The Estate Sale happened in 2005. Don Burkette, formerly of Auto Exotica is in prison. The cars were all still in New Smyrna Beach, Florida where he was based out of for years. However, his ex wife and him are going to try to settle differences it is my understanding after he serves his time handed down for several felony counts. I do not however know what will happen to many of these cars, as you can tell from the photos below, about 5 are salvageable, the rest have too long been exposed from all sides to Florida's climate Coast cars and are total rustbucket losses, only good to surrender items that don't rust like glass, stainless and plastic items. I heard/believe someone in VA bought this collection, God help them moving most of these cars which are rotted in place. Do NOT contact me on these vehicles, I have absolutely nothing to do with either of the parties involved, nor any possible future sell off. This file is closed on my website, and I also emailed everyone in July 2005 that were on a database informing them of Mr. Burkette's personal situation in Florida. The page with photos was created in anticipation of a sell off by his ex wife, back in December 2004. Again, I have zero contact with either parties, I was flown in by wife to Florida to document the inventory & vehiclkes of the collection. There was another warehouse full of items, found later near the beach by investigators I never got to see or document. THIS IS ONLY A FRACTION OF THE PHOTOS TAKEN. I wish both Don and Amika well, I will always consider them friends.  

Update 2014. Don served his prison time & is out of prison. Most of the cars below were scrapped. The restorable ones, along with a lot of parts, were sold to the fellow who is head of the Carolina AMC chapters. He sold off a number of the bodies, and possible restoration candidates, the others left in Florida for scrap. He has sold off many of the parts on ebay since 2006. I do not know his user ID.

 January thru March 2005

amc-estate-outside-shot.jpg (127435 bytes)

Overview Outside shown:  68 Rebel, 78 Gremlin, 68/9 AMX
68/9 AMX, 72 Javelin SST, 69 AMX, 70 AMX

amc-estate-side-of-warehouse.jpg (130469 bytes)
Side of warehouse, Rattlesnake Row: 70 Javelin, 68 AMX, 74 Hornet, 78 AMX

amc-estate-73-hornet-side.jpg (125311 bytes)  amc-estate-73-hornet-interior.jpg (126530 bytes)  amc-estate-73-hornet-front.jpg (122585 bytes)

1973 Hornet Hatchback
A3A037E701880, Canadian built. Body 78188. Trim 336-B. Paint E9
First Year Hatchback. Lots to salvage off this, or create your own Wally Booth
Production total=40,110

amc-estate-68-rebel-front.jpg (125304 bytes)  amc-estate-68-rebel-interior.jpg (119135 bytes)  amc-estate-68-rebel-rear.jpg (128336 bytes)

1968 Rebel 2door, red, restorable parts car, no engine, trans, nice interior, glass
A8A195B201011, great parts car, nice seats, dash, impossible to find glass,
some chrome, tailights, misc parts. Has rust. Great possibilities, or a parts bonanza
of a very rare, seldom seen body style. 
Production total=4420

78-gremlin-side.jpg (124682 bytes)   78-gremlin-interior.jpg (45670 bytes)  78-gremlin-rear.jpg (126487 bytes)

1978 Gremlin, 4.2 litre, green, restorable parts car, glass, chrome, dash good
A8A464C260189, hit in rear, great dash, door panels, glass, front bumper,
hood, grill, rear glass unique to 77-78 only commands $250+
This is a LAST YEAR production Gremlin! And the Gremlin single handedly 
kept American Motors in business from 1970-78.
Production total=22104

70-rebel-machine-green-side.jpg (128419 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-hood.jpg (126372 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-green-rear.jpg (122979 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-green-driver.jpg (123993 bytes)

1970 Rebel Machine parts car, green, 2 machine rims, bumpers, glass good
VIN unk, could not get to driver side of car. Has most glass, bumpers inside or in trunk,
has 2 original Machine rims w/caps, has crossmember, has rear end, possibly 3.91;
has some stainless, radiator, misc more parts in trunk, no sheetmetal, has rare bubble
in hood, hood itself is toast, car is still able to surrender a number of rare, and 
valuable 35 year old parts however!
Production total=1936

81-Spirit-driver-side.jpg (127255 bytes)  81-Spirit-interior.jpg (126643 bytes)  81-Spirit-rear.jpg (122768 bytes)

81 Spirit, black, easy fixer upper or partscar/drag/driver
??XXX50BKXXXXXX, could not read whole VIN, sorry, black, complete car, 
looked to have mint interior; appears to be really loaded example, no seats, 
but all else, glass, dash, drivetrain, ect.
Production total=2367

68-AMX-yellow-interior.jpg (126549 bytes)  68-AMX-yellow-passenger-side.jpg (132556 bytes)  68-AMX-yellow-rear.jpg (125242 bytes)

1968-69 AMX partscar, yellow, rear, suspension, some glass
parts car, has wiring, V8 crossmember, some glass, suspension, rear end, possibly Twin Grip
Production total=1968/6725;     1969=8293

68-69-amx-black-rear.jpg (129535 bytes)  68-69-amx-black-interior.jpg (124749 bytes)  68-69-amx-black-passenger-side.jpg (127545 bytes)

68-69 AMX, black, partscar, crossmember, rearend, few parts
has V8 crossmember, suspension, rear end, possibly Twin Grip, torque links
Production total=1968/6725;         1969=8293

 70-amx-green-passenger-side.jpg (129712 bytes)  70-amx-green-engine-bay.jpg (126941 bytes)  70-amx-green-interior.jpg (126956 bytes) 70-amx-green-rear.jpg (128655 bytes)

70 AMX, green, partscar, crossmember, rearend, few parts
This fellow has a few more parts to surrender. Possibly a Twin Grip, a V8 crossmember and suspension like torque links. V8 crossmembers are at a premium, selling for about $350. You can put them in any 66-69 Rambler, American, Rogue; or 70-78 Gremlin or Hornet, and 78-79 Concord Series.

72-javelin-silver-front.jpg (125487 bytes)  72-javelin-silver-engine-bay.jpg (121609 bytes)  72-javelin-silver-interior.jpg (126932 bytes)  72-javelin-interior-pass-side.jpg (123315 bytes)  72-javelin-rear-louvers.jpg (126829 bytes)

72 Javelin SST, silver, functional cowl hood, has engine/trans complete, louvers
Wow, a Oakland Raiders fan's car, A2A797H101970, SST, R10173, Trim 163R, paint A5A(?)
look at this early East line Body Number E050000;
good interior, has rust in roof,
has ultrarare functional cowl induction hood, aluminum intake, engine size is unknown,
has rare rear louvers, good bumpers, fenders, there are more parts in trunk
Production total=22,964

69-amx-white-drag-car-pass-side.jpg (126093 bytes)  69-amx-white-dragcar-interior.jpg (126564 bytes)  69-amx-white-drag-car-rear.jpg (122623 bytes)  69-amx-white-dragcar-engine.jpg (128723 bytes)

69 AMX white, partscar or dragcar, has V8, glass, red interior
A9M397N227087, only 619 290V8/4spd 69 AMXs made. R038263; Trim 935F; Paint 72A, Body #E097351. has a engine, possibly original 290V8, has trans, possibly original Borg Warner Super T-10 4 speed, has glass, stainless, and most rare red interior. 
Production total=8293; production with 290V8/225hpcid & Hurst 4speed=619

78-amx-front.jpg (125146 bytes)   78-amx-interior.jpg (124074 bytes)

1978 AMX was rare LEVI'S Edition (less than 100 made) some salvagable, possible twin grip
A8M039C350060, Rare little car, but not much left of it, possibly some interior, rear end.
Production total=1931

74-hornet-4door-interior.jpg (125274 bytes)  74-hornet-4door-driver-side.jpg (123031 bytes)  74-hornet-4door-passenger-side.jpg (124511 bytes)

74 Hornet, 4door, complete, gold, great for parts or easy fix up driver
VIN unk (could not get to), appeared to be a complete car, great interior for someone wishing to restore 
a SC/360, Hornet, Gremlin or possibly just get this one going and drive and enjoy. 
Production total=29,754

68-amx-dark-green-interior.jpg (128607 bytes)  68-amx-dark-green-driver-side.jpg (126809 bytes)

68 AMX, resto/partscar/dragcar, has doors, fenders, pleated interior, both VIN's missing
has seats, door panels, both redone in diamond tuck, has dash, rims, rear end, possibly a Twin Grip, some glass, both fenders, 1/4 panels and both doors, suspension.     Restorable, or drag or lots of parts. 
Production total=6725

70-javelin-rattlesnake-rear.jpg (130849 bytes)  70-javelin-rattlesnake-rear-2.jpg (130349 bytes)

70 Javelin Rattlesnake partscar, white, damned snake in car
Can't tell you much about this, as there was a rattlesnake under it and didn't have my gun to send him to hell.
But much has been cut off this car, it possibly has suspension and a few other rare 1970 only goodies to surrender.
I just didn't think my damned life was worth tangling with Mr. Snake, who was rattling under the car. And for those of you with good eyes, there is a molted snakeskin he/she had shed in the trunk!
Production total=8496/Base or 19,714/SST

70-rebel-machine-yellow-driver-side.jpg (123327 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-yellow-front.jpg (124473 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-yellow-rear.jpg (124141 bytes)

70 Rebel Machine, yellow, has rear suspension
A Hialeah Yellow Rebel Machine. 390cid, AT. Rust and stripped. Has rear end, possibly a twin grip, some suspension, and not much else. For those of you who dislike the crappy trunnion front suspension system on the 67-69 Ambassadors and Rebels, this would be your ticket to cut out the superior 70 style non trunnion suspension. Of the estimated 2326 (or 1931, depends on what production figure you believe) less than 25 Hialeah Yellow Machines left Kenosha, making that color equally as rare as Classic BlACK Machines. Of course rarity does not equate market value as we see here.
Production total=2326

74-javelin-yellow-driver-side.jpg (119629 bytes)  74-javelin-yellow-driver-rear.jpg (118401 bytes)  74-javelin-yellow-interior.jpg (124675 bytes)  74-javelin-yellow-engine.jpg (117851 bytes)  74-javelin-yellow-front.jpg (117417 bytes)

74 Javelin, yellow, 304, loaded, 29K miles, easy restoration
A4C797H416689, 071008; Trim 428Q; Paint E9-W8; Body E242142. 304V8, AT 904 Torqueflite,
PS, PDB, tint, bumper guards, AMC aluminum slot dish mags, luggage rack, has rust in lower 1/4s, hood and upper roofline. Black interior needs cleaning but car appears to be complete.
Production total=22,556

72-amx-green-driver-side.jpg (117222 bytes)  72-amx-green-engine.jpg (119401 bytes)  72-amx-green-engine-closeup.jpg (119712 bytes)  72-amx-green-interior.jpg (119981 bytes)  72-amx-green-machine-rims.jpg (117965 bytes)  72-amx-green-grille.jpg (115944 bytes)

72 AMX, green, 360, 60K miles, loaded non Go Pack, Machine rims
A2C798P125256, ultra early build date of September 1971 (5th week of production!); 011266; Trim 264-S; Paint C9; Body #W018543; 360V8, AT/727, PS, PDB, tint, extremely rare 15X7 styled steel wheels (Rebel Machine rims), rear spoiler, bumper guards, green on green, appears moslty complete, did not see hood for this vehicle. Notice it has 120mph speedo. I have owned about a dozen non Rally Pack 1971-74 AMXs, rather unusual.
Production total=2729

74-amx-copper-front.jpg (120036 bytes)  74-amx-copper-rear-angle.jpg (118407 bytes)  74-amx-copper-interior.jpg (114239 bytes)  74-amx-copper-engine.jpg (119714 bytes)  74-amx-copper-rear.jpg (120487 bytes)

74 AMX, copper, 304, AT, loaded, easy restoration
A4C798H351707, Paint E9(?); Trim 425-Q, 304, AT 904 Torqueflite, PS, PDB, AC, Rally Pack, has rust in 1/4s, all impossible to find AMX specific parts appear to be there. LAST YEAR production!
Production total=4082

68-69-amx-390-engine-2.jpg (121172 bytes)  68-69-amx-390-engine-2-top.jpg (126493 bytes)  68-69-amx-390-engine-2-r4b-intake.jpg (124639 bytes)

68-69 AMX 390 engine, valve cover #209X22, AMC Edlebrock R4B intake, complete
Looks like a recent rebuild perhaps, has rare AMC Part Number Edelbrock 4485720 intake, new alt, clean engine; very desirable hard to find; this will be listed as 390 engine #2

68-69-amx-390-engine-1-side.jpg (119935 bytes)  68-69-amx-390-engine-1-angle.jpg (122783 bytes)  68-69-amx-390-engine-1-angle-2.jpg (33839 bytes)  68-69-amx-390-engine-1-full.jpg (31472 bytes)

68-69 AMX 390 engine, valve cover #110W30, complete
Appears to be a complete 68-69 390V8 from intake to pan; very desirable and hard to find; this will be listed as 390 engine #1

70-rebel-machine-390-engine-side.jpg (39691 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-390-stamping.jpg (67055 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-390-engine-front.jpg (57600 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-390-engine-rear.jpg (31356 bytes)

70 AMC 390V8 engine, valve cover #302X02, No casting Machine block
The most desirable 390V8 AMC produced, and produced one year only 35 years ago. No engine casting number on block, but there is a small '390' underneath head on driver side. Intake is a original Dual Plane; AMC casting number #3199762-C. The intake alone sells or $600 when, and if, you can ever find one for sale!!!!  This is THE MOST POWERFUL PRODUCTION ENGINE AMERICAN MOTORS PRODUCED WITH A STAGGERING 340 HORSEPOWER. Carb appears to be original Autolite/Motorcraft Series used for 1970. Still hooked up to the Borg Warner M11/M12 trans. I am not sure but believe this 390 came from either the Hialeah Yellow Machine or the Red/White/Blue Machine in this warehouse. This will be listed as 390 engine #3.

68-amx-yellow-inside-quarter.jpg (117832 bytes)  68-amx-yellow-inside-driver.jpg (121453 bytes)  68-amx-yellow-inside-interior.jpg (119305 bytes)  68-amx-yellow-inside-passenger.jpg (118304 bytes)

68 AMX, yellow, no engine/trans, no VIN plates, partscar/dragcar, long term restoration
Fairly solid body. 1/4 panels appear fine, as does sill panel. No engine, or trans. To me at least, this would be a easy restoration, or a awesome drag car.

72-amx-red-interior.jpg (119981 bytes)  72-amx-red-engine.jpg (119292 bytes)  72-amx-red-rear.jpg (120256 bytes)   72-amx-red-driver.jpg (122171 bytes)  72-amx-red-interior-seats.jpg (120939 bytes)  72-amx-red-passenger.jpg (118820 bytes)

72 AMX, 360, AT, 101K miles, red, some rust, easy restoration
A2C798P277702; 090864; Trim 261-R, Paint D7, Body #W091578. 360V8, AT/727 (first year the indestructible 727 used in AMC), Rally Pack, Go Pack, PS, PDB, AC, tint, bumper guards, rare functional cowl induction hood, good grill, appears most AMX specific items intact.

71-amx-driver-side.jpg (117188 bytes)  71-amx-interior.jpg (119074 bytes)   71-amx-dash.jpg (119561 bytes)   71-amx-passenger-quarter.jpg (32330 bytes)  71-amx-401-engine.jpg (120320 bytes)  71-amx-tstripe.jpg (114882 bytes)

71 AMX, blue, 401, AT, loaded, awesome, 2054 produced, less than 300 remain
A1C798Z163059; Z code 401V8cid/330hp. R008643; Trim 163-R; Paint B6; Body E039873. Ultra early production of the lowest production run of all 7 years of the AMX from 1968 thru 1974. Shows October 1970 build, which would be 10th-12th week of production! Has rare functional cowl induction, PS, PDB, AC. Rally Pack, Go Pack, Rim Blow steering wheel, tint, heated rear glass, split white vinyl t-top, 15 inch AMC 8 slot rims, appears to have had many new or reproduction parts installed. The most complete of this collection. And probably the rarest. Has minor bubbles in lower 1/4 panels. 

70-rebel-machine-driver-side.jpg (117030 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-driver-quarter.jpg (117130 bytes)  70-rebel-machine-interior.jpg (121094 bytes)

70 Rebel Machine, red/white/blue dragcar, no VIN, less than 400 known to exist
No VIN as car was under restoration. No dash, interior, engine, trans. Has suspension, extra set of doors. Body appears to be very solid. Rare red, white and blue edition. Car appeared to be originally a 390cid/340hp with a automatic. Appears to have had front disc brake work. This is the information I got off the driver side metal door tag: Body=Q54543; Model= 701-9; Trim-051F; Paint=25A, #05558. If I recall my Rebel Machines,
only the first 1000 were red, white and blue editions, then the remaining production could be had in any regular production color. 

70-amx-big-bag-green-pass-side.jpg (126994 bytes)  70-amx-big-bad-green-front.jpg (120824 bytes)  70-amx-big-bad-green-ram-air.jpg (123422 bytes)  70-amx-big-bad-green-driver.jpg (119655 bytes)

70 AMX Big Bad Green shell, 74 produced, 19 exist, car appears to be undergoing restoration
has hood, fenders, must dolly as there is no suspension on front. This car appears to have been on a rotisserie and body is professionally done. I did not see any of the parts that go with this vehicle that had been removed prior to restoration such as stainless, bumpers, wiring, seats, anything. This is a shell. The shell is solid however. And it is my understanding the fellow was restoring the vehicle for another party. There is nothing on this vehicle except the sheetmetal and rear, but it is a ultra rare color as mentioned in subject above.
This car is straight as a arrow and has been media blasted!
70 AMX Production=4116; 70 AMXs produced in Big Bad Green=74

70-amx-red-engine.jpg (117531 bytes)  70-amx-red-driver.jpg (117418 bytes)  70-amx-red-interior.jpg (116528 bytes)  70-amx-red-passenger.jpg (118265 bytes)

70 AMX, 390, 4spd, restoration or glorified parts car
A0M397300180, original a Matador Red 70 AMX. Has engine, presumably the original 325hp 390.
Also has the four speed, which is probably the original borg Warner Super T-10. Car also features PS, PB. Vehicle does not have fenders, hood, grill, dash and doors, but has seats. Vehicle has rust. Vehicle has seats, suspension, Twin Grip. Sorry for dark photos.
70 AMX Production-4116; w 390V8-325hp & Hurst 4speed=1632

71-amx-360-interior.jpg (118149 bytes)  71-amx-360-fender.jpg (117943 bytes)  71-amx-360-quarter-panel.jpg (118222 bytes)  71-amx-360-passenger.jpg (116394 bytes)

71 AMX, body, orig 360, no engine/trans, early build October 1970 partscar or restore long term
A1C798P168653, very early production of October 1970. Vehicle has no engine, trans, interior, door tag or grill. Vehicle has glass, fenders, suspension however. 
71 AMX Production=2054

70-javelin-passenger.jpg (117069 bytes)  70-javelin-engine.jpg (121543 bytes)  70-javelin-interior.jpg (119435 bytes)  70-javelin-front-view.jpg (118926 bytes)

70 Javelin SST 360, mostly complete, appears like most Javelins to been cannibalized for AMX parts, restoration/parts
360V8, AT, 4barrel, AC, PS, grill, dash, seats, glass, much more inside and in trunk. Car originally was Bittersweet Orange. Did not see a hood for this vehicle. May or may not have doors. Engine should be 52cc heads.Could be a Donohue. Unfortunately like most 70 Javelins, the parts worth more than car whole.
Production=19,714 SST

69-amx-maxiblue-quarter.jpg (117148 bytes)  69-amx-maxiblue-front.jpg (119594 bytes)  69-amx-maxiblue-interior.jpg (121131 bytes)  69-amx-maxiblue-seats.jpg (117275 bytes)  69-amx-maxi-blue-rear.jpg (34467 bytes)  69-amx-maxiblue-passenger.jpg (119741 bytes)

69 AMX, 390, 4spd, owners pride & joy, former showcar, best in show
A9M397162961, R013149; Trim 931-F; Paint 71A, Body E031891.
originally a 390, 4spd, there is no engine and trans. There is a staggering amount of NOS and reproduction parts on this car. The interior is wonderful. New things I noticed were carpet, seats, headliner, scuffs, weatherstrips to name a few. Dash was very nice. Odometer shows 00050 miles. AMX Dash Serial #09161. Appears to be new Leather seats! Appears to have new rare center armrest. New grill. Clear glass, electric wipers, PDB, Rally rims. Many more parts in trunk. Hood is off to side of car. $600 set of rear louvers.
Body is shiny Maxi Blue with Black Shadow Mask. Car is former showcar and was extremely well kept. It is my understanding this was the seller(s) personal ride, that is why so much attention and work. Drop your engine and trans in and pick up a trophy
69 AMX Production=8293. Production w/390V8-315hp/4speed Hurst=3620

mystery-mopar-front.jpg (119094 bytes)  mystery-mopar-hood.jpg (117985 bytes)  mystery-mopar-interior.jpg (119710 bytes)  mystery-mopar-passenger-sdie.jpg (119311 bytes)

Mystery Mopar! I do not, repeat, not know Chrysler products like I do AMC. I have always liked Mopars
and was delighted to see this one sitting in one section by itself, only a stray AMC 390V8 on a stand and some boxes in this room. I'm sorry the photos are not brighter. I do not know what year, make or model this vehicle is. 
For a moment, I thought of the possibilities of a Max Wedge, or 413(?) or Hemi something or another, as a friend of mine just sold his Hemi Challenger for a astonishing $1.1 million dollars in 2004. Yes, dollar signs danced thru my head as I consumed another delicious Honey Bun roll. Or maybe it was the 7-11 coffee. Either way, I did not lift the hood. It may not even have a damned engine. It looks like a Pro Street or Drag Car. Given the sheer limited amount of time I had to try to document these cars and items, I only took these four photos. Should I be tapped for auction duty by the seller(s) I guarantee you I will get great photos inside and out, a VIN, and as much information as posible for those interested in the fine and great products Chrysler produced like this!