American Motors Ads

Also see AMC DEALERSHIPS file; Wells, Rich & Green of New York came up with some of the most memorable, innovative, creative ads in AMC's history. American Motors didn't have the bankroll of other auto manufacturers. So they had to come up with some great stuff to get customers attention. Stuff YOU WOULD REMEMBER.  If you ever get a chance to look at some of the wonderful 8mm and 16mm filmstrips that have been converted to VHS and CD format, you will see what I mean. However! This file is dedicated to their PRINT MEDIA ads. But getting the message across as to why YOU should buy a American Motors vehicle was not always easy. And it was downright competitive and dog eat dog in many markets, and with different models AMC would try to gain market share. So some of these American took a different approach, and used humor. People remember humor. How many of you remember the best Super Bowl Ads from last year? Yes, AMC was that far ahead of it's time with advertising.

As with many files on my website, I am extremely proud to try to attempt to tell this side of the story of American Motors history. And it is FREE. I hope you learn something. As long as I have been in this hobby I learn something daily.

I hope also that those people just now coming into the hobby, and those that will 'discover' American Motors in the future realize just what we lost when American Motors  was gone suddenly in 1987. And later Plymouth. And Oldsmobile. Proud marques we grew up with are now just a part of American automotive history. So enjoy the ride with American Motors ads. Don't be surprised if you laugh out loud, or see a double meaning, or suddenly realize that this ad was copied by another automaker DECADES LATER after AMC was gone (like Honda using 'the human race' ad!)


1907 Rambler

1952 Nash Rambler Bill Stern's Wife Takes It Away

1962/3 Rambulance Ambulance

mcclains-amc-paris-texas.JPG (225629 bytes)

1959 Rambler, McClains AMC Dealership, Paris, Texas

1963/64 "The Only Race We Care About Is Human Race

1966 Rambler Steakhouse!

1966 Marlin ad

1967 Rebel Mariner Launching, San Francisco

1967 Rebel Westerner DriveAway, Detroit

grant-rebel-funny-car-ad.JPG (1135687 bytes)

1967 Grant Industries Rebel Funny Car ad (rare)

miss-amc-javelin-under-bleachers.JPG (149409 bytes)

1968: Nothing sells cars faster than a hot blonde in miniskirt and JAVELIN sash under bleachers.
I do not know the history of this particular ad.

1968 Javelin Cragar Mags

1968 Grant Industries Speed Spectacular Javelin

1968 Javelin "Bronco Buster" (Mustang/rare billboard)

1968 Javelin Roberts Rambler Oakland, California

1968 Javelin Getting Kids Of The Street

1968 Test Drag a Javelin

1968 Trans Am We Almost Came In First

1968 Javelin With Blower "some people"

1968 Rambler Javelin PTY Motors, Australia!

1968 Playboy Playmate Of The Year Victoria Vetri (Angela Dorian) Pink AMX

1968 AMX Posters & Models Offer (Americana Magazine)

1968 AMX "It Takes More Than Money To Get One"

1968 AMX "It Takes More Than Money To Get One" (whole ad/diff car)

1968 AMX Will Be Sold As Democratically As Possible

1968 AMX Craig Breedlove Took A Long Ride

richmond-rambler-staten-island-special-amc-javelin.JPG (473507 bytes)

1968 Special RR! Richmond Rambler Javelin, Staten Island, NY

donatos-showroom-amc-javelin-logansport-in.JPG (218379 bytes)

1968 Javelin on showroom floor, Donato's AMC, Logansport, Indiana

1968 AMX Gil Ashcom Rambler, Berkley, California

1968 AMX Avenue Rambler, San Francisco, California


1969 Rebel Raider "300 produced NY/NJ market"

1969 Rebel Raider "DriveAway Promotion" (rare!)

amc-hurst-shifter-ad.JPG (266423 bytes)

1969 (released Aug 68) Hurst shifters ad

dick-steel-amc-ad-1.JPG (309600 bytes)  dick-steele-amc-ad-2.JPG (338717 bytes)

1969 Dick Steele AMC Reseda, California Clearance ads

1969 SS/AMX Performance Clinic, San Jose Mercury News

1969 Hurst SC/Rambler "A Rambler That Does 1/4 mile in 14.3"

1969 Champion Spark Plug Craig Breedlove

1969 MOD Javelin "Bad News"

1969 Big Bad Javelin

1969 1/2 MOD Big Bad Javelin, Avenue Rambler, California

1969 Big Bad Javelin Chicago Auto Show Display (really rare!)

1969 Jan Salesmen Notice/Release Big Bad Colors

big-bad-amc-press-release.JPG (267757 bytes)

1969 leaked press report on 69 MOD big bad colors

bill-clark-majestic-amc-motors.JPG (197565 bytes)

1969 Bill Clark Majestic Motors Big Bad colors ad

quaker-state-amx.JPG (403376 bytes)

1970 Quaker State oil ad with AMX. No, I do not know what type grille that is.

1970 Sears DieHard Battery Trans Am Javelin

1970 Trans Am Javelin AD "A Javelin For Track, One For The Road"

1970 AMX "We Made It Bolder"

1970 AMX "A sports Car For Price Of A Sporty Car"

1970 Mark Donohue Puts his Mark on Javelin

1970 Javelin SST Cornelius Rambler, California

battan-amc-chester-pa.JPG (424004 bytes)

1970 Battan AMC ad, Chester, PA, note new Gremlin, Machine & Donohue

east-bay-mark-donohue-javelin.JPG (377371 bytes)

1970 Mark Donohue Javelin Special ad, East Bay Rambler, note mispelling of DonAhue

1970 Javelin SST Simonize

mcdowell-motors-tans-am-javelins-canada-toronto.JPG (205919 bytes)

1970/71 Trans Am Javelins, McDowell Motors, Toronto, Canada

1970 Gremlin Uncle Sam


1970 Rebel Machine Press Kit
*If you would like this Machine Press Kit, I have some in stock, see AMC LITERATURE

1970 Rebel Machine "Introducing The Rebel Machine" (2 page)

1971 Hornet Sportabout ad

1971 Javelin Goodyear Tires

dick-holland-amc-sc360.JPG (105953 bytes)

1971 SC/360 Hornet, Dick Holland AMC, the changed ad was due to the SC/360 originally going
to be called Hustler Hornet.

1972 Gremlin 304V8 "With Heart of Javelin" ad

1972 Gremlin V8 "It Takes Something Pretty Strong To Make People Trade Volkswagen"

randall-xr401-gremlin-press-photo.JPG (82906 bytes)

1972 XR-401 Randall Gremlin ad, from Randall AMC, Mesa, AZ

1972 Hornet "Tough Little Car" Ad

gremlin-girl-levis.JPG (462483 bytes)

1972 Levi's Grelin Ad
(this one cracks me up, while this girl looks stoned out of mind, she has driven her new Levi's Edition Gremlin somehow into a bullring and cowboys are strrugling in background to contain Ferdinand who obviously pissed off at Bugs Bunny, will be charging this Gremlin soon, knowcking it over the wall, with stoned girl still in it)

1972 Gucci Meets The Hornet Sportabout

1972 Javelin "Introducing The Pierre Cardin Javelin"

1973 Hurst Gremlin Rescue Gremlin

1973 AMX "Its Nice To Know You Are Driving A Winner"

1973 Javelin Trans Am Victory Edition

wpe2.jpg (31328 bytes)

1973 Miller's AMC, Glenholden, PA

1975 French Stereo Company Pacer Ad

gremlin-girl-problem-free-relationahip.JPG (1076403 bytes)

1974 Gremlin Ad "I Have A Problem Free Relationship"
(another ad that cracks me up. No woman sinve Bible's Eve has had a problem free relationship, and youtube is filled with crazy ass psycho women like SYBIL who will freak out at moment's notice. This one is having a quiet moment (for now) next to her beautiful Gremlin before she starts screaming, crying reading Twilight of 50 Shades of Porn)

ray-citte-inc-new-amc-gremlin.JPG (336278 bytes)

1974 Gremlin now in stock ad, Ray Citte AMC, Roy, Utah

1976 Pacer Sundowner

1976 Randall AMC Dealership Pacer

1977 Hornet AMX "sting like a bee"

1978 Gremlin GT

1978 Concord AMX 

1979 AMX Flying Over Mountians

1980 Spirit w/Ronald McDonald

1982 Concord/Eagle Griffith Convertible


lots more to come!