Discontinued stamping March 2013. These products are no longer available, sorry. I developed these in 2008, and sold a shitload of them, metal and vinyl, but they have ran their course and I specialize in AMX & Javelin, not Gremlin & Hornet although own a number of them. It took 3 years to 'break even' on my investment on these, and they were featured with great reviews in a number of automotive magazines. My apologies to those in South Africa, New Zealand & Australia who asked me to 'reverse the stamp mold' for right hand drive cars & I never got chance to. I still have the molds to stamp but have no plans to press anymore at this time.

New Engine Turned Aluminum Dash Overlays for AMC Gremlin & Hornet AMX, DL, X, SST!




3 piece METAL 3 hole SET (3 hole gauge overlay, glove box & surround) 
$119.99 + $10.00 shipping US/Canada

4 piece METAL 2 hole SET (2 hole gauge overlay, glove box & surround)
 $119.99 + $10.00 shipping US/Canada

3 hole METAL gauge cluster overlay cover only 
$89.99 + $10.00 shipping US/Canada

2 hole METAL gauge cluster overlay only
$39.99 + $5.00 shipping US/Canada

 2 piece METAL glove box & surround only
$39.99 + $9.00 shipping US/Canada

ENGINE turned vinyl appliques OVERLAYS

these are for vehicles that originally HAD machined overlays which have since probably yellowed or crusted away, these are easy to install VINYL engine turned cover repair kits; they have super stick tape on back and offer same effect.....going directly over your original one(s).

3 piece 3 hole gauge vinyl SET (3 hole gauge cluster overlay, glove box & surround ) 
$34.99 + $8 ship US/Canada


4 piece 2 hole vinyl SET (two pieces either side gauges, glovebox door & surround)
$41.99 + $8.00 ship US/Canada 

1 piece 3 hole gauge vinyl overlay only
$27.99 + $9.00 ship US/Canada


2 piece 2 hole vinyl gauge overlay only
$21.99 + $5.00 ship US/Canada

2 piece vinyl glove box & surround only
$24.99 + $7 ship US/Canada

Engine turned vinyl type and wood grain overlays for 71-74 AMX & Javelin  click here for those . 

Originals from 77 AMX were utilized for molds for the Gremlin & Hornet overlays.


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Now accepting

This file to be removed in 2014 when I sell out of the few remaining 2 hole metal and vinyl overlays.