AMC Toys, Diecasts, Models, Promos

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This page is dedicated to American Motors miniature toys, models, diecasts from various manufacturers from 1960s to current. In the 2000s, we saw a explosion of miniature AMC vehicles built and on shelves in stores. Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning (RIP), Green Light, Matchbox, Flying Cherries, Yat Ming, to name a few, and old standbys like Pilen, Juguinsa, Jo-Han (RIP), AMT, and the popularity rose each time with movies like Pixar's CARs series with Grem the Gremlin & Acer the Pacer. There has been a number of "new releases" out of you build it type models, so keep watch on sheves for those at hobby stores like Hobby Lobby or ebay. From small 1.64th scale (Hot Wheels) to larger 1.18th scale (American Muscle) there seems to be something for everyone with Matador coupes, Hornet Hatchbacks, Pacer coupes & station wagons, Super Stock AMXs, Rebel Machines, Hurst SC/Ramblers and the most popular Javelins & AMXs.

Not all models, diecasts, promotional dealer kits are listed, nor will all of them ever be known. I will not list a degree of difficulty of finding them as some were impossible to get when new like the red, white, blue Johan promotional models, (68 Trans Am Javelin & 70 Trans Am Mark Donohue) only available thru your friendly AMC dealers. Others not available in the USA, so have to find thru country of origin. I do NOT sell my models, so don't ask, nor do I build them. Many I have been collecting since 1960s.

The American Motors Owners Association (AMO) has a extremely active "model building" bunch of people that include built models that are highly detailed and dioramas. They award trophies at their AMC National events also, so if you want to show off your handiwork with a miniature, bring it along.

Some of you are familiar with my hand built, one of a kind,"Miniature AMC Dealerships & Kenosha Points of Interest" thru the years. If you like the next photo, and wish to see more, CLICK HERE.

amc-miniature-city-dealerships-stakes.jpg (54577 bytes)

My "Kenosha Main Street" with factory, dealers, gas stations, diners above.

1902-Rambler-Highway-Pioneers.jpg (42831 bytes)

02 Rambler Model by Revell

Mixed-AMC-Models_Paint-Kits.jpg (32163 bytes)

Mixed AMC Models & Paint Kits circa 1962

AMC-Jeep-Metal-Army-Tin.jpg (30450 bytes)

AMC Willys Army Jeep Metal Toy (possibly Tonka)

40s-Nash-Statesman-Bank.jpg (16924 bytes)  40s-Nash-Statesman-Bank-Top.jpg (23044 bytes)

40s Nash 'Canadian' Statesman Metal Bank, manufacturer unknown

Nash-50th-Anniversary-Bank.jpg (20925 bytes)

Nash 50th Aniversary Bronze Bank

50s-Nash-Ambassador-Friction.jpg (19120 bytes)

50's Nash Ambassador Friction metal toy Made in Japan, manufacturer unknown

59-Rambler-Wagon-Dinky.jpg (18848 bytes)

50's Hudson metal diecast by Dinky

dinky-hudson-diecast-1.JPG (239814 bytes)  dinky-hudson-diecast-2.JPG (154919 bytes)  dinky-hudson-diecast-3.JPG (148909 bytes)

59 Rambler American Metal Wagon by Dinky

61-AMC-Rambler-Classic-Wagon-Johan.jpg (24119 bytes)  61-amc-rambler-classic-model-box.jpg (18754 bytes)

61 Rambler Classic Station Wagon by Johan

61-Rambler-Classic-Johan-Friction.jpg (21464 bytes)  61-Rambler-Classic-Johan-Friction-Box.jpg (25600 bytes)

61 AMC Rambler Classic Station Wagon (Friction drive wheels) by Johan

61-Rambler-American-Custom-Johan.jpg (30282 bytes)

61 AMC Rambler American 3 in 1 Custom by Johan

62-Rambler-American-400-model-1.jpg (32471 bytes)  62-rambler-American-400-model-2.jpg (30896 bytes)

62 Rambler American 400m Convertible Model by Johan

63-Rambler-Wagon-Dinky-1.jpg (25747 bytes)  63-Rambler-Wagon-Dinky-2.jpg (18787 bytes)

63 Rambler Wagon Metal Toy by Dinky

66-Rambler-Marlin-Johan-silver.jpg (23134 bytes)

66 Rambler Marlin by Johan

66-Rambler-Marlin-Johan-blue.jpg (19886 bytes)

66 Rambler Marlin by Johan

66-amc-marlin-model-johan.jpg (36277 bytes)

66 Marlin model by Johan

68-AMC-grant-funny-rebel-model.jpg (32028 bytes)

68 Grant Rebel SST Funny Car by Johan

67-amc-ambassador-convertible-model-johan.jpg (30893 bytes)

67 Ambassador Custom convertible by Johan

68-amc-ambassador-convertible-johan.jpg (203047 bytes)

68 Ambassador convertible by Johan. *Worth noting is AMC never built a 1968 Ambassador convertible, Johan jumped gun & didn't realize AMC had stopped production on 68 Ambassador convertibles (68 Rebels were made, last year AMC made a ragtop) but the models ended up out there anyways.

  68-amc-amx-first-issue-AMT.jpg (23439 bytes)  68-amx-first-issue-model-amt.jpg (24581 bytes)  68-AMX-first-issue-model-AMT-open.jpg (30853 bytes)

68 AMX First Issue by AMT

amc-68-amx-johan-promo-matador-red.jpg (218664 bytes)

68 AMX in Matador Red by Johan

68-AMC-Javelin-Grant-Rebel-Funny-Car-MPC.jpg (38110 bytes)

68 AMC Javelin Grant Funny Car by MPC

amc-amx-nurburgring-model-MPC.jpg (28263 bytes)

68 AMX Nurburgring track model by MPC

68-amc-amx-model-revell.jpg (19432 bytes)

68 AMX "390" by Revell

68-amx-speedy-amx-lindbergh-toys.jpg (20889 bytes)

68 AMX "Speedy" model by Lindbergh Toys

68-amc-trans-am-javelin-johan-front.jpg (31137 bytes)  68-amc-trans-am-javelin-johan-rear.jpg (37965 bytes)

68 Trans Am Javelin by Johan. This was a "built" promomotional (promo) model given out (and sold) at AMC Dealerships.

68-amc-javelin-super-funny-car-johan.jpg (33148 bytes)

68 Javelin Super Funny Car by Johan, Rod & Custom Magazine, Grant Industries

amc-68-javelin-johan-promo-scarab-gold.jpg (251789 bytes)  amc-68-javelin-johan-promo-scarab-gold-2.jpg (243932 bytes) 

68 Javelin in Scarab Gold by Johan

69 AMX-street-magic-matchbox-AMT.jpg (21233 bytes)

69 AMX Street Magic by Matchbox 1:43rd scale

69-AMX-Yankee-Clipper-MPC.jpg (28410 bytes)

69 AMX The Yankee Clipper by MPC

69-AMX-Snap-Together-Model-AMT.jpg (21981 bytes)

69 AMX Snap Together 1:43rd model by AMT

69-AMX-Craig-Breedlove-Model-MPC.jpg (20119 bytes)

69 AMX Craig Bredlove #1 model by MPC

69-AMX-EXpress-Model-AMT.jpg (22666 bytes)

69 AMX EXpress by AMT

amc-69-javelin-johan-promo-ascot-gray.jpg (45584 bytes)  amc-69-javelin-johan-promo-ascot-gray-2.jpg (42540 bytes)  amc-69-javelin-johan-promo-ascot-gray-3.jpg (45585 bytes)  amc-69-javelin-johan-promo-ascot-gray-4.jpg (38502 bytes)

AMC 69 Javelin MOD in Ascot Gray. I have never seen a real AMX or Javelin in this 1969 only color.Note "MOD" fake scoops.

69-Pro-Street-Rambler-Model-Johan.jpg (32191 bytes)

69 Pro Street Rambler by Johan

69-Pro-Street-Rambler-Testors.jpg (29330 bytes)

69 Pro Street Rambler by Testors

70-AMX-Lightning-Bolt-Model-MPC.jpg (31669 bytes)

70 AMX Lightning Bolt by MPC

70-AMX-Palmer-Model.jpg (21889 bytes)

70 AMX by Palmer

70-amc-amx-blower-mpc-model.jpg (348522 bytes)  70-amc-amx-blower-mpc-model-side.jpg (187239 bytes)  70-amc-amx-mpc-model-blower-3.jpg (277480 bytes)

70 AMX by MPC this is a re-release from 2014

70-AMC-Gremlin-Funny-Car-Model-Azar-AMT.jpg (42427 bytes)

70 Gremlin Funny Car Lou Azar by AMT

 green-hornet-johan-funny-car-model-1.JPG (836706 bytes)  green-hornet-johan-funny-car-model-2.JPG (629621 bytes)  green-hornet-johan-funny-car-model-3.JPG (724649 bytes)

70 Hornet Funny Car The Green Hornet by Johan

70-AMC-Rebel-Machine-Super-Stock-Model-Johan.jpg (28920 bytes)  70-AMC-Rebel-Machine-Model.jpg (82141 bytes)

70 Rebel Machine Super Stock Drag Car by Johan

70-AMC-Trans-Am-Javelin-Donohue-Model-Johan.jpg (14529 bytes)

70-71 Gremlin Grabber by Lindberg

gremlin-grabber-lindbergh-model-1.JPG (688677 bytes)  gremlin-grabber-lindbergh-model-2.JPG (732274 bytes)  gremlin-grabber-lindberg-model-3.JPG (799933 bytes)

70 Trans Am Javelin Mark Donohue by Johan

70-AMC-Trans-Am-Javelin-promo-Johan.jpg (14613 bytes)

70 Trans Am Javelin Mark Donohue red, white & blue promotional by Johan (dealers only)

71-AMC-AMX-Super-Funny-Car-Model-Johan.jpg (25819 bytes)

70 AMX 3 way model by MPC

70-amc-amx-mpc-model-1.jpg (324685 bytes)  70-amc-amx-mpc-model-2.jpg (236062 bytes)  70-amc-amx-mpc-model-3.jpg (277480 bytes)

71 AMX Super Funny Car by Johan

71-AMC-Trans-Am-Javelin-Model-Johan-Follmer.jpg (34379 bytes)  71-AMC-Trans-Am-Javelin-Model-Johan-Follmer-2.jpg (28816 bytes)

71 Trans Am Javelin AMX George Follmer by Johan (Roy Woods Racing Team issue)

71-AMC-Hornet-Stinger-Model-Johan.jpg (30700 bytes)

71 AMC Hornet Funny Car The Stinger by Johan

71-AMC-Hornet-Johan-Gold.jpg (20137 bytes)

71 AMC Hornet by Johan

71-AMC-Hornet-2dr-Johan-yellow.jpg (20663 bytes)

71 AMC Hornet by Johan

71-AMC-AMX-Johan-blue.jpg (19169 bytes)

71 AMC AMX by Johan

72-AMC-AMX-Johan-Surfside-Blue.jpg (20001 bytes)

71 Gremlin "Grremlin" Funny Car by Monogram

gremlin-funny-car-monogram-1.JPG (765638 bytes)  gremlin-funny-car-monogram-2.JPG (696473 bytes)

72 AMC AMX by Johan

72-AMC-Hurst-AMX-Racing-Team-Model-Johan.jpg (29978 bytes)

72 Javelin AMX Hurst AMX Racing Team by Johan

72-AMX-Pro-Stock-Street-Model-Johan.jpg (26000 bytes)

72 Javelin AMX Pro Stock by Johan

72-AMC-AMX-Jolly-Green-Johan.jpg (19558 bytes)

72 AMC AMX Javelin by Johan

73-AMC-AMX-Javelin-Model-AMT.jpg (27870 bytes)

73 Javelin AMX by AMT

74-AMC-Gremlin-X-Model-AMT.jpg (28358 bytes)  74-Gremlin-X-Model-AMT-2.jpg (101530 bytes)

74 Gremlin X Mini Musclecar by AMT

74-AMC-Gremlin-X-Funny-Car-Model-AMT.jpg (42693 bytes)

74 Gremlin X Funny Car by AMT

74-AMC-Hornet-Funny-Car-Model-Potluck-Johan.jpg (23319 bytes)

74 Hornet Hatchback Funny Car Potluck by Johan

Draggin-Fly-Hornet-Hatchback-model-AMT.bmp (558038 bytes)

74 Hornet Hatchbackl Funny Car Draggin Fly by AMT

74-AMC-NASCAR-Matador-Model-AMT.jpg (28954 bytes)

74 NASCAR Matador by AMT

74-AMC-NASCAR-Matador-TEAM-kit-models-AMT.jpg (70841 bytes)

74 NASCAR Matador Team kit by AMT. This included all seen including towing van, trailer.

75-AMC-Matador-X-Model-AMT.jpg (27746 bytes)  74-AMC-NASCAR-Matador-Team-kit-AMT-1.JPG (489890 bytes)  74-AMC-NASCAR-Matador-Team-kit-AMC-2.JPG (418373 bytes)

75 Matador X by AMT

75-NASCAR-Matador-Model-AMT.jpg (31313 bytes)

75 NASCAR Bobby Allison Matador by AMT

76-AMC-Pacer-Model-AMT.jpg (96278 bytes)

76 Pacer X model by MPC. This is actually a three in one model, you can build it 3 different configurations.

AMC-metal-Tonka-Jeep-red.jpg (29473 bytes)

70s Metal Red Jeep by Tonka

77-Gremlin-Stocker-model-AMT.jpg (26971 bytes)

77 Gremlin Stocker model by AMT

77-AMC-Matador-X-coupe-model-AMT.jpg (28065 bytes)

77 Matador Coupe Custom model by AMT

77-AMC-custom-Pacer-wagon-model-AMT.jpg (59978 bytes)

77 Pacer Custom wagon model by AMT

77-AMC-Pacer-X-model-MPC.jpg (29305 bytes)

78 Pacer X by MPC. Could build this stock or custom.

78-AMC-Pacer-X-model-MPC.jpg (28863 bytes)  78-amc-pacer-x-mpc-model-side.jpg (35655 bytes)

78 Pacer X model by MPC. Could build this stock or custom.

AMC-Jeep-CJ7-model-Monogram.jpg (39439 bytes)

76-77 AMC Jeep CJ7 model by Monogram

AMC-Jeep-J10-Tonka-Cement-Truck.jpg (21946 bytes)

70's AMC Jeep Metal Cement Truck by Tonka

AMC-Jeep-Tonka-CJ5-blue.jpg (23228 bytes)

70's AMC Jeep Metal CJ5 by Tonka

AMC-Toys-Models-Mixed.jpg (27262 bytes)

AMC Mixed Toys & Models (Everyone has a model junkyard)

81-amc-eagle-mcdonalds-stromper-sx4-1.JPG (465347 bytes)  81-amc-eagle-mcdonalds-stomper-sx4-2.JPG (473674 bytes)

AMC Eagle SX/4 McDonalds Happy Meal Stomper Toy (released 1980)



AMC Collector Items

AMC-Travel-Bed-Mattress--1.jpg (56875 bytes)  AMC-Travel-Bed-Mattress-2.jpg (37871 bytes)  AMC-Travel-Bed-Mattress-3.jpg (48148 bytes)  AMC-Travel-Bed-Mattress-4.jpg (37703 bytes)  AMC-Travel-Bed-Mattress-5.jpg (134971 bytes)  AMC-Travel-Bed-Mattress-6.jpg (97662 bytes)

AMC Travel Bed Mattress also a Group 15 Accessory. These originally appeared with Nash models with the "den of sin" fold down seats in early 1950s many of use were conceived in which the seats folded down into a bed. But they were sold well into 1970s. Popular with campers, fishermen & I guess prostitutes, above legendary comedian Bob Hope is shown by Nash in 1974 where he was made a man in the bed. The caption from ym PRESS PHOTOS:  1947 Nash Ambassador Twin Beds Bob Hope This was a specially built Nash Ambassador '47 for shows and events. There was no passenger side door, it was to specifically 'sell' the unique Nash feature of TWIN BEDS that could sleep 3-4 people inside the vehicle. So it was a big draw at shows, which in turn, would translate into Nash sales. In this rare photo, the late, great comedian Bob Hope is checking out the interior, and chances are cracking a few jokes, we miss & love you Bob! The fellow on the far right and far left are as yet (by me) unidentified. Look closely, that passenger side area is sealed shut, and has plexiglas over it! We miss your service to the USO Bob. Rare item & while i know it was offered into 1970s, not sure how many made...or sold.

Autotronic-AMC-3rd-Brake-Light.jpg (395246 bytes)

Way ahead of it's time, this was a Autotronic "third brake light" system for 1970s cars, they just happened to use a Matador coupe on cover, but was made for any brand cars. The kit I have has never been installed. Decades later many automakers would add a 3rd brake light on rear spoiler, inside back glass, on trunk lid, on in line of view.

amc-8track-tape-the-american-sound-1.JPG (812137 bytes)  amc-8track-tape-the-american-sound-2.JPG (915926 bytes)

AMC offered 8 tracks thru their "AMC Merchandising Aids" catalog to dealers starting about 1971. These pop up for sale at big AMC meets, and ebay. While not really a top 40 anything, they did put together some good tunes for listening to while driving your new AMC. A AM/8track player sold for about $179 until 1974 when AM/FM/8track players appeared in Matador, then Pacer (75) & those sold new for $250. They are worth buying even if you don't own a 8 track player.

AMC-AMX-painting-cobo-hall.jpg (20370 bytes)

This is a rare one of a kind painting, artist unknown to me, that used to hang in Kenosha. If anyone knows the artist, let me know. Earlier it used to hang in AMC's Cobo Hall in /detroit. I should have bought it, it eventually sold for $190.00 on ebay. 

AMC-Gremlin-Go-Cart-Front.jpg (25102 bytes)  AMC-Gremlin-Go-Cart-Rear.jpg (22154 bytes)  AMC-Gremlin-Go-Cart-Chassis-Rupp.jpg (30669 bytes)

Made by RUPP. AMC offered thru dealers (and other places like magazines!) a Gremlin & Pacer Go Cart. You can see these sometimes cruising the grounds at big AMC events when owners bring them out to play. Hard to find, would like to see someone fab them and drop on modern go carts.

amc-gremlin-go-cart-traffic-builder-1.JPG (709047 bytes)  amc-gremlin-go-cart-traffic-builder-2.JPG (852862 bytes)  amc-gremlin-go-cart-traffic-builder-3.JPG (577322 bytes)

You had to order these thru the dealerships you know, just could not go out and buy one. This is a extremely rare AMC Dealership "Traffic Builder" packet for these.

AMC-Javelin-Hells-Driver-Thrill-Show-Poster.jpg (28921 bytes)

Hells Drivers American Thrill Shows poster. These featured new 1972 Javelins that many remember from the stunt in Houston Astrodome with the Javelin driven by Chick Galliano, doing a 360 on ramps. This later would be done in 'The Man With The Golden Gun' in the canal scene, see it on youtube.  You can see some great still images press photos in my AMC PRESS PHOTOS also. These cars were based in Buffalo, NY and several of them are still in warehouses up there. Would be great to see some restored.

AMC-AMX-Star-Trek-comic-book.jpg (29435 bytes)  amc-amx-star-trek-comic-book-closeup.jpg (18658 bytes)

A matador red AMX appears on cover of a Star Trek comic book. Nice drawing! To bad the story line really sucks! The story is called A BOMB IN TIME: THE PSYCHOCRYSTALS. You can find this on ebay every now and then, usually under $20. Check vintage comic book stores too.

Intercars-AMC-AMX-Javelin-diecast.jpg (23511 bytes)

Intercars 68-69 AMX "Javelin" 1:43rd scale diecast. Not uncommon with toy makers back then to label the AMX a Javelin either due to confusion of two different, but similiar looking models.

Matchbox-AMX-AMX-Brazil-Superfast.JPG (97734 bytes)   Matchbox-AMC-AMX-Superfast-Brazil.bmp (562554 bytes)

Matchbox Superfast Brazilian 71-74 AMX

amc-70-amx-pilen-starsky-hutch-1.jpg (18424 bytes)  amc-70-amx-pilen-starsky-hutch-2.jpg (19272 bytes)  amc-70-amx-pilen-starsky-hutch-3.jpg (21907 bytes)

Pilen 70 AMX Starsky & Hutch. These were actually sold with little diorama. Most of us have gotten used to unwashed masses thinking Mad Max cars were American Motors cars, they weren't but millions still think so. Well, this is a new take on a AMX as it sported a 70 Javelin grille, maybe they could not find a obsolete 70 AMX grille? But the Starsky & Hutch thing is wrong on so many levels. They drove a Ford in the series. And they solved crimes Barnaby Jones & Kojak could not sole in a hour. Hard to find. Not reruns of Starsky & Hutch, but this 1:43rd scale metal AMX import by Pilen.

68-69-Playart-Javelin-model.jpg (32904 bytes) Playart-69-AMC-AMX-model-1.jpg (108883 bytes)  Playart-69-AMC-AMX-model-2.jpg (154629 bytes)  Playart-69-AMC-AMX-model-3.jpg (112188 bytes)  Playart-69-AMC-AMX-model-4.jpg (83305 bytes)  Playart-69-AMC-AMX-model-5.jpg (118736 bytes)

Playart AMC 68-69 Javelin & AMX. Playart based in Hong Kong had some good little 1:64th scale toys. Granted, when they cast them it looked like someone drug the mold thru sand after a bottle of swigging saki. You have to remember that some 4 year old working part time for Playart from his real job at Nike making your shoes, sniffing the lead based paint on these (no shit!) was not a skilled craftsman. He was a 4 year old. Ill fitting shit, but if you closed one eye after smoking a joint (medicinal purposes) and looked at the toy, you could tell, barely, that it was SOMETHING AMC. Uber rare to find with original box, which includes Klingon writing of some sort in upper left, not sure if Korean, Chinese, Japanese or Hong Kong Phooese. The red car is the Javelin, the blue car is the AMX. Hard to find.

What-Happens-In-A-Car-Factory-AMC-1.jpg (203165 bytes)  What-Happens-In-A-Car-Factory-discarded-book.jpg (107912 bytes)  What-Happens-In-A-Car-Factory-AMC-sheetmetal.jpg (220617 bytes)  What-Happens-In-A-Car-Factory-Dick-Teague.jpg (140677 bytes)  What-Happens-In-A-Car-Factory-AMC-Build-Sheet.jpg (166895 bytes)  What-Happens-In-A-Car-Factory-AMC-Build-Sheet-code.jpg (131996 bytes)  What-Happens-In-A-Car-Factory-AMC-computer.jpg (144686 bytes)

What Happens In A Car Factory by Arthur Shay. Published by Chicago, Reilly & Lee in 1968, this (to me at least!) historical book takes a look at how a auto is built. And of course it is our favorite automaker involved, AMC, and you take a tour of the Kenosha plants. Extremely rare book to find (hardbound, long out of print) these usually sell in the $100/beat to $300/mint range. Go ahead and google it, some antique bookstores might have one, even Amazon occasionally. suggestion? The photos are timeless from design studios, to production lines, to offices with big computers, a inside look at American Motors in 1968/69. This is a children's book but a must for anyone's collection. Jump on it if found for sale.

 kenner-solar-powered-amc-amx-ram-air-hood.jpg (95175 bytes)  kenner-solar-powered-amc-amx-switch.jpg (187719 bytes)  kenner-solar-powered-amc-amx-cells.jpg (141689 bytes)  kenner-solar-powered-amc-amx-batteries.jpg (133996 bytes)  AMC-AMC-Kenner-solar-power-toy.jpg (16740 bytes)  AMC-AMX-Kenner-solar-power-kit.jpg (20903 bytes)

Kenner Light Beam Solar Powered AMX. Like AMC, way ahead of it's time, these came out in 1969 and were solar powered with two small solar cells on the top of the car! There was also a Dodge Charger. But the little AMX, battery powered, would move when you shined the flashlight (which came in the box) on the roof of the car! Pretty amazingly little car, 1:20th scale, about a foot long. High degree of difficulty to find used or new, not sure Kenner still even in toy business. Some of these came with a 1970 ram air hood, not sure how or why that happened, but makes them more rare than the ones with 69 hoods. The rear license plate also reads 1969. My dad brought home 2 of these from the AMC Dealership he was working at in 1969. I still have them.

Kenner Light Beam MORE PHOTOS. This is a NOS Kenner Solar Light Powered AMX in box, this one has the "third wheel" which was a stuipd snap on wheel in front (in red) so your front tires never touched ground and car could turn. The problem with this is these easily snapped off.

Kenner-Light-Beam-AMX-NOS-box-1.JPG (568483 bytes)  Kenner-Light-Beam-AMX-NOS-box-2.JPG (428211 bytes)   Kenner-Light-Beam-AMX-NOS.JPG (438098 bytes)  Kenner-Light-Beam-NOS-AMX-instructions.JPG (503231 bytes)  Kenner-Light-Beam-NOS-AMX-3rd-wheel.JPG (463340 bytes)

The above car was picked up by Hemmings Blog's Dan Strohl in a blog.

AMC-NASCAR-Matador-Allison-pillow-top.jpg (156046 bytes)  AMC-NASCAR-Matdor-Allison-pillow-hood.jpg (188739 bytes)  AMC-NASCAR-Matador-Allison-pillow-rear.jpg (253645 bytes)  AMC-NASCAR-Matador-Allison-pillow-sponsors.jpg (160422 bytes)  AMC-NASCAR-Matador-Allison-pillow-side.jpg (144139 bytes)

What AMC or NASCAR fan or Bobby Allison fan would NOT sleep better with a authentic NASCAR AMC Matador pillow? I do not know what company made these but these have all the sponsors on it, top to bottom, Penske Racing Team, Bobby Allison driver, Coca Cola, and are really well made. And rare. The NASCAR pillows were made by Success Promotions Route 3, Box 621, Randleman, North Carolina. There were "other" NASCAR pillows made same time I believe the company was owned by Roger Penske Enterprises, someone correct me if wrong, might have been Allison family. Here are some others from same time frame to keep eyes out for in case you collect NASCAR vintage stuff!

amc-nascar-matador-company.JPG (145899 bytes)  nascar-pillows-petty-pearson.JPG (133989 bytes)  nascar-pillows-petty-variants.JPG (115217 bytes)  nascar-pillows-pearson-variants.JPG (177702 bytes)   nascar-vintage-pillows.JPG (172526 bytes)  nascar-vintage-pillow-collection.JPG (118729 bytes)


Tyco! If you owned and like Tyco HO Scale racing and trains, they did not forget American Motors. Here are a few neat Tyco items you can still find for sale if you have a good eye. 

TYCO-train-tycoscene-AMC-AMX.jpg (25139 bytes)

TYCOscene: featured a number of tiny 68-69 AMXs. This setup was for your rail road set and what a nice compliment it would add.   To add a realistic touch to any train layout, you could add a number of Tyco railcars also known as Autoloaders.

TYCO-trailer-train-autoloader-with-amc-amxs.jpg (21336 bytes)  TYCO-train-trailer-AMC-AMXs.jpg (17163 bytes)  TYCO-Trailer-Train-AMXs-1.JPG (400414 bytes)  Tyco-AMC-Trailer-Train-AMX-Camaro.JPG (405393 bytes)

This Tyco Autoloader featured six vehicles, three AMX, three Camaro. In the business they were called 'Trailer Trains'.

TYCO-Union-76-gas-station-AMC-AMX.jpg (23028 bytes)

In your massive layout, everyone would need a authentic Tyco Union 76 Gas Station with AMXs.

TYCO-Pro-Trans-Am-racing-game.jpg (28164 bytes)  TYCO-pro-trans-am-racing-game-javelin-amx.jpg (31050 bytes)

And if you were like many of us, you had a TYCO Pro Trans Am Javelin Racing Game.
Many HO scale train layouts featured some sort of car track, simply because Tyco kept adding new items you could continually build. One of those was a railroad/car crossing. I still have mine and can't tell you how many AMXs went flying across the room when hit by a row of Burlington Northern locomotives. Some spectacular crashes happened at this intersection when we were kids.

AMC-license-plate-game.jpg (16072 bytes)

AMC License Plate Game from 1969: which was a US map, and featured stamps you would stick on the state of which you saw those plates in traffic. This would take away from talking on the cell phone, painting your nails, picking your nose, text messaging, and applying makeup now so this game would be dangerous! Actually it was for the kids. I would say 99% of them never saw a Hawaii and Alaska license plate so cheated and stuck the stamp on there anyhows. Rare item.

69-AMC-Data-Book-1.jpg (28744 bytes)  69-AMC-Data-Book-2.jpg (32276 bytes)  69-AMC-Data-Book-3.jpg (32330 bytes)

Some of the rarest literature out there is original AMC DATA BOOKS. These were usually tossed away by dealerships after only a few years. So few exist. These had all the information you would need if you were a salesman, like actual pieces of paint in charts, real pieces of vinyl, leather and corduroy and other seat materials and vinyl roof materials. Why? Because when you, as a customer, asked questions about a color of a car, or what the seats felt like, the salesman could answer your questions thoroughly, and by that, would lead to more sales. Above is a 69 AMC Data Book, with actual seat materials you could feel there at dealership, options, accessories, ect. Above is a 1969 AMC Data Book.When a salesman brought this out, he was pulling out stops to make the sale. Hard to find any year and expensive if found, especially pre-1975.

72-AMC-Data-Book-1.jpg (29885 bytes)  72-AMC-Data-Book-2.jpg (27036 bytes)  72-AMC-Data-Book-Gucci-Seat-Material-3.jpg (22833 bytes)

Data Book for AMC Year 1972. Seat Materials for new 72 Gremlin, Javelin, AMX Series, and look closely, there is actual seat fabric from the 1972 Gucci Hornet Sportabouts in tri-color. Besides that AMC also had paint chip charts, and salesmen commonly would take prospective buyers outside to look at the colors ina ctual sunshine, a novel idea.

73-AMC-Data-Book-1.jpg (30123 bytes)  73-AMC-Data-Book-2.jpg (26887 bytes)  73-AMC-Data-Book-Pierre-Cardin-material-3.jpg (27095 bytes)  73-Data-Book-4.jpg (28085 bytes)

Data Book for AMC Year 1973. You could now get Levi's interior in your Gremlin. Look closely here, in your AMX or Javelin besides the usual interiors, Domino fabric but on the left, Pierre Cardin interiors which was first introduced in 1971  for 1972 mid year models, was available also on AMX, not only Javelin. Yes, tough it, feel it, order it, it feels like a Scotchguard material. Not a whole lot of people did from 72 thru 74 however. Learn more about Cardin Javelins & AMXs on the Cardin Registry.

73-AMC-Buyer-Protection-Plan.jpg (28085 bytes)

And of course, the big winner here, Buyer Protection Plan, had other automakers playing catchup! 

Nash-Rambler-AMC-AC-Thermador.jpg (70944 bytes)

Nash AC systen Thermador: Not for AMX, Javelin, or anything after the 1950's this is still worth showing. Why? Simply because no matter how old or young you are, few see them. This was a early AMC (and other automakers) attempt at Air Conditioning. Called a Thermador, you filled it with ice and drove. And the wind did the rest. 

amc-amx-painting-girl.jpg (25663 bytes)

I find some odd shit on ebay. This is one of them, a print with a AMX in background, some girl on meth scolding a teddy bear in street. I don't understand it either but bought a print and framed in office creepy as it is. The seller, or artist, has a number of prints they sell with American Motors cars in background, I don't understand those either like the freaked out chick with flames near a Matador cop car, what is all that about, stay on the meds.

amc-dealership-clock-1.jpg (11121 bytes)  amc-dealership-clock-2.jpg (13776 bytes)

AMC Dealership NOS Clock. At one time, you could find these in damned near every American Motors dealerships, some of them sported 2-5 of them. Offices, showrooms, parts department. This one above popped up on ebay and was NOS in 2007, but bidding sailed past my $300 bid. Chances are it was the last remaining NOS AMC Dealership clock in the world though.

amc-tool-kit-1.jpg (10961 bytes)  amc-tool-kit-2.jpg (13576 bytes)

AMC Tool Kit sometimes appeared in Group 15 Accessories   catalogs, other time in AMC Dealer Merchandising Aids catalogs. About $10 in 1973 at your friendly AMC Dealership.

AMC AMX Dealership posters. The AMX at Monte Carlo one was given out at Auto Shows in US, but the AMX at Elkhart Lake & AMX at Nurburgring you had to order thru dealers or write to AMC HQ in Detroit. There was three different issues of these posters, earliest ones had script on bottom:
"DREAM! TAKE A FREE AMX POSTER" and only a limited amount of these given out at auto shows in US in early 1968. The paper on the early ones is flimsy, but what the hell, they were free. The legendary auto artist Walter Gotschke  penned them and the artwork would later appear on MPC model boxes.
This is what the 1967 ones looked like:

amc-amx-monte-carlo-poster-1967.jpg (29686 bytes)  amc-amx-nurburgring-poster-1967.jpg (29500 bytes)  amc-amx-elkhart-lake-poster-1967.jpg (28963 bytes)

The text at bottom removed, and a larger set of these prints were circulated to dealers. I have never seen a set of the large ones, but several AMC people in the know tell me they do exist. Those also made on crackly paper. The fits run above and last run below were 18" x 23" almost a matted finish. Then the final run of the posters were run in 1969.
This is the ones I sell mentioned in the AMC LITERATURE  section:

amc-amx-monte-carlo-poster.jpg (75438 bytes)  amc-amx-nurburgring-poster.jpg (64246 bytes)  amc-amx-elkhart-lake-poster.jpg (69644 bytes)

"The Story Of American Automobiles" was a interesting small booklet produced by American Motors. It was almost like it was geared towards children (sort of like Arthur Shay's book way above!).....then however went into a hard sell on the new 1968 AMX and Javelin, touting performance, options and accessories! But the beginning of the book starts out with minerals used to make a vehicle, from Africa, Europe and around the world. Then traces how the materials are used by auto manufacturers to create a car. It is extremely informative, and make no mistake about it, the book is filled with wonderful photos of inside the Kenosha Assembly Plant to boot. The title is a little misleading, as it implies I guess all automakers, however, this is ALL AMC and no one else. Like the larger book "What Happens In a Car Factory" mentioned way above, and even the 1969 release of "THE STORY OF AMERICAN AUTOMOBILES" (which was a condensed version with more photos...and updated with mention of the 1970 model line) both of these are a must for the serious AMX and Javelin collector.

This is the 1968 edition:

The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-book-1.jpg (71752 bytes)  The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-book-2.jpg (98307 bytes)  The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-book-3.jpg (54186 bytes)  The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-Book-4.jpg (98456 bytes)

This is the 69 edition: If I have any of these left for sale they will still be listed in the AMC LITERATURE section:

The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-69-book-1.jpg (86220 bytes)  The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-69-book-2.jpg (83533 bytes)  THe-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-69-book-3.jpg (77814 bytes)  The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-69-Book-4.jpg (78041 bytes)  The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-69-book-5.jpg (88080 bytes)  The-Story-Of-American-Autos-AMC-69-book-6.jpg (32867 bytes)

AMC AMX Peter Max Dick Teague poster. When Dick Teague the legendary stylist (see last photo above, that is him with Javelin on forehead) decided to retire after a long, and glorious career at AMC, they honored him with a poster of which while he was responsible for many, many designs that made it to production from AMX, Gremlin, Hornet, Matador coupe, with his epic design team, AMC came out with this poster seen below, which was available at dealerships afterwards. Rumor has it Peter Max had something to do with it, but unfounded so far. Dick Teague was a workaholic and his designs can be seen on many non AMC cars to this day and will always remain timeless. Should you want one of these posters, see AMC LITERATURE & POSTERS section.

amx-peter-max.jpg (72085 bytes)

AMC AMX Playboy Bunny Poster. These were supposed to be only for dealers but eventually got into the hands of salsemen, and maybe even kids much to the chagrin of moms & pops. I'm sure pop didn't mind and plastered her on garage wall, along with girlie calenders. There is a whole file dedicated to American Motors complex relationship with Playboy which went on many, many years. A good thing unlike Hugh Hefner's marriages. Should you want a AMC AMX Playboy poster for your collection see AMC LITERATURE & POSTERS section
Want to learn more about AMC & Playboy?

amx-playboy-bunny.jpg (46627 bytes)

AMC Trans Am Javelin AMX X-Ray poster. Team Roger Penske, driver Mark Donohue. AMC never offered this poster. I do. You can get one for your collection, see the
AMC LITERATURE & POSTERS section of my site to order one of these LIMITED PRODUCTION posters.

amc-javelin-trans-am-poster.jpg (153806 bytes)

Eldon Intelligent car. Looks like a AMC Pacer crossed with Deora. From about 1968. These foot long battery powered cars or truck, you place these small triangular pieces in the back and turn it on. It would follow the commands of the signs in back of the car! The plastic pieces look like the controls Superman had in his Fortress of Solitude or the crystals that controled the doomsday bomb in Beneath The Planet Of the Apes, on back they are all different designs, and when they hit the rotating motor inside, it would turn right, left, back up, u turn, quite intelligent for late 1960s. Compare it to modern Roomba.

Eldon-AMC-Pacer-Deora-1.JPG (413278 bytes)  Eldon-AMC-Pacer-Deora-2.JPG (387471 bytes)  Eldon-AMC-Pacer-Deora-3.JPG (431043 bytes)  Eldon-AMC-Pacer-Deora-4.JPG (521635 bytes)

COX AMC Matador Stocker (NASCAR) Gasoline powered! Yes, runs on real gas. These big COX AMC Matador Stockers not only ran on real gasoline (back when it was 29 cents a gallon, but also had pneumatic steering, real rubber tires. Patterened off the successes of American Motors efforts in NASCAR (Team Penske) these wore red, white and blue paint. The two here, one is NOS, other used, both from my collection. They made a pppfffffffttttt sound and the LONG steering wheel tube used to get in way, but as you walked along with the car, you were driving a REAL GAS powered car. As a kid. These could really scoot along at a good clip I may add. Nowhere does it mention 'adult supervision' or like toys now, warn you not to do shots of unleaded gas and light a lighter to mouth like Gene Simmons of KISS. I'm sure some kids thought about it, but was more fun to cruise up and down street with a REAL GAS powered car. At least it was for me. Dad never realized the gas came from otr 62 Rambler wagon anyways, hee hee.

 COX-AMC-gas-Matador-1.JPG (467048 bytes)  COX-AMC-gas-Matador-2.JPG (392221 bytes)  COX-AMC-gas-Matador-3.JPG (380236 bytes)  COX-AMC-gas-Matador-4.JPG (542817 bytes)  COX-AMC-gas-Matador-5.JPG (422165 bytes)  COX-AMC-gas-Matador-6.JPG (456715 bytes)  COX-AMC-gas-Matador-7.JPG (404213 bytes)

Mattel Hot Wheels Supercharger 1968. When these came out, they were the bomb. Put some D cell batteries in them, and hook them up to a oval track, and let the cars do the rest. You simply counted how many times certain cars could go around, the cars would come screaming out of this, propelled by two rubber/foam wheels. Some cars did better than others and like Hot Wheels modern tracks, some cars left wheels, headers, and other pieces behind. The longest "run" was a Cadillac Custom Eldorado in Spectraflame Blue which did 1102 laps before batteries on Supercharger gave out. This is my original unit and I drew fans and for some reason scissors on it, giving it a personal touch only 9 year old boy can do. Why is this pictured here? Hot Wheels released a POSTER about same time if you were in their club (or mail away) which showed a AMX screaming out of a Hot Wheels Supercharger! Possibly one of the best toys Mattel ever made to go with Hot Wheels cars, you can easily find these vintage units all over ebay. Artwork by legendary Otto Kunhi who did much of the artwork on Hot Wheels blister packs, boxes for decades, even into the 1990s, then back again in 2000s, that is 50-60 years (from 1962!!!) of stunning artwork. The original box is shown here with AMX, a 2010 poster with chrome AMX is last photo, you can find them on ebay, amazon also.

Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Supercharger-AMX-1.JPG (481503 bytes)   Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Supercharger-AMX-2.JPG (530866 bytes)  Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Supercharger-AMX-3.JPG (418263 bytes)  Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Supercharger-AMX-4.JPG (438880 bytes)  Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Supercharger-AMX-5.JPG (258530 bytes)  Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Supercharger-AMX-7.jpg (236384 bytes)  Mattel-Hot-Wheels-Supercharger-AMX-6.jpg (39645 bytes)

Jo-Han AMC Radio..Jo-Han models released a series of their AMC models with actual functioning AM Radios inside them. The last ones I believe they did was for 1968 like this Ambassador. AM was king of the dial back then with FM spotty except down here where you could pull Wolfman Jack out of Mexico. These are actual AMC promotional models with a AM radio, so could take to beach, anywhere like people do phones now. Except this Ambassador was about as large as a early 1980s cell phone. Still fun stuff. Like most AM radios with little if any, reception, my radio car will never play any more songs as the battery has been in it since 1970 and the Corpus Christi, Texas humidity did the rest. You can see the dial and speaker inside car. I was inseperable with this for awhile in late 1960s, & my dog Bootsie and me listened to it when there was actually music on AM side of dial.

AMC-Johan-68-Ambassador-AM-radio-1.JPG (396467 bytes)  AMC-Johan-68-Ambassador-AM-radio-2.JPG (308065 bytes)  AMC-Johan-68-Ambassador-AM-Radio-3.JPG (375328 bytes)  AMC-Johan-68-Ambassador-AM-Radio-4.JPG (486044 bytes)  AMC-Johan-68-Ambassador-AM-Radio-5.JPG (363381 bytes)

Eldon AMC AMX 69-70 steerable air car. Battery powered, this like the big Matador by COX above, had 'pneumatic' steering that is, a small hand held bellows that would turn wheels right or left. Of you got good at it, you could steer it straight ahead but took some practice. The license plate read 1970 BUT it was a 69 AMX. Eldon toys rocked and this was no different. A battery in this could last whole day! It was like walking the dog, except it was a AMX. Not as neat as the 'gas' powered Matador but same effect. And years BEFORE the Matador came out. The photos below is of a NOS unit I have, and have a used one in collection, both from 1969. I am guessing that Eldon used a 1970 license plate on them thinking AMC would not change design on the two seater for 1970, after all Jo Han had released a "convertible" 68 Ambassador which never saw production.

Eldon-AMC-AMX-air-power.JPG (356563 bytes)  Eldon-AMC-AMX-air-power-2.JPG (396166 bytes)  Eldon-AMC-AMX-air-power-3.JPG (501058 bytes)  Eldon-AMC-AMX-air-power-4.JPG (491859 bytes)

Cragstan AMX. Cragstan used to make a lot of tin metal toys back in the 50s/60s. All sorts with lots of movement, like that damned monkey that hits cymbals while slapping drum, really innovative stuff. The little AMC AMXs like this that were friction powered had a little grindy wheel inside (at least the ones I had) that when you push the toy, the wheel on bottom would spin with a hypnotic effect, not that anyone was looking at it (we used to hold it in hand to look at it) but inside the car, tiny sparks would fly, lighting up inside of car like bad Cheech & Chong movie. My brother & me took one apart in late 1960s to see what made it work, there was little thin piece of metal slat that would rub against the wheel to make it spark while friction did it's job. Quite neat, Cragstan made a number of US car models that did this including Olds, Buick and Chevrolet.

cragstan-amc-amx-1.jpg (285122 bytes)  cragstan-amc-amx-2.jpg (440388 bytes)  cragstan-amc-amx-3.jpg (236629 bytes)  cragstan-amc-amx-4.jpg (253985 bytes)

Building and customizing a model yourself is fun as seen with this detailed red, white & blue Hayden Proffitt 68 Grant Rebel SST Funny car coming to life.

amc-grant-funny-car-rebel-model-side.JPG (113402 bytes)  amc-grant-funny-car-model-front.JPG (122146 bytes)

This is a AMX Phaze 2 metal Chapparal type racecar by Politoys some of the boxes shows it to be a AMX/2 and has a 343V8. I have two of these and sometimes things made overseas baffle me like the Starsky & Hutch Javelin see way up above. The box actually shows this as a AMX although looks more like a Chapparal.

amc-amx-phaze-2-diecast-1.JPG (64351 bytes)  amc-amx-phaze-2-diecast-2.JPG (129249 bytes)

Original AMC 3 spoke steering wheel watches sold thru dealerships. These were really well made and you would find them in the AMC Merchandising Catalog. I have been asked thru years to reproduce them, they were SWISS made!

amc-steering-wheel-watch-2.JPG (1159970 bytes)  amc-steering-wheel-watch-1.JPG (1048244 bytes)

Some AMC UAW badges picked up in Kenosha & a AMC Rambler Dealer keychain

amc-uaw-badges-dealer-keychain.JPG (704178 bytes)

This AMC Matador coupe dartboard has never been out of bag. These were given to dealers to take pot shots at the competition, of course the new Matador coupe was the ONLY ALL NEW American car released in 1974, everything else was just cosmetic recycled shit. I can just imagine salesmen sitting in offices, bored, gambling for after work beers, or spare change in pocket of smokes with this board.

amc-matador-dart-board.JPG (475797 bytes)

This is actaully a Group 15 item but figured would put in this file also. AMC had a variety of suppliers who made thei rcompasses thru decades, I have 5 different ones. This is possibly the oddest, a flat, lighted Rambler on actual logo inside glass. Most of the others have the usual AMC or Rambler decal on them, not this baby. This is extremely well made and shaped like pie pan UFO.

amc-rambler-nos-compass-1.JPG (495406 bytes)  amc-rambler-nos-compass-2.JPG (733441 bytes)

This is a AMC Dealers stamp for I would guess invoices, letters and such. It is SOLID METAL, about 1 inch x 1 inch. Back when ink was cheap this could soak up a lot of ink, possibly to fade thru several order sheets or invoices, it does use a LOT of ink, as have tried it several times. Ink is expensive as hell now, so this would be a expensive stamp!

amc-dealership-desk-stamp.JPG (571566 bytes)

I have saved this little NOS AMC logo since 1973 as I have often wonder who in the hell was asleep at Windsor Plastics at the time this was made. Yes the AMC logo is UPSIDE DOWN. How in the hell did this get past all the quality control? Who cares, it has been in my collection since Nixon was president. AMC bought Windor Plastios & Mercury Plastics in early 1970s, both companies supplied a hoard of plastic injection moldings, interior hard and soft pieces, emblems and the like to AMC before AMC simply bought both places.

amc-upside-down-nos-emblem.JPG (984227 bytes)

AMC stamp, these are real stamps one can use to mail stuff. This is a AMX stamp from island of St. Lucia. There are other countries that died this including some eastern Europe (Lavtia or Estonia) that had actual American Motors postage stamps, now if we could just get sorry ass collasping US postal system to do a AMC stamp.

amc-amx-postage-stamp.JPG (224945 bytes)

Falling into the "ART" category, depends on how you look at it, are these custom tables, front clips, one is a 68 Ambassador. The 68 Ambassador with 56,000 miles original owner car was going to be hauled to scrap before a Houston artist who does custom work stepped in. I called about the 290 no one wanted and asked if he would 'sell the remainder of the car' as I hate to see shit wasted, in this case, uber rare parts off a low mileage car. Remember this car was headed to CRUSHER by original owner. So I bought 'remainder of car' and parted it out on spot where you see it sitting in his driveway in Heights. He cut off front clip and you see the finished product below for $2500. He has done a number of these out of 'real cars' including Corvettes, Hudsons, Chevies, and I am sure some who whine about lack of parts groan when they see shit like this but what the hell, alternative was whole car would be gone by now. I do not know how many man hours Doc the artist had into this. The other is a custom Hornet hatch BAR B QUE pit. Not sure how it keeps the tail lights from melting, however a guess here is that it is heavily insulated behind that with heat shield. Quite nice I am sure all the que tastes better cooked on a Hornet ass.

amc-ambassador-art-table-1.JPG (105680 bytes)  amc-ambassador-art-table-2.JPG (128526 bytes)  amc-ambassador-art-table-3.JPG (134267 bytes)  amc-ambassador-art-table-4.JPG (456196 bytes)  amc-ambassador-art-table-5.JPG (256841 bytes)  amc-hornet-bar-b-que-pit-1.JPG (131675 bytes)  amc-hornet-bar-b-que-pit-2.JPG (143882 bytes)

From Russia with love comes this small metal diecast, 1:64th scal Pacer. Like most Russian toys, it has sharp edges for the kiddies and nice Chernobyl lead based paint that glows when the lights go dim weekly in Soviet Union.Even on it's worst day still better than owning a Soviet Lada.

russian-amc-pacer-1.JPG (1002943 bytes)  russian-amc-pacer-2.JPG (928833 bytes)  russian-amc-pacer-3.JPG (998528 bytes)

Original metal license plate frames, it seems most of them were for west of Mississippi dealers, AZ, NV, CA, OR and WA. Rarely do you come across the METAL license plate frames from 1960s and 70s in other regions, but they do appear on ebay. The nicer, the more expensive, but usually top out at $200. Trenfel Rambler I bought at local swap meet for $10, while Randall AMC is sort of priceless, they were home of the Randall XR-401 Gremlins of AMC folklore.

randall-amc-mesa-az-license-plate-frame.JPG (197510 bytes)  trenfel-rambler-pacific-beach-ca-2.JPG (891822 bytes)

American Motors "AMC" logoed clothes. These were available from the AMC Merchandising Catalog for AM Dealers, abd AMC's NASCAR Team commonly wore them at events. This is some of the NOS ones from collection. There is no truth that I jogged up Stone Mountain, Georgia in a AMC logoed thong and the mountian was evacuated and Hazmat called. I had some ";fun" in 1999 at at Regional there, that is about it......
Bellbottoms, chef apron, chef hat; two different sizes of ladies halter tops, a number of AMC logoed pants, bellbottom and straight leg, on my fence, set of XL sized shorts, a original tag inside a pait of pants (note no manufacturer) and whole NASCAR Team at Southern 500, that is Bobby Allison with trophy, Linn barton on left holding flag, Crew Chief Wood Woodard in upper right and the late little Davey Allison with cast on arm, note the guys pants!

amc-logo-clothes-bellbottom-pants.JPG (419335 bytes)  amc-logo-clothes-chef-apron.JPG (504993 bytes)  amc-logo-clothes-chef-hat.JPG (484988 bytes)  amc-logo-clothes-halter-tops.JPG (497884 bytes)  amc-logo-clothes-nascar-pants.JPG (642235 bytes)  amc-logo-clothes-shorts.JPG (872989 bytes)  amc-logo-clothes-tag.JPG (447243 bytes)  amc-logo-clothes-nascar-team.JPG (436746 bytes)

I'd Rather Be Driving My AMX. These iconic bumper stickers first appeared in middle of 1970s. They were paper and didn't last long unless you didn't affix them to car. So not best drawing, font, or bumper sticker. In 2015 I reproduced a limited number of them but in vonyl, same AMX, font, just vinyl. Black & white if you want one $5 each. While they last. You can stick it on your other AMC or brand x car or truck. 9 1/4" x 3 1/2".

id-rather-be-driving-my-amx.JPG (376511 bytes)

Mattel released a Hot Wheels poster years ago which featured a Hot Wheels silver AMX. The art is by legendary Otto Kuhne, the poster shows a AMX flying thru the air, with a tow truck, a US Mail vehicle, some black car & a Cadillac in the photo. The 2nd photo is close up of the AMX. These sometime appear for sale on ebay but also at swap meets where Hot Wheels are sold.

amc-amx-hot-wheels-poster.jpg (214340 bytes)  hot-wheels-amc-amx-poster-leap.JPG (918575 bytes)

A real tough poster to find is the long, colorful AMC Dealership issued AMC NASCAR Matador poster. Features Penske, Winston smokes & more. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, I have never seen one for sale at any AMC national or regional, nor ebay. The first photo is whole poster, the 2nd photo is left then right sides.

nascar-amc-matador-dealer-poster.JPG (810162 bytes)  nascar-amc-matador-dealer-poster-left.JPG (1327467 bytes)  nascar-amc-matador-dealer-poster-right.JPG (1249141 bytes)