Harbor Bridge Gets Hit By Ship

These two photos I don't have much to say about. I can tell you however the ship hit the bottom of the Harbor Bridge in I think 1983, possibly 84. didn't do much damage, just tore up some of the stuff on ship at top. I told my girlfriend at time that "this ship ain't goint to make it" as had seen many a ship go under the bridge before as grew up about 1.5 miles from bridge.

Well there was a loud scraping and crunching but we never saw anything. I told my late girlfriend Tammy to flash the sailors on the ship as she was a solid 38DD. And they were waving madly at all the people watching, probably her especially. She didn't flash them darn it.

The ship never slowed down, sort of like you see a car in traffic sideswipe a parked car and just keep going. I never heard anything on KZTV (I sometimes watched KRIS & KIII) back at hotel room which was the now since gone Bedbug Motel that used to be at corner of I-37 where it meets Shoreline there. You know the place that filled in their pools with cement! But was $29 a night. Could not beat the price unless you caught something to take home with you to Houston. I do not know what registry the ship flag is, possibly Sweden

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