19. Sheffield's Drive Inn

Sheffield's is the U shaped building across from Hasty Tasty (#13). Port Avenue is #16 while the Missouri Pacific Railroad train yard sandwiched between Port & Larry Street. Larry street was never really a street, as was mostly oyster shell driveway, although on Mestina there was asphalt. Sheffield's was a type of Snapkas on crack, bigger, better burgers, pool tables, pinball machines 3 plays for a dime! The big "U" shaped awning cars park under in shade, and they would bring out your food on Sonic type metal trays (think American Graffiti) to your car. Wanted something else? Flash your headlights the car hop lady come back out. Inside was all blue collar, the cold beers included Schlitz, Hamms, Falstaff, Lone Star & Pearl to name a few. Workers from nearby refineries, the car lots, and just all around area come in for cold one & beer. As a kid I got a cheeesburger at this place was about 6 and was sort of hooked. I would ride my bike up there, trusty dog Bootsy would patiently sit outside with my bike leaning against wall, while I would go in, play quick pinball game. People would pet Bootsy on the head, she was really friendly dog. And patient. This area would later be where Vicks is, before it was Vicks was Ruby Reds a sort of spin off of Orange Julius in the Padre Staples Mall. I do not remember when Sheffield's went away, but it was there as late as 1970. Maybe Celia took them out. Sheffield's was a real blue collar diner & bar. Burgers, shakes, malts (malts ha ha), beer, could sit inside with 'Cold Air Conditioning' at lunch or after work, even had a jukebox & pinball & cigarette machines.

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