AMC Trivia!

With the Answers!!!

I get a lot of questions about AMC daily, some I can answer, others I can't
and many I try to put online or get into the hands of people who may know.
Sometimes I am baffled and frustrated by not knowing, and other times angry
(I don't step on NOS lenses anymore though) by the sheer misinformation
online at places like Wikipedia and Allpar where it seems anyone who might
have bought their first AMC in 2008 is suddenly a expert on all things AMC.
I am no expert myself, well, maybe AMX & Javelin, but every day learn
something new. And I still drive the fine products American Motors built in
2008, and have driven nothing but AMC cars since I got my driver's license
in 1976...that was 352 AMC cars ago and counting......with that in mind, I
decided to have some fun with some AMC trivia. This is not easy and I
probably would get about 10 of the 50 right. They are purposely tough and
cover many years. Hopefully the questions will make one think. And like my
website dedicated to keeping American Motors alive 20 years after the fact,
people won't ever forget this great company. There will be a "ongoing"
thread on this AMC Trivia on the AMC Forum at under the
"General Chat" if one wishes to comment or test their AMC knowledge against
the masters. You will find a direct link to the thread at under "Trivia" and will put up the answers....many
of which will surprise even old school AMC fans.....October 1st, 2008. Good
luck and let's see how much you really know about our favorite car

1-10 right........AMC rookie......get head out from under hood and read more
10-20 right.......AMC must have been born in the 1960s
20-30 right........AMC have high speed internet and haven't
googled any of these...seriously
30-40 right........AMC should write a book
40-50 right........AMC god.....we are but mere mortals in your
presence...kneel before Zod!

1. What 2 seat AMC was model 7046-0?
70 Gremlin

2. What part of the 69 MOD Package Javelin could you 'opt out' of?
A. roof spoiler; B. reverse C stripe; C. simulated exhaust moldings; D. twin
fake fiberglass hood scoops; E. Any combination of above
E. you could opt out (check off) any of the above out of the package.

3. What is build sheet code ASC?
Automatic Speed Control (Cruise Command) available with V8 and automatic
trans, a $45.30 option.

4. What year did the new anti theft ignition appear in all AMC models?

5. What year did the new cylinder head bolt size change from 7/16" to 1/2"
for improved head gasket sealing action?

6. When did a Group 15 Accessory Luggage Rack become a "factory option" on
the AMX & Javelin?
Early December 1969 for the 1970 AMX & Javelin CC=532; Code=RLR, Luggage
Rack-Rear Deck Lid, $32.40 option.

7. How much in 1969 dollars was your new 8 track stereo tape player with
manual radio and 2 rear speakers for your AMX?
$195.00 CC=632, Code=STR

8. When did AMC cancel "wheel opening paint stripes" and replace it with
"full length paint stripes (excluding Rally Stripes) on the new 1970
October 4th, 1969.

9. What is the difference between MRM and MCP and what model?
The model was Rebel Machine in 1970. MRM is "Machine Package" (CC #443)
which included a special 340hp cid 390V8, 4barrel engine, 4 speed full
syncromesh floor shift, ram air hood scoop, hood scoop mounted tachometer,
power disc brakes, E60x15 w/ raised white lettered tires, 15"x7" mag styled
steel wheels, space saver spare tire with rgular 14" orange painted wheel,
handling package, heavy duty cooling system, special dual exhaust system,
bucket seats and carpeting.....

The MCP "Machine Package" (CC #768) was red/white/blue package, Frost White
(P72 paint) main exterior color, Electric Blue (P6) hood scoop, hood and
fresh air panel (replaces "Shadow" Black Flat Tone Paint P8) plus on lower
side and body panels; red/white/blue decal for grille, bright red belt line
spear stripe, reflective decal, r/w/b "Chevron" stripes, reflective decals
(across trunk to fenders, joining side spear), black vinyl interior trim
ONLY, center cushion & fold down armrest. This package would have cost you
$75.00. The Regular production colors & trims would not be available until
March 1970.

10. On your new Rebel Machine, how much was difference in price from bucket
seat fabric to vinyl?
None, both $123.05

11. If you got your AMC painted in the following fleet color, what company
did you work for? Match the color with the company.
A. P26-A Copco Turquoise
Consumers Power
B. P55-A Westminster Green
States of Florida; New Hampshire; Maine & New England Bell
C. P73-A Cornthian White
Alabama Power Company & General Tel & Tel
D. P-74A Woodsmoke Gray
Pennsylvania Power & Light
E. P-74A Peco Beige
Philadelphia Electric Company

12. If your Ambassador or Rebel was Code 39-3 PCP, for $62.45, what did that
It meant it was a police package: Police Car Package, V8 only wo/AC, but did
include heavy duty brakes, 73-2 (HDB) $14.95; police calibrated speedometer
74-2 (PO)$6.85; Law Enforcement Cooling Package w/V8 (not available with air
conditioning) 66-3 LEC $17.35; and heavy duty rubber floor mats!

13. How many colors could you get your new 1970 Gremlin in?
All 13, including all three Big Bad colors.

14. What is a AMC Lerma?
The Lerma was built by AMC's division in Mexico, VAM (Vehiculos Automotores
Mexicano) and is a FOUR DOOR Spirit. It is the only car ever built in Mexico
"from scratch" unique to the Mexican market.

15. If you ordered a 1971 thru 1974 Javelin with Code #442 RP1, what did
that designate?
Code #442 was "Rally Pack Instrument cluster" for Javelin Series.

16. While your new 72-up AMC would have had this as part of the Visibility
Group, if your car did NOT come with the vis/group, you would have had to
order Code #382 IHR. What is Code #382 IHR stand for?
This was a new feature to AMC, a "Inside Hood Release" cable.

17. Many folks up north opted for this unusual Group 15 Accessory, which
would then also end up a option on their AMC vehicle. Code #721 BH helped
get them to work when temps were freezing outside. What is Code #721 BH?
Engine Block Heater a Group 15 Accessory and also a option. About $10 in

18. Speaking of Ice & Cold, on your new 1968 thru 1970 AMC vehicle, people
in areas of the US & Canada that actually see a winter (unlike Houston!)
could order this for their new AMC; AMC Group #15.250; AMC Part Number
8992332 for only $31.67. What was it?
A AMC Ski Rack!

19. Your new 1972 Javelin SST or AMX has WHITE SEATS. What was this new
order code?

20. How much was a Pierre Cardin interior on a 1972 Javelin or AMX?

21. What four exterior colors could one order their new Pierre Cardin
Javelin or AMX in 1972?
Snow White; Stardust Silver, Trans Am Red, and Wild Plum. You could also get
a vinyl top in either black or white for a few dollars more.

22. At the Chicago Auto Show, February 26th to March 6th, 1972, who was
present to introduce the new Pierre Cardin
AMC AMX & Javelins to the Press on February 25th?
Duh, Pierre Cardin himself!

23. What year did AMC's assembly plants open in Teheran, Iran and Lima,
Iran, June 1965; Peru, November 1965

24. When AMC acquired 25% of Holmes Foundry in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, what
did Holmes Limited do?
Holmes Foundry Limited was a major independent gray iron foundry which would
supply blocks and rocker arms to AM's Kenosha main plant.

25. How many plants did AMC have outside the US borders in 1965?

26. Of those many were in Latin America?

27. How much business did the Latin American market provided for American
Motors US-make cars?
A whopping 15%!

28. What was "The Originals"?
Wildly colored Kenvinator refridgerators, ranges and dishwashers; covered
with designs like sunflowers, flowing colors, mountian scenes in 1965. These
were used as a attention getting function.....but the real sales would then
be made in room air conditioners, clothes dryers, automatic washers and
refrigerators; especially the large capacity models.

29. What was the Foodarama?
A popular line of Kelvinator refrigerators. In 1967....a new split door
vertical Foodarama was introduced....this stand up, side by side door
refrigerator set the standard as it was only 36 inches wide.

30. What is Redisco?
Redisco Inc. was the sales financing subsidiary of American Motors. In
fiscal 1966 alone, their volume of purchases totalled $313,399,906! That is
1966 dollars!

31. What was Manitowoc Company Inc. ties to American Motors?
The Manitowoc Products company of subsidiary of American Motors produced
Kelvinator ice cream and frozen food merchadising cabinets, large capacity
home freezers; like the huge, long types you see in your neighborhood
grocery store.

32. Counting AMX "prototypes" and AMX name affixed to different many years was the name "AMX" used by AMC? *Warning, trick
question ahead*
Not counting AM drawings and sketches dated Janaury 1965; but counting the
first clay AMX, it appeared in November 1965. The name would them be used
THRU 1983. Besides the 68-70 AMX two seater; it was then used on the 1971-74
Javelin, 1974-76 Matador (VAM); 1977 Hornet; 1978 Concord; 1979-80 Spirit
and 1981-83 Rallye (VAM).

33. In June 1969, AMC, along with actor James Garner American International
Racing Team fielded a number of Hurst SC/Ramblers for the ultra brutal Baja
500 Off Road racing event. This is considered one of the toughest endurance
races in the world. A SC/Rambler won it; while others finshed 3rd, 4th. 5th
and 13th place. In Catagory 1, it is opened to production "two wheel drive
vehicles" while Category VI is open to "four wheel drive" vehicles. Name the
two drivers who won First in Category 1 in 19 hours, 5 minutes. Bonus! Name
the drivers who drove the radical experimental 4x4 SC/Rambler to a 4th place
in Cat VI.
Veteran Gran Prix driver Bob Bondurant of Santa Ana, CA and co-driver Tony
Murphy of LA, CA drove the win in Category I; while Carl Jackson and Jim
Fricker of Hemet, CA took the 4th with on of the 4x4 SC/Ramblers.

34. Who is Victoria Vetri?
Victoria Vetri was Playboy's Plamate of the Year, chosen by readers, for
1967. She was given a brand new 1968 AMX in PINK by AMC; the dash serial
number six digits reflecting her measurments of 362435. She changed her name
from Angela Dorian to Victoria Vetri to help her land roles in Hollywood.
She would fall into obscurity in the 70s and last I heard, is a waitress in
Mulholland, but still retains much of her beauty in her 60s. And she still
has her 68 AMX; painted black in the 1970s.

35. "Being different from the crowd today does not necessarily mean being
against something but rather reinforcing certain specific ideas."
What American Motors official is that quote attributed to and what was he
talking about?
R. W. McNealy, Vice President of Marketing Services for AMC, made that
comment about use of a hippie in presentation of the new 1970 Rebel Machine.
He went on to clarify to the press: "We anticipate that the Machine will
identify with thsi new brand of rebel, who demonstrates for something."

36. Who is Maskin & Kanners?
AMC brought on the formidable team of Dick Maskin & Dave Kanners of Troy, MI
in to campaign their new Hornet X hatchback. In 72, dick was AMC's most
successful independent Pro Stocker before turning the wheel over to Kanners.
They had campagned D/Altered 66 Corvette; B/MP 70 Camaro; C/MP Pontiacs
before coming to AMC. Using the aerodynamic Hornet X hatchback, Maskin &
Kanners knocked on the 8s in 1972 at speeds well over 150 miles per hour.

37. How much would a new 1970 Trans Am Javelin cost you?
$3995.00 was the Manufactures Suggested Retail Price, while the Factory List
was $3734.00

38. In 1973, Van Williams aka The Green Hornet and Reid's faithful valet
Kato aka the late, great, Bruce Lee, along with American Motors, had a album
original radio broadcast. Produced by George Garabedian and Mark 56 Records;
The Green Hornet & Kato appear on the cover of this album standing next to,
and against, a vehicle. What is the vehicle?
Duh, a Green Hornet! A beautiful new hatchback with rallye white stripe and
rally rims to boot, headlights on. In the album story, the Green Hornet &
Kato gets "public enemies who try to detroy our America!" But later settle
on catching a few murderers, and well,s aving the city from a deadly ray

39. AMC had a number of 8track tapes you could purchase from them, although
many were given away free at dealerships. A number of hits by well know
artists such as Captain & Tennile; Merle Haggard; Cat stevens; Roy Clark;
Neil Sedaka; Steve Miller Band and Freddy Fender were on these popular
tapes. Produced by RCA, what was the name of the 8-track tapes?
The American Sound.

40. In The SOUTH Magazine, May/June 1975, American Motors lists their
"Oldest Continuously Owned AMC Dealerships" and also their "Largest"
Dealerships based on 1974 sales volume. Name three of the OLDEST. Remember
this is in the SOUTH ONLY.

1927, Alabama, Skinner-Stewart Motors, Demopolis; 1939, Arkansas, England
motor Company, Fort Smith; 1945, Florida, Schulstad Motor Company, Tampa;
1934, Geogia, Southern Motors of Savannah, Inc, Savannah; 1950, Louisiana,
Melito AMC, New Orleans; 1945, Mississippi, Fletcher Motor Company,
Columbus; 1942, North Carolina, Ed Orr Motors Inc, Asheville; 1957, South
Carolina, East Eand Motor Company, Orangeburg; 1956, Tennessee, Smith-Owens
Motor Company, Chattanooga; 1948, Virginia, Kern Motor Company, Winchester.

41. In The SOUTH Magazine, May/June 1975, American Motors lists their
"Oldest Continuously Owned AMC Dealerships" and also their "Largest"
Dealerships based on 1974 sales volume. Name three of the LARGEST. Remember
this is in the SOUTH ONLY.

Colonial AMC-Jeep, Inc, Mobile, AL; Twin City AMC Inc. Little Rock, AR;
Fincher Motors Inc. Miami, FL; Bobby Whitens AMC/Jeep Inc, Chamblee, GA;
Stephens AMC/Jeep Inc, New Orleans, LA; Thad Ryan AMC/Jeep, Jackson, MS;
City Motors AMC/Jeep Inc, Greensboro, NC; Tunmore AMC/Jeep, Charleston, SC;
Security Motors Inc, Memphis, TN; Mt. Vernon AMC/Jeep, Alexandria, VA.

42. How many colors was Levi's interior trim offered in the Concord &
Gremlin in 1978?
4: red, tan, blue, and black.

43. The Federal Government in 1981 had a CAFE (corporate average fuel
economy) rating requirement of 22 mpg. What was American Motors passenger
car CAFE rating across the board in 1981?
23 miles per gallon, one more than the feds required.

44. What opened in Stratford, Ontario, Canada in the summer of 1971?
AMC's new soft trim plant

45. What AMC executive made this comment? "It all comes down to
profitability and sales volume. The big prob,em is the 50% who don't think
of us (AMC) at car-buying time."
AMC President William V. Luneberg (1971)

46. AMC had "dual dealerships" that is the dealership sold more than one
marque. In 1972, AMC had the following 'dual dealerships' GM=422;
Chrysler=174; Ford=68 and Import=140. In December 0f 71, AMC's Top 100
Dealers accounted for 27.4% of sales. AMC was not terribly interested in
duals, since the figures showed that duals didn't do right by AMC. Who made
the comment "the average man can't keep two girlfriends happy" when
commenting on duals?
AMC's Marketing Vice President R. William McNealy.
*Note he also mentioned that Jeep had a great name and didn't have a problem
with duals also.

47. How many models could one order a American in back in 1967?
Nine versions: 220 2/door; 220/4door; 220 wagon; 440 2/dr; 440 4/dr; 440
wagon; 440 hardtop, Rogue hardtop, Rogue convertible

48. In 1967, a big, full-color TV spectacular was watched by over 14 million
people. Jim Nabors; Shirley Jones, Andy Griffith, Marilyn Horne, Tennessee
Ernie Ford were the blockbuster stars. The show was 100% sponsored by your
friendly American Motors & Ramblers Dealer. Name the show.
Friends & Nabors, October 12th, 9:00pm, CST on CBS

49. On November 20, 1987, a letter was sent to all employees. This is
first.....and last.....paragraphs of the one page letter:
"When Chrysler and American Motors Corporation became one company on August
5th, we all knew that wi would require a lot of hard work to make the deal
pay off. The merger presents a challenge---combining two large companies
with the goal of turning them into one strong company." And: "The merger
between Chrysler and AMC was and is a move for the future. We rally have
teamed up to be the best!" Without vomiting your bean and chees taco, who
made that comment in the letter?
G. Greenwall from Chrysler

50. How did Planet Houston AMX get it's name?