75 Ridgway Printing:

"In their own words" (Jim Berridge, whose dad was Branch Manager) Eddie, Ridgway's was a business specializing in architectural, drafting, surveying supplies and did did building plan reproductions using the old blue print hydrogen developed wash and drum dry method that was the state of the art used it that period and before. They also did film and ammonia reproductions, which became the standard for many years, extensively for big and small building and engineering projects all over Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. If there was building and construction going on in those days and beyond, Ridgway's likely had a hand in producing plans for their distribution for contractors, and sold the tools of the drafting, engineering and surveying trades they needed. Ridgway's was eventually acquired from the Ridgway and Blaylock families in the 1990s and the business name changed to the current day ARC company name. That company name may be in Corpus nowadays, that was once Ridgway's. There was a Peacock Cafe very close to Ridgway's back then that was my very first job of washing dishes one summer for a while at the age of around 11-12 years old. I also used to walk from Ridgway's some days to the uptown location of the YMCA to spend my summer days also.I was born at Thomas Span hospital in 1955 and eventually Dad (Ed Berridge) and our family were moved to Shreveport in 69-70 where I am today. Lots of fond childhood memories in Corpus and Portland, where we lived  before moving. Thanks again!" (Ridgway Printing is YELLOW SIGN on left)

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