All American Motors Dealership Water Street & Interstate 37

All American Motors, Corpus Christi, Texas on Water Street 1 block north of I-37 on bayfront. The large area from door behind my 72 AMX so side of building used to be huge plate glass windows. Inside on showroom floor was big marble "H" as place used to be Hudson dealer many years ago. Around perimeter, and round thing on roof was neons, quite striking and attention getting to anyone fixing to get on I-37, partially seen in background above stray dog. My dad worked here many years. My dad, Homer T Stakes Sr, long gone, the small stray dog gone, and the building sadly also gone. My Special Order 72 AMX parked in front is now in Chicago. All American Motors was home for short time (maybe a week) of the 12 Hurst Star Spangled SC/Ramblers with big 3 inch stars on the blue roof and trunk sections. Then this place kept one, rest dispersed to South Texas valley and northern Mexico AM Dealers.

A sort of art deco building that if any of you ever saw it with the plate glass windows, lit up showroom with sparking new Ramblers & American Motors cars, flags slowly waving in the breeze above the used car area to the left of building, was rather inviting. A number of the new AMC cars Cathedral priests used as 'dealer demonstrators' like Ambassador, Rebel & Matador, came from this location, the dealer had some sort of agreement with Cathedral (which is just out of view upper left) that priests could use the new car for week, but Sunday they had to park it outside front of Cathedral so when Masses over, people would see it front & center, new window sticker with price, and gaggle of salesmen's business cards under windshield wipers. Needless to say what people saw on Sunday, many times translated to foot traffic at the Dealership Monday-Friday.

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