American Motors
Factory Bulletins & Recalls

This are factory bulletins & recalls from American Motors. They mostly cover 1966-1971. As time goes on I will scan more & post more of them. Feel free to print and display with your AMC or use for reference. Most have never been seen & can be used for judging or establish a timeline for restoration and date coding. If you use them, please acknowledge courtesy of planet houston amx.

 1966 thru 1969 AMC Differential Rear End Twin Grip Bulletin, all models

amc-twin-grip-differential-bulletin.jpg (191691 bytes)

1967 thru 1970 AMC Clock Bulletin, AMX, Ambassador, Javelin, Rebel Series

amc-clock-bulletin-amx-javelin.jpg (214357 bytes)

1969 Big Bad Colors Paint Bulletin, AMX & Javelin

amc-big-bad-paint-bulletin-amx-javelin.jpg (254283 bytes)

1966 thru 1969 AMC Starter Bulletin, all models 6 cylinder & V8

amc-starter-bulletin-66-67-68-69.jpg (272746 bytes)

1969-1970 AMC Fusible Link Wiring Bulletin, all Series

amc-fusible-link-wiring-bulletin.jpg (261918 bytes)

1967-1968-1969 Dash ALT (alternator) Light Dim Glow Bulletin all Series

amc-dash-ALT-light-glowing-bulletin.jpg (229712 bytes)

1969 AMC AMX & Javelin Air Condition Bulletin

amc-amx-javelin-air-condition-bulletin-1.jpg (277122 bytes)  amc-amx-javelin-air-condition-bulletin-2.jpg (155996 bytes)

1967-1969 Javelin & Rebel Mag Styled Wheel-Rim to Drum Spacing Bulletin

amc-wheel-rim-drum-bulletin.jpg (271713 bytes)

1967-up Trailer Towing With American Motors Cars

amc-trailer-hitch-towing-1.jpg (267981 bytes)  amc-trailer-hitch-towing-2.jpg (325358 bytes)  amc-trailer-hitch-towing-3.jpg (372383 bytes)  amc-trailer-hitch-towing-4.jpg (314445 bytes)

1968-1969 AMC AMX & Javelin Brake Line to Clutch Pedal Clearance Bulletin

amc-amx-javelin-brake-to-clutch-rod-bulletin-1.jpg (318723 bytes)  amc-amx-javelin-brake-to-clutch-rod-bulletin-2.jpg (280338 bytes)  amc-amx-javelin-brake-to-clutch-rod-bulletin-3.jpg (262690 bytes)  amc-amx-javelin-brake-to-clutch-rod-bulletin-4.jpg (328869 bytes)

1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler Ram Air Bulletin

amc-hurst-scrambler-ram-air-bulletin.jpg (210422 bytes)

1969 AMC Horn Bolt Breakage Bulletin Ambassador, AMX, Javelin, Rebel Series

amc-amx-javelin-horn-bulletin-1.jpg (251591 bytes)  amc-amx-javelin-horn-bulletin-2.jpg (95082 bytes)

1969 AMC Hurst Competition Plus Shifter Bulletin all Series with four speed

amc-hurst-competition-plus-shifter-bulletin-1.jpg (284232 bytes)  amc-hurst-competition-plus-shifter-bulletin-2.jpg (275897 bytes)  amc-hurst-competition-plus-shifter-bulletin-3.jpg (212328 bytes)  amc-hurst-competition-plus-shifter-bulletin-4.jpg (87799 bytes)

1966-1967-1968-1969 AMC Cowl Water Leakage to Converter Bulletin, All Series

amc-cowl-water-leakage-to-starter-converter-bulletin.jpg (259369 bytes)

1969 AMC Rear Speaker Pack Shelf Knockout Bulletin, Ambassador, Javelin, Rebel Series

amc-rear-package-tray-speaker-bulletin.jpg (239591 bytes)

1968-1969 AMC Heater Core Valve Bulletin, AMX & Javelin

amc-amx-javelin-heater-core-valve-bulletin-1.jpg (261989 bytes)  amc-amx-javelin-heater-core-valve-bulletin-2.jpg (159012 bytes)

1969 -1970 AMC Parking Brake Cable & Brake Lining Bulletin, Ambassador, AMX, Javelin, Rebel

amc-parking-brake-cable-bulletin-1.jpg (260598 bytes)  amc-parking-brake-cable-bulletin-2.jpg (107928 bytes)  amc-parking-brake-cable-bulletin-3.jpg (180432 bytes)  amc-parking-brake-cable-bulletin-4.jpg (170016 bytes)

1969 AMC Front Turn Signal Lights Not Working, Ambassador, AMX, Javelin, Rebel Series

amc-front-turn-signal-failure-bulletin-1.jpg (319058 bytes)  amc-front-turn-signal-failure-bulletin-2.jpg (215815 bytes)  amc-front-turn-signal-failure-bulletin-3.jpg (143070 bytes) 

1969 (retro to ALL previous years) Radiator Engine Coolant Foaming, All Series

amc-radiator-coolant-foaming-bulletin-1.jpg (260972 bytes)  amc-radiator-coolant-foaming-bulletin-2.jpg (105813 bytes)

1970 AMC Stop Light Dash Brake Switch Bulletin, All Series

amc-stop-light-brake-switch-bulletin-1.jpg (272888 bytes)  amc-stop-light-brake-switch-bulletin-2.jpg (398736 bytes)  amc-stop-light-brake-switch-bulletin-3.jpg (394865 bytes)

1970 AMC Washer Wiper Bag Bulletin

amc-washer-wiper-bag-bulletin.jpg (200797 bytes)

1970 AMC Glovebox Light Stays On Bulletin, Ambassador, AMX, Javelin, Rebel

amc-dash-glovebox-light-bulletin-1.jpg (273096 bytes)  amc-dash-glovebox-light-bulletin-2.jpg (165477 bytes)





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