American Motors Zones

This is a series of AMC's network of Zones as they existed in 1960s, 1970s, & 1980s. The first one is from late 1969, while second one is 1972, and third one is 1981. The Dealer Zones was the liaison between your local friendly American Motors or Rambler Dealership and the Kenosha Plant. Note the Zone numbers changed thru the years as AMC either expanded, or condensed areas of operation. The Zones were not confined to a state's border either as you can see some of them gerrymandered across a wide swath.

If you pick out any of the actual window stickers in my WINDOW STICKER file,

you will note below the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in upper right is the "Zone Order Number" which was the area where car placed. In my LITERATURE file, I have a number of AM Dealers BLANK Order Forms also for a variety of years for sale cheap, these are great for display with your vehicle and add a nice touch of authenticity.



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