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Vintage Rambler crank up data processor I had

Driving only AMC vehicles since 1976! That is right, no Ford, Mopar, Chevy out of control Toiletota, nothing but AMC products since getting driver's license. Why? As you will discover they are great cars. Some last longer than others but it's all good. My site is 95% *FREE* to the public. If while you visit, you find a production figure, find a vendor that has a rare or obsolete part, post a free classified ad, join one of the online AMC groups, find a AMC club, chapter or related group near you, something to help you when it seems not many AMC anything around.....then my job here is done. If you wish to buy something, fine, if not, hope you stop by my every evolving website often. This whole site is SELF TAUGHT.....I am AMC guy, not website guy. So still learning in process. I am humbled and honored to find out by my website host that my site gets 10,000+ hits A MONTH. So...thanks! 

I am a collector first, and many items are used for my own personal cars, which are more important than others vehicles....because....uh, they are my cars. I hope to add over 100 unpublished files I have in my site here that are either works in progress, unfinished, or still researching, as time goes on. 

No, I do not have a open house, and my home is not some AMC Auto Zone where one can stop in and crate off tons of stuff. If you are visiting or passing thru Houston, feel free to give me a call well in advance as I have little AMCers, a small AMC Nation....running around so schedule is usually tight.

My mailing address is:
Eddie Stakes
1902 Wycliffe
Houston, Texas. USA. 77043
or you can email me:

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As for my cars, I get a lot of nice comments about all the AMCs I have owned thru the years, so here is a short diary in pictures from different years!

As I type this, I have personally owned 367 AMCs (as of 2011) with over 100 two seat AMXs, the next highest total is the 1971-74 Javelin and AMX model. While I specialize in the 68-74 AMX and Javelin, I enjoy all model American Motors built vehicles and 
highly encourage you to discover some of them while they are still around for us to enjoy
Every day that passes there are less and less American Motors vehicles. So check out some of the non AMX and Javelin ones, you will be really surprised at how smooth some of them ride, the attention they get, the different options and roominess, the stately Ambassadors to the quick handling Spirit and everything in between, AMC built some damned fine cars so discover all of them you can! When you drive your classic AMC or AMCs like i do in Houston, Texas, you will get used to waves, thumbs up, cell phone photos and more from drivers who like stuff that is different or remember this great marque.


lf front: 68 AMX The Red Death; 290, 4spd; lf middle: 70 AMX 390, 4spd; rear 68 Rebel convertible, 343 AT; far rear 70 Mark Donohue Javelin, 360, AT; rt middle: 68 AMX 390 AT; rt frt 74 Javelin 258, AT. not in photo: 4 other AMCs.

 Spring 1993

 lf frt: 70 AMX, 360, 4spd; lf rear: 70 Big Bad Blue Javelin 360, AT; rear: 68 Rebel convertible 343, AT; rt rear: 74 AMX 401, 4spd; rt frt: 68 AMX The Red Death, 290, 4spd. 7 other AMCs were not  pictured here. Note combined horsepower shown here is over 1500hp!

Winter 1994

 lft frt 68 AMX The Death, now 390, 4spd; lft rear: 70 BBB Javelin 360; AT; rear: 74 Gremlin 258, AT; rt rear 74 Javelin 232 AT; rt frt 70 AMX 390 4spd. Not pictured 8 other AMCs.

Summer 1996

lft frt: 71 SC/360 Hornet, 360 4spd; lft center 72 AMX Special Order 360 AT; left rear: 74 Hornet Sportabout DL/GX wagon 258 AT; rt rear: 78 Pacer Custom Woodie Wagon 258 AT; rt center 78 Concord DL 258 AT; rt frt 68 Rebel convertible "Machine" 401 LAPD Interceptor AT; center: 77 Matador Barcelona 304, AT. Not pictured here were 9 other AMCs.

Yes, that is a part of my collection you see on the back of Classic Autos & Parts Magazine; Auto Round Up & a few other auto rags... you have probably seen this photo in a number of magazines, they do not show who the owner is however! 
Summer 1997

Frt left: 70 Mark Donahue Javelin, 360 4spd; mid lft: 74 Javelin, 258 AT; lft rear: 73 Javelin 304 AT; rt rear: 68 AMX Dragcar 390 AT; mid rt: 68 AMX The Red Death 390 4spd;  rt frt: 72 AMX Special Order 360 AT; center: 68 Rebel convertible "Machine" 401 LAPD Interceptor, AT. Not shown in photo is 70 Javelin Big Bad Blue, 74 Gremlin, 74 Bricklin (AMC 360 powered), 76 Pacer, 78 Concord, 79 AMX.

Fall 1999

 lft frt: 71 Hurst SC/360 Hornet, 360 4spd; lft rear: 70 Big Bad Orange Javelin 258, AT; rear 78 Pacer Custom Woodie Wagon 258 AT; rt rear 72 Javelin SST 304 AT; rt frt 72 AMX Special Order 360 AT; center: 68 Rebel convertible 'Machine' 401 LAPD Interceptor. Not shown: 4 other AMCs. *Note when this photo was taken I was selling off many of my cars as Paige and me were moving to a new house. The Red Death sold for $3000; the 77 Barcelona sold for $3400; the 70 BBO Javelin for $2200; the 78 Pacer for $650; the 72 AMX Special Order for $3500; the 68 AMX Dragcar for $3000; the 70 r/w/b Mark Donohue Javelin for $4500; the 70 Big Bad Blue Javelin for $1500; the 74 Gremlin $900; the 76 Pacer $1500; 78 Concord for $2000 and 79 AMX for $2100.

Winter 2002

 lft frt: 69 SC/Rambler "wagon"; lft middle: 72 Ambassador SST 360 AT; lft rear 71 Matador 304 AT; rt rear: 82 Eagle Limited Custom wagon; rt middle: 68 Rebel convertible "Machine" 401 LAPD Interceptor AT; rt frt: 71 Hurst SC/360 Hornet, 360 4spd. Not pictured: 68 Ambassador DPL 2dr, 343 AT; 69 Javelin 360, 4spd; 74 Gremlin dragcar, 304 AT; 74 Hornet Sportabout, 258 AT; 74 Bricklin 360 AT; 88 Eagle wagon. 

Winter 2005

A interesting photo of three Ram Air cars. At the time, these are cars NOT pictured here:
68 Javelin SST, 68 AMX parts car, 74 Bricklin, 74 Hornet Sportabout wagon, 82 Eagle, 88 Eagle. The three pictured on a low humidity winter day are a 68 Rebel convertible "Machine", 69 SC/Rambler "wagon", 71 Hurst SC/360 Hornet.

 Summer 2008

Spring 2009
Not all shown.

Spring  2010
A flock of Eagles, 14 AMCs not shown.

Winter 2012
This was cleaning day in the driveway, so had some of the collection out on side of house,
there are 6-7 not shown though.

Lets go to the show! Paige Stakes in 68 Rebel convertible Machine at AMC SW regional.