AMC Parts Special.
Updated November 2013

Just parted out 1968 Ambassador & THREE 1974 AMX S


68 Ambassador grille $100  pic 1   pic 2
1965-71 Borg Warner M12 driveshaft with yoke $200 pic 1   pic 2  $250
Ambassador grille baffles SET $25
New Grem/Horn/Spir/Conc/Eagl thick upper radiator rubber kit $20

AMC NOS lens 3208822 DRIVER SIDE 67 Rebel SW $10 (5)
AMC NOS lenses 3207554 & 3207555 SET Ambassador SW $20 for PAIR

AMC NOS lens 65 3206737 Rambler Classic & Rebel $15
AMC NOS lens SET 64(?) 65 Rambler American 3205340& 3205341 $20/PAIR

AMC NOS lens 63 Rambler Classic Ambassador 3482799 & 3482798 $10 ea
AMC NOS lens 63 Rambler American Classic Ambassador 3482797 &3482796 /3205346 $10\

AMC NOS window cranks SET 3515829 Group 23.100 $100/PAIR

AMC NOS lens 63 American Classic rambler 3482793 & 3482792 $10 each
390 Crankshaft 3204??? MAC 5783 A-020; $L P78 $400 pic1   pic2   pic3   pic4  pic5   pic6   pic7

AMC NOS folder 72-78 all models!   $10

71 SC/360 Hurst Ram Air Scoop, unpunched scoops, w/mounting brackets  top    side   $225/sold out

AMC NOS Patriot decal Eagle Gremlin Pacer Hornet AMX $15
AMX Javelin 68 69 70 large rear window trim chrome $25 per side
AMC NOS X dash emblem Gremlin Hornet 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 $10
AMC NOS Matador & Pacer "X" emblem $15
AMC NOS Gremlin & Hornet "X" emblem $15

NOS Christmas Carol songbook 69 AMX Javelin Rambler Marlin Rebel $10
73-74 AMX Javelin new taillight seal kit $20
AMC 69 70 Invoice AMX Javelin SC/Rambler Chicago IL 3 pages $10
77 AMC NOS AMX Hornet side decal pair 3M $20
NOS 78 AMX side decals white, (sold out of gold) 3M, $20
AMC NEW 71 72 73 74 fiberglass AMX Javelin spoiler/ask    pic2

AMC New 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 AMX Javelin Doorjamb seals $10
AMC NOS 4x4 decal Eagle Jeep SX4 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 $20/pair

77 AMC Dealer Order AMX Matador Gremlin Hornet Pacer (big copy of original $5

68 69 70 AMC AMX Javelin tint rear glass $150

AMC Rambler ALBUM Danny Kaye Ambassador Classic $15

68-69 AM/8 Track original radio pod/DEALER cut! $150

68-69 390V8 block rare $800 side   casting#

70 Rebel Machine tachometer new gasket $10

AMC NOS Gremlin "P38" decals/pair $20

NOS D78X14 SpaceSaver Spare all models $250   photo     photo   photo   photo    photo
81-83 Eagle SX/4 NOS Decals PN#3741517 $30/set

69-70 AMC NOS factory Kenosha die from press $10
69 Ambassador NOS Owners Manual $15

AMC Hornet NOS hatchback postcard $3 (nice rear view with hatch open) 
AMC Hornet NOS postcard, James Bond red hatchback, $3

 72-75 AMC NOS Buyer Protection Program 3 foot two sided flyer $5
71-74 AMX/Javelin dash stereo fader switch with harness $40

AMC NOS GX decals Hornet Gremlin Concord Pacer BLACK $10/pair
AMC NOS GX decals Hornet Gremlin Concord Pacer WHITE $10/pair
AMC 80 4x4 American Eagle owners manual $10
81 AMC American Eagle 4x4 SX/4 owner manual $10

75 NOS Matador Oleg Cassini large postcard 2 photos $5
75 NOS Gremlin large postcard 4 photos $5
75 NOS Hornet large postcard 4 photos $5
73-75 AMX Javelin NOS postcard $5
67 Rebel NOS postcard $5

77-78 AMX NOS "BEE" original smaller type $100
69 NOS AMC Part Number 3614260 Ambassador grill w/original box $150

69 Hurst SC/Rambler driver side fender   outside    inside    also can fit American, Rambler and Rogue
69 Hurst SC/Rambler passenger side fender outside   inside   see above either one $300 each

71 SC/360 hood non r/a (easily converted) $250
68-70 Javelin & AMX passenger side door inside outside $75
68-69 AMX rocker molding driver quailty $50
Hurst SC/Rambler Rambler American Rogue Testor's NOS model $20 (1994)/soldout
Hurst SC/Rambler Rambler American Rogue Jo-Han NOS model $15 (1998) all cases sold out
NASCAR Matador Penske Donohue Allison AMT NOS model $20 (1996) sold out
AMC NOS Hornet grill SST SC/360 Rallye 1970-73 $175  front 
AMC station wagon rear window switch with housing $20
70 Javelin SILVER glovebox door $50  
Rare 71 only floor console, missing small piece, $200  front     back 

AMC AMX & Javelin AT shift cover 71-74 $15 sold 
Mopar Dodge Coronet Charger Monaco NOS CC 1975 $2
AMC Rambler 770 emblems Classic Rebel Ambassador $9
AMC pair DL emblems Pacer Spirit Eagle Concord SX/4 $8
AMC Javelin & AMX 68-70 WeatherEye control knob set $16 sold 
AMC Rambler 330 emblem american Classic Rogue $9
55 TSM Nash Rambler Ambassador Statesman $5
AMC 770 emblem set Rambler Ambassador Classic Rebel (skinny type) $18
AMC black DL emblems Pacer Hornet Concord Spirit Eagle $9
AMC Rambler Ambassador Classic Typhoon tailights $8

Rare SPORT emblem Eagle Spirit SX/4 Kammback AMX $10/sold out
AMC GT emb Spirit Eagle SX/4 Concord AMX $10/sold out

AMC dash overlay Ambassador Rebel Matador Machine SST DPL $20/sold
AMC 68 Rebel 1/4 panel end cap $50 per side
AMC Rebel 1/4 trim SST 550 Driver side 1/4 panel trim pieces, call
AMC NOS Matador BIG postcard Oleg Cassini and X $5
AMC NOS Hornet large postcard Sportabout & X $5
AMC NOS Gremlin postcard $5
67-68 SST emblems, these are type that are on the door panels. $10/pair/sold out
AMC courtesy map lens AMX Javelin 1971-74 $9
AMC 727 rods AMX Javelin Gremlin Hornet Matador Ambo $10/sold
AMC AMX Javelin long 72-74 trunk chrome $25
AMC hood latch Gremlin Hornet Javelin Matador Pacer $10
AMC r/window swtich Ambassador Rebel Matador all $15

70 AMC AMX Javelin cigar lighter $20/sold out
AMC AMX & Javelin 1968-69 cigar lighter $15/sold out
AMC AMX & Javelin 68-70 clock delete plate $10
68 AMC AMX & Javelin PS door lock latch kit $20
AMC Rambler Ambassador gold fancy script DPL emblem $5/sold
AMC Javelin 1970 1/4 panel extension driver side $40
AMC Concord chrome trim DL AMX This piece 78-up concords, big offset oval $25
AMC "limited" emblems Spirit Eagle SX/4 Kammback Concord $10/sold out
AMC shop manual 76 Hornet Gremlin Matador Cassini $15/sold 
Rare AMC AMX & Javelin rear bumper trunk brackets $100/set/sold
AMC AMX & Javelin 71-74 lower steering wheel trim $20
AMC 68-70 AMX & Javelin washer nozzle set $10/sold out

AMC Javelin & AMX heater blower motor & housing setup complete $25/sold out
AMC Javelin 68-69 Rocker molding PAIR $200/sold
AMC AMX & Javelin trunk lock brace w/original bolts $10
AMC AMX & Javelin pair coat hooks $15/sold out
Rare AMC Javelin SST 68-69 1/4 panel end chrome w/tabs $50 
AMC NOS gas tube Pacer $20
AMC day/night mirror AMX Javelin SC/Rambler Rebel Ambo $30/sold out
AMC 71-74 AMX Javelin pair rear "J" chromes $30/sold out
AMC AMX & Javelin 71-74 washer switch $30
AMC NOS seatbelt Matador Jeep Ambassador Spirit Eagle $10
AMC 660 emblem Rambler Classic Ambassador long type $10
AMC NOS cigar knob AMX Pacer Spirit Gremlin Eagle SX/4 $10
AMC Classic emblems Ambassador Classic Marlin Rambler $16

comments on some above items:

These were bought from Carlsbad AMC, along with other parts, in about
1984. They were installed in a customer's Javelin, then removed, in 1973. I guess
this would make them semi-NOS, however.
The dealer owner said 'he ate the cost' of them, but having a happy customer
meant more to him. I didn't bother to ask why customer wanted them removed,
however was frothing at mouth at a chance at them, and crates and boxes of
other NOS parts; of whihc a large U-Haul was used.

This is Uganda Vinyl. This type of seat was used in several AMCs that had
bucket seats inclduing Ambassador, AMX, Javelin, Matador, and I believe
Gremlin & Hornet Series.

The first photo shows them after I shut down my warehouse July 8th, full of
dust, and been sitting quietly since 1984. I had planned to use them for one
of the many AMX & Javelin projects I go thru, and I even thought about using
them in a 73 Wild Plum Metallic AMX I'm currently doing. However, those
split buckets and rear bench were redone several months ago at cost of $900
and they are stunning. Still, if I change my mind

and stop auction........don't be pissed off.

A few quick calls to several interior vendors on my own Planet Houston
VENDORS list let me know that this Uganda material is still available in 2007,
however to do both buckets and a rear bench (Javelin or AMX Series) the
material alone I was quoted $1100. Then you still would have to have a auto
upholstery shop pad, spring, and recover them.