The Angel of Antelope Street, Momma Sarah Stakes

ANGEL of Antelope Street: I didn't see the black cat in road next to curb on Brittmoore the night of October 21st, 2018. My son in passenger seat said 'poppa, that looked like a cat!' but I drove on, going up to Hammerly to mail letters about 9:00pm at night. I told him when we go back will check.

So circled back around & then U-Turned on Brittmoore a little past where he thought he saw a animal. I waited until no traffic behind us, then drove slowly up to something, could be anything, next to curb. Brittmoore has a bike lane here, but always full of road debris, glass, nails, pieces of cars, cans and what not, no one in right mind would ride bike in bike lane, besides, people seem to AIM for you if on a bicycle in Houston with their cars.

So we pulled off Brittmoore onto little side street and walked back to look.

Sure enough, was a black cat. Noah said 'poppa it is alive!' as its soulful piercing green eyes caught light of passing cars. Not 40mph cars, 50mph+ passing cars. I told him 'it looks stunned, leave it alone' as neither of us had flashlight or cell phones with flashlight. Not sure who invented cell phones with flashlight in them but would like to buy them a beer. I told Noah we will go back to house and I'll get my flathead shovel to scoop him out of road and onto grass at Man Industries there, lots of grass, trees, just to get him out of road, and Noah would grab some flashlights. We went back over, quickly parked, and walked over. I told Noah not to get near him as many times animals in distress will launch at you, thinking you are cause of their pain. And this black cat, maybe 4-6 pounds, just was starting at me as I walked around him/her. There appeared to be some poo, maybe blood near the cat, could not tell, but seeing it move head was a good thing.

Again, waited for cars to pass, the cars not more than 3-4 feet from the cat, each car pass the cat's hair would move, and of course us standing on sidewalk, grimaced, thinking one drunk would hit the cat. I am guessing cat got hit, was stunned and ended up there. I don't know. I sure as hell didn't hit it and if Noah had not went with me to mail letters, would never have seen God's critter there either.

Soon no traffic all the way down to I-10, wow, that NEVER happens, Noah has both cell phone flashlights, damn those are bright, even caught myself staring at them like a flounder looking up at lights on Oso Pier. I started to put shovel under cat, trying to be mindful it might have most of intestines outside of body. The cat jumped up, now its eyes wide open, and scampered maybe 5 feet onto grass. Didn't see THAT coming! Here was a cat, just second earlier was lethargic, looked like on death's doorstep. Noah even jumped. So I got out of street, STILL no traffic on Sunday night on Brittmoore looking south towards I-10. hmmm...

I walked towards the cat, now staring more intently at me, but in grass, and I poked at it, not on it, but in front of it with shovel and said SHOO! The cat, ran under Man Industries fence, turned around, stared again as if you thank me and Noah from certain death perhaps. I smacked fence with shovel and off it went near building under a parked car. Success although not sure how injured or sick it was. I had told Noah that if I could just scrape the cat onto grass, would call next morning Houston Animal Rescue on Hammerly

1/2 mile away, they have gotten lots of God's critters from me thru years baby squirrels, baby possums, doves and such. This black cat was definitely protected by a angel. Ah yes, a angel. Of course, I get it now.

Angel. If you believe, you get it, if don't believe, you never will. In the 1960s and after Celia in 1970s, we were dirt sh*t poor in Corpus Christi, lived next to Interstate 37 our 'front yard' and my mom loved animals.

People thru years used to drop off dogs, cats, in front of our old house on

2009 Antelope knowing she would 'take care of them'. Momma would go without her diabetes medicine and heart medicine to buy dog & cat food. At several times, she had cages to put all the cats in. And we ended up with over dozen dogs several times, chained to trees in yard as no place to put them. A few times we would take strays she had nursed back to health, dogs, out to Corpus Christi Academy and drop off in middle of night, knowing the priests would take car of them. Really awkward would be when I was going to school there in 7th grade, would see the dog happily wandering campus or getting fed ha ha, dog look at me like 'heeyyyyy...I know youuuuuu'.

So a angel was watching over this black cat on fast traffic, dark, lonely street October 21st. The angel would have HAD to have been my mom as I drove Noah back home, giving him a few high fives about what has just transpired with us. You see...this was hours before momma's birthday, October 22nd. And today, October 22nd, 2018, if she would still be with us, she would have been 92 years old. Probably still spending money she didn't have or was supposed to be for medicine, on cat food at Krogers. But momma passed away in 1988. That was 30 years ago. And as we exited the car back at house, I told Noah that connection of a Guardian Angel that I thought had just witnessed. He just smiled. I hope I see that cat one day again, will be looking for it every time I go down Brittmoore, hope it recovered from whatever ails it.

And no, you don't have to be spiritual to believe in Angels. Or even overtly religious. But they do exist. I crossed paths with one on a dark street October 21st, 2018. And it was my momma, as usual, looking out for God's little critters! Happy Birthday momma, Sarah DeAlcala Stakes, October 22nd, 1926.

PHOTOS: Photo #1 Mom giving me some street wisdom while I am in my 68 AMC AMX. Not sure what she was yakking about, but it had my attention.

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Photo #2. With the Hill of Death in background, Antelope Street at Doss was a real killing fields. Cats love crickets and Corpus Christi filled with them, & cats, cars & crickets don't mix. Shown are my dad Homer T. Stakes, me & The Angel of Antelope Street in 1980s.

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Photo #3. Also on Antelope Street, giving momma a hug before I head back to Houston where I had moved. Not shown farther back were some cages, not as many as earlier though thank God, filled with cats. Some of the rehabilitated cats let go in neighborhood to wander around, others taken out to Corpus Christi Academy.

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Photo #4. Not sure what was thinking if thinking at all, can't think with traffic whizzing 50-60mph next to head. Angel. Hmmm

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