63 Schaffer's Muffler shop

SHAFFERS MUFFLER SHOP This place has not changed much thru years and as a testimonial of their great service and products, they are still around! As a kid though, when you look in this place was like seeing UFOs, dragons, cyclops. None of it made much sense to a child. You knew what the things were, just foreign like tires, rims, shocks, big placards and signs with special this and that, bah, can't do anything with that stuff, will wander around but no interest to a kiddo. What the hell is a muffler anyways? Looks like something you store gumballs from Chat N Chew in maybe. Still was a fun store to wander around in, and they had a large open garage facility in the 1960s where they did sort of things like alignments, brakes, shocks, mufflers of which they were famous for. So lot of grease monkeys wandering around just like Auto Center garage at corner or Port & Leopard. Wow, you can see yourself in those shiny Cragar & Raider SS rims! As a kid...those were cool. As a teen, I ended up buying a set for my 1970 AMC Javelin. As a rabid car collector who has personally owner 392 AMC cars now since 1976 (11 currently) and drive them daily, still a fan of those Cragar rims. Yes, if still living in Corpus Christi, Shaffer's would be my proverbial 'kid in candy store' and get a lot of my money now.

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