CHICK INN restaurant.

Quietly sitting in the shadow of the Harbor Bridge, and directly across from the Corpus Christi Museum with the moon rock sat the Chick Inn in 1960s, and most of 1970s. Pink building with wonderful view of passing ships. I only got to eat there two times before sadly it closed.

Was famous for a variety of things like fried chicken. My mom & dad probably more familiar with it as was less than mile from old house at 2009 Antelope.

I heard they had great breakfast, but a lot of places no longer downtown like Woolworths, Walgreens, Grants, that had breakfast gone.

The big water tower behind it on other side of bridge was gray at one time, then blue and huge WELCOME TO PORT OF CORPUS CHRISTI.

When we would driver over the harbor bridge we would look out at it, lit up and were taller than it in 1960s. Dad used to come over bridge, put Rambler wagon in neutral, and coast down to see how far it would go. Of course windows all open, great fun, always turn right onto I-37, was like a big Hot Wheels track rolling along until he popped the cluthc and off we went.

Wish I could tell you more about this place, which has long since faded in time. I will make a guess here that one day, when all said and done, harbor bridge gone, this area might evolve into something and maybe a number of restaurants, bars, will spring up and revive this forgotten & neglected area.

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