parts-javelin-3.JPG (1315662 bytes)  parts-javelin-2.JPG (1016503 bytes)  parts-javelin-1.JPG (855831 bytes)
I am parting out 74 Javelin summer 2019  

amc-amx-javelin-parts-cars.JPG (193579 bytes)

73 AMX Pierre Cardin & 74 Alaskan AMX

73-amx-pierre-cardin-1.jpg (303086 bytes)    73-amx-pierre-cardin-16.jpg (262479 bytes)    73-amx-pierre-cardin-32.jpg (196345 bytes)    73-amx-pierre-cardin-54.jpg (220996 bytes)  73-amx-pierre-cardin-60.jpg (216559 bytes)

parting-out-73-pierre-cardin-amx-1.JPG (1261055 bytes)  parting-out-73-pierre-cardin-amx-2.JPG (939458 bytes)  parting-out-73-pierre-cardin-amx-3.JPG (984435 bytes)  parting-out-73-pierre-cardin-amx-4.JPG (1092716 bytes)


above both hauled off

This 56,000 mile 68 Ambassador SST has been hauled to scrap, including the 290V8.

parting-out-amc-ambassador-sst-1.jpg (246068 bytes)  parting-out-amc-ambassador-sst-2.jpg (181277 bytes)  parting-out-68-amc-ambassador-3.jpg (97614 bytes)  parting-out-amc-ambassador-4.jpg (169773 bytes) 68-ambassador-5.jpg (221924 bytes)  68-ambassador-6.jpg (298406 bytes)

of which a lot of these rare items dumped onto ebay

On AMX, Some items are pick up only like engine, trans, or if you have a FedEx or UPS Freight account, I will gladly load it onto palate (you buy the straps) and you provide me your shipper number and when I have it crated, will call them to come pick it up. The parts would have to be prepaid before I call also. Any questions, call me at 713-464-8825 days or email me at NO! The Rebel Machine rims on the Maxi Blue AMX are not for sale. Other items I will gladly ship in US or Canada, overseas or other places no prob
lem unless your country has import limits like Mexico, Australia (42 inches length). 


free-amc-musclecar-amx-1.jpg (285820 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-2.jpg (303920 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-3.jpg (291343 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-4.jpg (312944 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-5.jpg (252493 bytes)  free-amc-musclecar-amx-6.jpg (265280 bytes)

amx-parts-cars.jpg (245132 bytes)   74-amx-parts-cars-1.jpg (162570 bytes)  74-amx-parts-car-2.jpg (137566 bytes)  74-amx-parts-cars-3.jpg (122163 bytes)  amx-parts-cars-5.jpg (154583 bytes)  amx-parts-cars-6.jpg (213497 bytes)  amx-parts-car-7.jpg (192908 bytes)

The above 1974 AMXs I parted out & hauled to scrap for $200.


The below "fellow AMCers" are parting out a large amount of cars, and are my "overflow" guys I send people to if I either do not have a certain item, or do not wish to sell it, as am a collector you know and use tons of shit on my own ever changing cars, almost 400 AMC owned since 1976.

Tell them I sent you if calling!

Mike Lakin last I checked Mike is/was/probably still is parting out 71, 72 Javelins, 68 & 72 Ambassador, 2 69 Rebels, and usually has some Hornets, Eagles and Gremlins parting out in mostly rust free Nevada.

JJ is located in PA and have a fairly large amount of AMXs, Javelins. This is one of his ads in my FREE AMC CLASSIFIEDS
68-74 AMX & Javelin parts for sale.... Parting out (3) Javelin & (6) AMX's , Also have alot of parts inside. ( motors, tranys, mounts, hoods, fenders, bumpers, trunk lids, quarter panels, grills, doors, radiator supports, tail panels, inner fender sections, cowl sections, roof sections, trunk lid hinge body sections, floor sections, trunk sections, emblems, windshields, rear glass, side glass, door glass, stainless, hardware, headlights, tail lights, side markers, many interior parts, panels, trim, steering wheels, dash parts, gages, wiring harness, wheels and alot more parts not listed. Located in the center of Pa., Pictures of parts are available. email me your numbered list of your needs and your wants. Will ship what I can ...( Bring your truck, bring your trailer, bring your cash ) ... Pick-up is free! 
Call or email JJ
phone 570-765-1366  JJ is located in Pennsylvania

amc-amx-javelin-parts-cars.JPG (193579 bytes)

Mike Gonzalez parting out 68-74 javelins & amx's e-mail for your needs to   Mike's PHONE 817-517-3858 
Mike is located here in Texas, a old school guy heavily into 68-74 AMXs & Javelins up near Fort Worth.


Brad Patterson

phone 386-228-7061 Brad has a array of Florida parts cars, AMXs, Javelins, Hornets, Gremlin series  3 1970 Javelins, 1970 AMX, 1976 Gremlin,  1977 Hornet AMX, 1972 Javelin, 1974 Javelin, two Eagles, various   Spirit & Concord parts along with Wagoneer/Cherokee/J10 parts from early '70s on up.

brad-patterson-amc-cars.JPG (8650521 bytes)


Todd David Birch phone 513-400-9605 Todd is in south west Ohio & is parting out following cars, he also transports vehicles.  76 Hornet Sportabout D/L V8 (Brown/Tan); 74 Hornet Sportabout (Copper); 64 American 440H Coupe (White); 64 American 440H coupe (Bronze) twin stick car.; 73 Hornet Hatchback (Blue); 76 Hornet Sportabout (Blue); 65 American 440 Convertible (White); 81 Eagle Wagon Manual trans (Aqua); 74 Hornet Sportabout V8 (Purple); 68 Javelin SST V8 (Green) X 2; 78 Concord/AMX V8 Hatchback (Black); 81 Eagle Kamback (Blue); 74 Hornet Sportabout V8 (Green Woody); 73 Hornet Hatchback (Blue); 69 Ambassador SDN SST(Green); 77 Hornet/AMX Hatchback V8 (White); 65 Rambler American 330 SDN (Black); 62 Rambler Classic Coupe; 65 Rambler Classic 770 Coupe (Yellow); 65 Rambler Classic 770 Convertible (Brown); 71 Javelin AMX Roller Shell (Gold); 84 Eagle wagon roller shell (Tan); Various Loose parts around the shop. Call or Facebook PM me.; 513-400-9605   I transport AMC cars and other makes and models. Ship parts cheaply too if on a route by you.

birch-todd-amc.JPG (1322975 bytes)


401 short block, forged steel crank, rods, $750 from 73 AMX has 7 rods & pistons SOLD & SHIPPED TO Wisconsin


360 complete intake to pan with AMC 727, flexplate, excluding driveshaft $400 (YOU PULL) sold $100

driveshaft w yoke $75 sold

upper dash pad $50

AMC 72-up Torqueflite 727 $250/sold


AMC 401 heads $100 pair sold


door glass $50 side tint
door with guts $100 per side
Rally Pack $250/sold
functional cowl induction hood $650/sold
heated rear glass w/controls $400/sold
rear spoiler, needs some work, $75 sold
windshield, $100/sold
AMX door panels with inserts $300/sold
dash lights, wipers, panel, washers switches $25 each/wiper sold, panel wheel type sold
seats, you pull them $50 each
driver side fender $100 has dent
passenger side fender (mint rustfree not one on car) $350
wiring harness $200
tilt column $500/sold
AC system (all items behind dash & weathereye; cables) $350 sold
wiper motor, crossarms, switch whole setup $125 sold
complete vinyl roof trim set $150
console less lid and ashtray $75/I kept it!
rally steering wheel $75 sold
rocker moldings with caps $125
wheel well moldings $65 each (if good)
passenger fender $250 (not the piece of shit shown, it is brick solid rustfree different) sold
rear bumper core $100 sold
rear bumper guards $50 sold 
upper dash pad $75 w ac cutouts/sold
390 bare block $500 (below)
rear valance $65
Kelsey hays complete disc brakes setup $250/sold
upper radiator support $100
lower radiator support $100


1968 Ambassador DPL

this car has been hauled to scrapyard

Hear the 290V8 run on You Tube   sorry, no one bought the damned  RUNNING 290V8 with automatic and it was hauled to scrapyard

hood $100/sold
stacked headlight fenders $75 per side
headlight fiberglass doors $40 per side/sold
doors with glass and regulators $50 each
grille $50/sold
front bumper core $50/sold
rear bumper core $100/scrapped
trunk lid $100
front split bench bucket seats $50/sold
rear bench seat set $75/threw in trash
rear glass $50

Please look thru my weekly ebay auctions  as I continue to dump items off this car onto ebay!

***WITH THE LARGER, HEAVIER BULKY ITEMS, I will gladly drop them off for you at a Pak & Ship, or UPS Store or FedEx Office where they box it up & ship to you. Or pick them up in Houston, or if you have a friend, family member in general area they can pick up, or if you know any truckers, I will deliver it to them out on I-10 as have in past!