Resell Stores 1200 Block of Leopard (Between Alameda & Staples)

RESELL STORES (1200 BLOCK LEOPARD) In 1960s, sandwiched between Staples on east & N. Alameda on west, there were a number of small mom & pop no name resell stores. They sold clothes, jewelry, shoes, and even slightly used furniture. Granted, almost across street & block over was gigantic Sears, so these folks served a niche for just good used stuff. There were Coke bottles from another decade, vintage ashtrays, ceramics like angles and more. You never know what would find in each store, of which each store was quite unique.

Before we get going, I had to ADD this one to THE BIG MAP on my site as filler, just could not leave them behind in my memory. So find #89 on THE BIG MAP near Chat & Chew #66, GoodYear Tires #67 & #68 Josephes Pawn Shop. There they are.

And each store, there were three of them, had good sized plate glass windows in front, and "V" shaped, so either side of you, could see ever changing wares, then glass door. How simple life was then, as even a kid like we could go in, the owner say hi, and ask if I saw anything I wanted or needed, and feel free to browse around, looking maybe at used bikes I could never afford, or even used toys. But friendly, people, I guess the ladies were owners, honestly cant tell you, but always seemed to be in their respective stores. Never saw a guy running the place.

Best of all, they didn't follow me around like at Cage's were I would sometimes walk in circles in the aisles, and confuse them, but also forget what the hell I went for like fishing hooks or weights, only to be tailed like common criminal. Ok, a few stores did that ha ha.

I often wondered how much money these ladies made in the little stores. The store itself stretched from sidewalk on Leopard (all faced south) to 1/2 way to Antelope as there was a alley behind them at the time. And upstairs, there were also rooms to rent. Never went up staircases to look though unlike above Cage's down the street were we saw some naked people ha ha, ugh.

If you want to see something similar and only if it is still around, go by the Good Shepherd's Corner Resell Shop at Six Points on Alameda. This is about what the little stores were except Good Shepherd is many times larger.

But it even has the V shaped windows in front to view things for sale like the little Leopard Street vendors had.

I do not know when the little stores vanished but a guess, and that is all it is, was in the 1970s. The foot traffic was just not what it used to be up and down Leopard then. And I can't even tell you the name of the three stores unfortunately, just my small window in time in 1960s when I stopped into a few of them.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. When we visited from Houston in 2019, was amazed one of the little resell stores still there. Sandwiched between a Bail Bond place and a closed down gay bar called Club Sixx. The Sixx place, while beat up now, looked like the little place to the right of it, so imagine three of those all in a row. At some point new front put in, I guess subdivided and like so many other places on Leopard, came & went.

cc-resell-shop-1.jpg (90900 bytes)

Photo #2. Close up view of the last standing Leopard Resell Shop. Big padlock on door and the nice windows that curved inward either side has Corpus Christi's Unofficial Mascot: plywood.

cc-resell-shop-2.jpg (110089 bytes)

Photo #3. At the top of the remaining little Resell Shop are large cement vases. Often wondered how they stood there when hurricane Celia hit and this area (we lived 6 blocks down) 175 miles a hour winds. Yet in 2019, there they are like silent gargoyles of Notre Dame, silent. Watching. Waiting for Leopard street to be reborn.

cc-resell-shop-3.jpg (84822 bytes)

Photo #4. Shoutout to the good folks at Good Shepherd Resell at Six Points, they moved in there sometime when we moved to 642 Naples in early 1970s I think, and have been doing good work since. You see the windows and how they go into a "V" (for lack of better term!) the one on the left is how the Leopard Street stores were, not one on right, too large. But all three stores had this type front in 1960s.

cc-resell-shop-4.jpg (103841 bytes)