Our Old House & The View From It

I mentioned the 'old hood' where I grew up, I-37 was our front yard, corner of Doss & Antelope. Close to Port & Leopard. A few years ago I went back, several of old trees still there, two houses long gone, the corner of property where we buried or pets that got hit by cars on Antelope (and people used to dump dogs and cats off at our place middle of night knowing my mom would care for them) but the 'pet cemetary' is corner of yard, in short video, I find a Hot Wheels car in dirt from 1960s, you can see the daily grind view of freeway, Driscoll, 600 Building & Wilson Tower over hill, the large 12 foot fences from long gone Coca Cola company still there. We had chance to sell our property for $28,000 to Coca Cola Bottling Plant in early 70s, should have taken it, would have been ticket out of this area. The sign that stretches across I-37 on hill, I scaled that and walked ACROSS traffic zipping underneath me, when I got back across street, momma had seen me and took the Hot Wheels track to my ass leaving racing stripes, so got a whippin (she called it shelealeigh) for doing something stupid This is a short video of our old property in Corpus christi, corner of Doss & Antelope st. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8got9HnXqUI&t=2s

Photo #1 me standing with as usual, I-37 our front yard in background, the huge over the freeway sign pols barely visible, used to crawl over this to other side. Photo #2. Dismal industrial view from our front yard facing downtown. Photo #3 same view of downtown except the huge green Agnes Street sign still up, not sure when it was removed. The car is a 68 AMX, behind it, all those cars were for Coca Cola employees next to us, some parked on Antelope, but this parking lot could easily fit 50+ cars for workers who would walk past our shit hole house, sometimes I was sleeping on porch in sheets as was nice breeze!

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