Foxys & Wolfies Strip Clubs South Padre Island Drive & Ayers

Foxys & Wolfies dueling strip clubs! I worked at both Foxy's and Wolfie's which was directly across from each other on South Padre Island drive. How many of you can say that? Or admit it? The difference was Wolfie's girls had most of teeth, Foxy's many of our girls looked like front three rows at Willie Nelson concert. I covered up Gina's butt here in case kids looking.

Or someone's mom. Gina would be about 70 now, eeewwww... might still be dancing "to make money for college". If you ever google "foxys corpus christi" or "wolfies corpus christi" a LOT of photos off my website come up of places I have worked. Reason I went to work at Foxy's was Daddy Frank, legendary nice guy Frank Cevera Sr, promised me more shifts. But money was about same, just Wolfy's less shifts, same money. Would bail for new rock club Rock Alive later, a new Rock & Roll club that was opening across from King High School is on Staples, also was Electric Eel. Foxy's was smaller also. And I had a big following of ladies from other bars I had worked at, but they didn't want to go to strip club, much less one where they might be asked to get on stage! And these ladies (every bartender has what is called a following) no tattoos, and all teeth. so Dumas owned Wolfies, Frank owned Foxys.

The huge stripper wooden sign that was 15-18 feet tall in front of Wolfies cause quite a issue for Corpus Christi. Repeatedly "the powers that be" city council, church ladies, priests, ministers, you name it, they tried to have it taken down. Seems that having a huge 1/2 naked stripper towering over South Padre Island Drive was NOT the message the Sparking City By The Sea wanted. Neither was Shoppers World a few blocks down either but it was what it was. And it became a real dilemma for old CC. But LOTS of tourists posed beneath her. Whole messes of spring breakers and both strip clubs were packed. NO!!! My old girlfriend Debbie shown in front of The Landing with me was NOT used for the model of the sign.

Was a fun place to work, seems all the strippers are named Amber, or Sunshine though. Both Foxy's and Wolfie's were just south of Ayers on SPID, this was around 1981. I do not have any outside photos of either place, but took a number of them while there, just don't know where at.

That is me behind bar in Foxy's. Both places Bandido owned back then, not sure Franks involvement with them, but the Bandidos' never gave anyone any problems that I knew of back then, or at least I never saw it. Foxy's was allegedly "hit by lightning" and burned to ground one night mysteriously.

One night while working, one of my girls (strippers) had dead battery, so I went out to jump her (please get your mind out of gutter) and my 72 Javelin door blew shut with wind, so am locked out of car with it running! Since my parents didn't have phone off Antelope street (I was living in The Landing

then) the girl, Brat aka Janet, gave me a ride on crosstown to get my dad, who I convinced to follow us back, mom in tow. What happened next was about as funny as it gets. Momma was staunch Catholic. Dad ex sailor. When they got to Foxy's car still running, locked, dad opened the Javelin with HIS key, and out of her car came Brat, damned near naked, well, pasties and not much of G string. Then 4 other girls came out of Foxy's "to meet my parents"

ha ha...momma was turning numerous colors of red embarrassed probably even turned plaid like a old Cathedral uniform! My dad was smiling so big I thought his false teeth were going to pop out of head, several of the girls hugging him 'oh Homer I have heard so much about you from Eddie!' ha ha even to this day I still laugh my arse off about that. Momma, well I heard from her later that Satan was watching me there. I told her 'as long as he tips well, who cares!'.

I do not ever know what became of the big 15-18 foot wooden stripper sign but word has it that it was found behinds someone's house and was going to be restored down there. Why? Maybe guy lonely. Behind the stripper is Whataburger facing Ayers...right next door to Wolfies was Delta Tire where a old friend Skip was GM & hooked me up with a number of big tires for my classic AMC cars in late 70s/early 80s. Photo #1 shows the big stripper in front of Wolfie's. Photo #2 shows me behind bar at Foxy's. Photo #3 shows ex girlfriend Debbie Thomas who many thought was the model for the billboard.

Photo #4 shows Gina on stage at Foxy's & a business card I still have. Ya'll be sure to tip your bartenders & waiters & waitresses generously thank you.

Photo #5. FEW people know that Wolfie's "Legs" girl started out as a brunette, as this rare photo shows. I like her better as blonde, would have liked to see her as redhead.

Photo #6. Where is Legs now? Why in a Corpus Christi garage. Still around, would love to see her restored to original beauty.

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