The Galvan Building

The Galvan building. They used to do a live show from there on Sunday mornings, my grandmother Maria Alcala, was hooked on crack to that show. I only went inside one time in my life and it was to read the darned CPL meter. So never go to experience the dancing, musica, and other stuff there. One of the bands I remember playing on television was Snoball & Company, might have spelled it wrong, but my grandmother called him 'el gaviota' which I think is the seagull. Either that or I just offended a bunch of people with my lackluster spanish. Next to Galvan on other side of crosstown expressway was a series of small cantinas, and there were also some to the east of Galvan towards Brownlee street. Legendary Domingo Pena show was here and there was a music store next door also that all the high school kids who into music seemed to shop at!

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