Downtown Corpus Christi & THE FORBIDDEN ZONE

These photos of downtown Corpus Christi taken from "The Forbidden Zone!" Why that name? Because as kids, my late bother Tommy & me, who both went to Cathedral just up the hill, were told NOT to go past this east/west street

(Schatzell?) As while Kresses was 2 blocks down, there were also bars, and several XXX places for sailors! On the right would be Zales in few years. I rememeber Lester's Watches on left simply because of clock, and inside window was glass cases showing off all sorts of jewelry during day, at night they put it away. Centre Theater on left, how many of you were Safety Patrol at your school & at end of year, everyone met there for free movie? Wow! I'm sure the crew at Centre said #&@% but the kids had blast and tons of popcorn, cotton candy, candy, sodas sold...I remember Bakers Shoes but never went in there. Lichensteins as kids we could go into, they had fun escalator and elevators we could pretend to be rich and ride on, never got tossed out.

On 3rd floor they had a nice cafe, and where ladies also get manicures and big Marge Simpson beehive hair done. Look closely and Fedways in far rear left. Ironic is that my dad worked at All american Motors later whihc was at corner of I-37 @ Water, so in theory, we should have been able to walk past the XXX places and bars,but instead, walked along upper Broadway, north, then past the bad places (ha ha!) to come out near Al's Newsstand on corner, which no coincidence..had all the latest comic books on Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Archie.....

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