American Motors
AMX Sweepstakes

You have may already won the exciting new AMX AND Javelin cars. Or romantic vacations, big ticket Kelvinator appliances, stereo consoles, television sets. There is no question that THIS is the year for American Motors. Never has there been such a exciting assortment of automobiles---feautiring a car for every taste... from sleek, swift personal sports cars to long, low, luxurious eight passenger Ambassador and Rebel family wagons.

You can take your pick from a variety of option packages...choose from a wide seclection of distinctive accessories and luxury features...."build the car that says "YOU".

And every American Motors car for 1968 is equipped with a standard safety package including padded instrument panel, front and rear seat belts, back up lights, double safety brake system, to name only a few.

There's more style, more options, more VALUE in American Motors cars this year. Be sure to see and drive the one that's meant for YOU!!

The His 'N Hers AMX Sweepstakes appeared in January 1968. This is a NOS (new old stock) original in my collection. The stamps play like a bingo card. I do not know if I won, but I can tell you I already "won" as have owned almost 400 American Motors cars since 1976 and driven them exclusively since then. Just don't know if won on my AMX Bingo card! You played it like bingo, could make up to 4 stamps in ROW...and WIN. Up, down, diagonally corner to corner. Then you had to "make fast tracks to your friendly American Motors/Rambler Dealer" to find out which prizes you won!

The prizes were wonderful and got many people into dealerships where they could also 'check out the new lineup of American Motors' cars. There were FIVE GRAND PRIZES....a new American Motors AMX *AND* Javelin "both of them" as the flyer mentions, more than enough incentive to "make fast tracks" to the AMC Dealership in their towns and cities. One hundred (100) 2nd Prizes.. all expense paid 6 days, 5 nights in sunny, beautiful Acapulco, Mexico! Four Hundred (400) 3rd prizes, top of line Kelvinator Foodarama refrigerators featuring a whopping 25.1 cubic feet of space, automatic ice maker, frost free freezer (Kelvinator was part of American Motors at this time frame and had been for many years) AND Fisher Stereo Consoles which featured Stereophonic FM, Wide range AM, Stereophonic phonograph record player (3 speed 33rpm, 45rpm, 78rpm) and all wrapped in a beautiful Scandanivian style walnut cabinet! But wait! Theres more!
Seven Hundred (700) 4th prizes which was a MATCHING pair of Motorola 12 inch portable televisions, which featured retractable handles, front antenna and tuning...and THOUSANDS of 5th prizes like a full color action packed poster of 'The AMX At Monte Carlo' suitable for framing and a SECOND opportunity to win one of five 1968 AMXs!!!!

Enclosed here are the official rules and regulations. Your Game Board must be postmarked by 12:00 midnight June 30th, 1968. You have to send it US postal Registered Mail to: His 'N Hers AMX sweepstakes Headquarters, P. O. Box 7764, Detroit, Michigan, 48232. Good luck!

*On the 'AMX At Monte Carlo' posters, please note I sell them new, along with AMX at Nurburgring, AMX at Elkhart Lake, Mission AMX Playboy Bunny poster and Peter Max AMX poster. See AMC LITERATURE
on my site at

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