REXALL DRUGS West End Pharmacy

Leopard Street. Wow! Hypodermic needles! Behind the Rexall Drugs on Leopard street in 1960s lies one of our favorite trash bins. Baby Light Sabers many years before Star Wars! We had our 'favorite' dumpsters & trash cans: HEB corner of Leopard & Port, Beil's across from Gulf Radiator where sometimes the "wino behind Beil's" would rise up out of the boxes, and we all scatter, of course the printing places, Devines behind HEB was a two fer, could hit both, and Mission Printing and KC Hall across from each other Leopard & Cleveland.

If you see where HEB is #15 lower left of big photo, this would later be Citizens State Bank, just behind it would be where Rexall was. North side of street, stand alone brick building. One day they moved across street directly between Charlie Thomas Ford & Lew Williams Chevrolet, probably to keep the peace, you know how Chevy & Ford people are. But for now, will tell you about Rexall on north side of street.

The store had big plate glass windows, and could easily see the rows of things for sale inside. Band Aids, that stinky Noxema and Vicks Vap O Rub stuff, even scary monkey blood medicine. Toothpastes, combs, and if you walked past or drove past would see the pharmacists in their clean white garments, coats, working in back behind back counter. Looked like doctors they did, but guess now they basically are. Monkey blood, yuck. But close your eyes for second and can small the smell of a Rexall or old pharmacy...

Towards the front they had a rack of comic books, didn't keep them updated and changed out as quickly as Mister Hamauei did at his Waco Food Store next to Sears, or even Al's News Stands one down hill from Cathedral, other near Caller Times in The Forbidden Zone. But not changing them out often meant if I missed something could go here and read it, or buy it (10 cents) then catch up at other places. Not one time did anyone at Rexall's tell me to leave store if sat on floor and looked at comic books, how cool is that.

And the dumpster. In the 1960s even with all the drugs, hippies, heroin and stuff, we looked for the best syringes, so no blood in them, just clean ones, maybe clear liquid. Sounds gross, and I look back and should be infected with every known thing to man now. But ain't. Yea, no corona virus either ha ha. These hypo needles were little water guns to us, we fill up cup with clorox or something back at house, and sit where the big red ants come out of the hill in our front yard on Doss, if you ever got bit by one of those ants, painful welt for week. Well, we would spray them with our tiny water battle guns, and watch them get all dramatic like people on the As The World Turns show momma would watch.

Yes, if momma caught me or others with them, we had to wash hands, throw them in trash. We never played battle swords with them, or no one ever got stuck with one either, not that stoopid, spelled with two oo's. The "new"

Rexall when it moved had a locked dumpster what is up with that? Still went inside new, clean, store, which had a mediciney smell like the other place, and Doctor Barnard's office and the pharmacy across from it at 3rd & Santa Fe. Mediciney. Like someone spilled that monkey blood stuff.

Mercurochrome......been stinking up places since 1910.

PHOTOS: Photo #1. The Rexall sign was a welcoming sign, at least to me, was blue, orange, and just made me feel like everything was going to be alright. I do not know if they still around, Walgreens & CVS most medicine stores now. Wal Marts have big pharmacies in them too. Don't smell 'Rexall like' though. The old school sign changed to a more modern type font script too, when Rexall moved from north to south side of Leopard.

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Photo #2. One day scratch & sniff computers and you can smell this vile crap looking at the screen. But to mommas back then, if you got a cut, scrape, bruise, anything this stuff cure all. And smell could linger in bathroom or room once opened.

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Photo #3. Hey kids grab a handful of syringes, lets go take out the red ant mound. Seriously, we played with this, I know some old blue haired ladies reading this just fainted, click your "I Fallen & Can't Get Up" thing, maybe the medics bring you money blood? And me & Tommy constantly BAREFOOT, so yea, danger Will Robinson there factor too, but guess what, it never happened thank God! And stoopid is still speled wif two oo's.

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Photo #4. Standing where HEB used to be, I took this photo scaring hell out of cashiers and clerks inside drive thru. No, not going to rob you, just trying to tell damned story, put your phones down. Where the tall building of Citizens Bank is in background is about where Rexall stood. Lew Williams is across street.

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Photo #5. And speaking of Lew Williams I spent a LOT of time at this dealership in 1960s, riding around the cars on bike with dog Bootsy in tow, sellings tons of Worlds Finest Chocolates for Cathedral, check out the vintage cars. But this is the USED CAR (they called them OK Used Cars) and faced Rexall on the far west side of the lot, the small Jetsons like horned building shown was for used car salesmen. Here you see Novas, Biscaynes, Caprices, Impalas, for many years Lew Williams tried to get my dad Homer T Stakes to come to work for them, but he stayed with Rambler & American Motors downtown

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Photo #6. Leopard street was abandoned by Corpus Christi many, many, MANY, years ago, is wasteland sadly. Could not believe the road here, was moonscape. I'm looking northwest on Leopard directly where the Rexall used to be in 1960s. Desolate, forgotten, Antelope is right there next street and feeder of Interstate 37 in photo.

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Photo #7. The NEW Rexall on south side of street was closer to Lew Williams than Charlie Thomas, And the skinny building on left was Radio Shack for decades. The 'new' Rexall has a sign that shows promise? Kowabunga Grille & Salinas Catering. Burgers, wings, pizza. I might have to try them if still in business next time come down to visit, there is always hope. If you look between buildings, that is CPL, I worked back there 2 years, will have to tell you about it. I told people "I studied meteorology" to impress the chicks at Doctor Livingston, they go all 'wow!' when in fact I was bottom dweller 'meter reader' at CPL.

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Photo #8. The red ants are not fire ants, they about as long as your fingernail. In the 15+ years I lived at 2009 Antelope & 723 Doss, there was a hole in ground 1/2 way between front porch on 723 Doss & asphalt. We tried everything to kill them, gasoline, hot oil, poisons, fog bombs, firecrackers, battery acid, nothing worked, not even when hole got flooded with hurricanes Celia & Allen!

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