50 Big White Warehouse

Corner of Mestina & Lester. This big warehouse always had trucks coming and going, no lettering on them. So can't tell you anything about it. But one day there was a nighthawk sitting on wire crossing Mestina, maybe 12 feet above street here. I hated the nighthawks after one flew at my face, then had nightmare about it, kicking in bedroom wall middle of night leaving big hole. So in afternoon, I must have wasted hour throwing rocks at this big mouthed bird who was not amused. My aim was like Storm Troopers in Star Wars, fire 100 shots never hit anything. The bird just watched my rocks sail past, and if one would have hit him, it would have killed him, if not, Bootsy would have grabbed him and maybe no more nightmares. Well, he lived another day as arm got tired and Mestina was riddled with rocks. Strange how I could hit a car up on I-37 with a Missouri Pacific railroad rock travelling 50-60 miles per hour and get trajectory right, but damned bird only feet from me could not smack.

This is part of #50 the big white building I don't know what it was back in 1960s. But the east side had a dock, similar to L. L. Bean, except these were commercial trucks always coming and going. Now it is City Produce. The building on the left was not there in 1960s, that pretty much was where the #53 lawyer building full of Perry Masons sat. If you look closely, the wire hanging really low across Mestina is where I chunked rocks at the nighthawk. I seriously can't believe the crappy City Services or CPL, someone has not pulled that up, it STILL hangs way it did from 1960s ha ha.

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