Alridge Christmas House Doddridge & Alameda

The Aldrich home just east of Alameda & Doddridge was always a staple for our family at Christmas. I don't remember mister Aldrich (sic?) name, Bill (?) but he spent a LOT of time making his house special for the season.

My late Dad, Homer T Stakes was a friend of his and he taught my dad how to repair old television sets to resell. So my dad was not only working at a AMC dealership, but 'on the side' fixing broken down Zeniths, Motorolas and RCA tellys & also fixing up old bikes to rent and sell to sailors at our old home at 2009 Antelope. But we didn't have money to do Christmas lights outside...and on occasion, DID have a Christmas tree with little lights inside!

When we went to mister Aldridge house when it was decked out, we always felt special as he would invite us into the garage like royalty! Wow! As kids, brother Tommy & me eyes light up, as unfinished wooden people, saints, animals, still needing paint, also strands of fat Christmas lights, and just array of his super handiwork as many things he hand built!

The lines could sometimes, ok, DID stretch back to Alameda in front of his house, as many times people didn't get out of their cars, but those who did were finding out what a magical display he had with different types of music, flashing lights, Santa shared same yard with baby Jesus & Joseph & Virgin Mary and Mitch Miller. Mitch Miller, he sort of freaked me out as a kid but I loved his show, his hands always moving up and down conduction band and yes, you could find Mitch Miller in the display along with band music! Mitch still looked like to old dead soviet guy Lenin though.

All of it was MY favorites but two things I vividly remember were the side of house facing Doddridge had white light words constantly scrolling along side of home with MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR and I could never figure out where they came from. As I got older about 11 years old, I found out it was a light stuck in tree! Aw....sure did like the mystery more....

The other thing was big off orange MODEL MARKET sign at the corner of Alameda & Doddridge. This was a food store like HEB, really clean, nice people but we didn't shop there often.

Imagine what mister Aldridge could accomplish with the LED lights, computer run programs and new stuff now! Wow, my guess is he would still hand cut camels, trees, angels and more for his glorious display. If any of his relatives still out there, God Bless you & thanks for the wonderful inspiring memories from a time long ago with your talents.!

Photo #1, that is me not even a year old enjoying the Alridge Christmas House! Brother Tommy keeps watchful eye on me. Photo #2 as time went on, more and more things added. Photo #3 there is something special about having Mitch Miller sing Baby Jesus Christmas carols.

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