Leopard. I may be spelling the name wrong here, might have been Montabano. I for some reason thought it had a "L" in name.

Might be wrong about that too, doing this crap from 50+ years of memory and operating on Windows 2 with dial up sometimes in brain. The guys in here wore blue. They did tire stuff, changed tires, and seemed to have bought, sold and traded tires. My dad bought some good used tires on the cheap from here for one of our Ramblers. I do not know if they sold new, chances are they did. You could ride bike thru and under this easement overhand. White building, big letters, and office just to side, and tire changing machines.

You know as vibrant as Leopard street was in middle of 1960s, besides this place, you could get tires at Sears across street, B F Goodrich on corner of Staples & Leopard, next to Chat & Chew was Goodyear, and down road near Beils was Kelleys Tires. Am I missing anyone? Nice guys worked here, patched a few bike tires for us kids who lived 5-6 blocks down. Also had ice cold Coke machine in there, but was 10 cents at Coca Cola next door to us.

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