Belltower Church Across From Cole Park & Cindy Stakes 1977

On Ocean Drive in Corpus Christi, there is a large church just north of Hewit Drive. The church at one time had a beautiful bell tower with many, many bells. When they installed it, I said "man the Corpus Christi salt air gonna eat that booger up!" and not sure how long it lasted, but was not there when we visited Corpus in 2016.

But right across from that church is a small park, it might have own name or be a far south extension of Cole Park. These photos were taken in 1977, that is my ex wife Cindy Stakes, and friend Yuma Cavasos, and me in the "beach shirt" . To me, this is the most beautiful view of the Corpus Christi skyline!

I have never understood if city owns this, and yes, lots of cement slabs dumped there, but why they have never developed it to say, three long fishing piers perhaps. At the time, you could wade out 100 yards and still only be waist deep, but lots of redfish, speckled trout, menhaden, catfish and gafftop not that anyone wants gafftop and catfish!

Three longer than Cole Park piers would be awesome, lots of tourists taking photos of iconic skyline and many locals fishing. Cindy is shown walking down rickety stairs that was there in 1977, probably long gone, I was not wearing shoes in photos, seldom wear them now except to important events like church, weddings, parole hearings, and restaurants if they require them unlike Snoopys.

Wished the photos were better, as the skyline really pops from this location! Am guessing like meddling teens, we were all just goofing off that day. A little further north is a bike trail, but has a awesome dip (near Louisiana Parkway) that points towards Cole Pak pier, on this long shalom of bike trail, we used to ride our skateboards down it on OUR BACKS, many you could pick up some great speed. And some awesome wipeouts, bodies flying thru air, that gave Japanese tourists something to take photos of in land before youtube. And none of us ever broke anything, lots of road rash though.

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Photo #1. Cindy & me being goofy. We had been dating maybe year at W. B. Ray. Photo #2. The Beautiful bell tower in front of church. It is my understanding that it was removed to be restored! So look for it again & on special nights you too can sit acruff this far south piece of Cole Park and listen to it chime away. Photo #3. Cindy lost in thoughts with beautiful skyline in background. Photo #4 With a Benjamin shirt and no shoes, walking on slabs filled with sea roaches. That is romantic. Hey it was 1977. Photo #5. Cindy screaming up at me for some reason, but this was the rickety old stairs to get to bottom, farther down NEW stairs when I visited Corpus in 2018, but those stairs near Widowmaker Hill. And Colr Park Pier had just shut down, as 'dangerous'. Photo #6. Yuma Cazasos of the Cavasos Clan hung out with us a lot, actually we had a good array of friends back then.

If any of you have ever been in love before, especially with a high school sweetheart ya'll understand.