Atlantic Thrift Store

Atlantic Thrift Store used to be on Staples at Everhart, partly on Gollihar(?) or the street that turns off Staples towards King High School.  Some of you will recognize the art deco overhangs. When it first opened there was a grocery store to right called Savers or something like that, neat with fruits, vegatables as soon as walk in. I was about 7 years old, and knew everything there is about fancy opening doors as the NW corner of Port at Leopard had one, it had a mat you step on and door swung open for you. This grocery store had different type, it slid sideways when step on mat. I could not figure it out and tried sticking my hand between the two glasses. Momma & brother Tommy were already in store a few feet ahead of me.

When I stepped on the mat, it pulled my arm in between the two glasses and I was STUCK, and started crying and screaming. Not screaming like Beyonce now, but just screaming. Cashiers, baggers ran towards me, one guy lifted door off track and another guy pulled me out. I was fine just scared. Never did that again either. I also didn't pee on myself. My dad saw whole thing but never left the car!

At the Atlantic Thrift store next door it is similiar to what you see in a Kohls or Ross store now, a lot of new things for sale, but very reasonable priced. As soon as you walked in, about 20 gumball machines with all sorts of goodies like Superballs (those were the rage then), Finkys, decals, ect.  Off to the right was a small grille, similiar to Woolco. They had burgers, fries, all sorts of things, but only thing I could ever afford was toast.

Yup, would badger my mom for 15 cents for order of toast, sit at the small diner like counter like I owned it, opened 4-5 packs of strawberry jellys and ate my toast. To me at least, I was big guy!

At the back of store in toy section, the toy area was quite large and there were two rows of 'clearance' and 'marked down' things, that were damaged, missing something, opened, so had red sticker on them. G I Joes missing shoe 30 cents, wow! So could find some super bargains, as we didn't have much money to spend on toys. Between you, me, fencepost I will admit I DID change a few labels (statute has run out except Officer Mudd might still look for me!) from a good toy of say $4, to now 70 cent label. So got new toy for discount price. Might be why they went out of business. Was nice store though & we sort of went back and forth from here to Woolco 2 blocks away to try to make dollar stretch. I wished there was a photo of whole store, not sure what it is now or if buildng will be torn down as Corpus prone to do, even with neat architecture front like this. But the memories from decades ago remain

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