Burger Chef! SPID South Padre Islkand Drive & Weber

Burger Chefs popped up all over Corpus Christi I believe in 1970s, maybe before. Really good food. And a little competition for Whataburger. Burger Chef & Jeff! Many of you recall. There was one near Ray High School where I was sometimes going to school in 1977, on Staples at Louisiana Parkway. I walked in and the manager wanted to hire me on spot as I had already worked a few restaurants like Ship Ahoy, Mai Tai, Pizza Hut and Charboy to name a few.

The only reason I declined was it was close to Ray & needless to say if any of you have teens working place like this, they have friends and friends want free stuff. "Hook me up bro!!"

However I DID have manager put in a good word for me at the location that was at South Padre Island Drive and Weber and got full schedule. "Full" schedule. Ok, in the 1970s there was some Texas law mandating that if you were a student, you could not work after midnight. Well, or would not get PAID after midnight. But a number of us would close place at 11pm, and if not finished stocking, cleaning those damned chain like grilles, mopping, we worked for FREE after 12. Hats off & a prayer or two for some of my teachers at Ray who knew my tough schedule, get up at 6:30, clean up outside (we didn't have indoor plumbing, phone or electricity at this time) and get to school, get out about 3pm, be at Burger Chef 4-5pm and work until midnight to support my family.

The principal at this time ws a wonderful older man W. E. Hall, then Dr. Norman. Some of my teachers let me sleep in class, nothing worse than waking up in pile of drool and not recognizing others around you as period had changed! So thanks to Miss Haynes, Miss Whitworth, the old man who taught English..thanks and God bless all of them. At Burger King they had a sort of Happy Meal before word Happy Meal. You get kiddie meal and had a cookie or toy. One of the other workers, David & me used to close up the place for night, clean, and go inside the walk in (big freezer with meats, cheese and so forth) and smoke weed. And now we didn't care if we were not getting paid to clean. And those Fudge cookies we could wipe out whole box of them with munchies, might be why I just got diagnosed with being diabetic 40 years later.

I am pretty sure many of you enjoyed Burger Chef as much as I did, not the weed/cookies thing, but eating there. The one being near Carroll High School a block away, didn't have to put up with buddies wanting free stuff as didn't know many Carroll people except Beckie Cross. I do not know when Burger Chefs all shut down, was a neat concept, bright, airy, friendly place with great commercials and good food!

Some yummy photos of Burger Chef in the day, lit up like Christmas Tree at night, the one on SPID & Weber I worked at in 1970s whalloped by Celia in Aug 3rd, 1970 & Burger Chef menu to droll over. You can find Burger Chef & Jeff commercials all over youtube! Super Chef, would kill for one of those.

How many of you remember the 'dressings bar' back then, similiar to what Fuddruckers has now!

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Photo #1, Burger Chef in the day, Photo #2, Burger Chef at night, 15 cent burgers woo hoo; Photo #3, self explanatory, my Burger Chef torn up by Hurrican Celia; Photo #4, hungry now? Photo #5 BEST fish sandwiches in Corpus Christi!