Corpus Christi's Most Haunted Places

Corpus Christi's MOST HAUNTED places? Hands down would probably be the USS Lexington, but (to me) right up there with it would be the Center Building, next to the old Center Theater downtown. The tall, lumbering building was vacant for many, MANY years. In 1976, us teens used to go to the parking garage behind the Center Theater, and on top level, simply jump to the roof of the building, walk over to any broken out window of the Center Building and crawl in. In this old building, you would hear normal creaks, and odd noises. You learned very quickly to stay away from the elevator shafts. Rumors had it that two boys had fallen down them in 1950s & died. All the old Otis elevator were somewhere, but the eerie part was on every floor, the elevator doors were open. There was no power to this building, and damned near all glass broken out, including by us teens.

If you DID venture to the elevator shaft, you look down and even most powerful flashlight would not reveal a bottom! Seriously....all the dozens of times I went in here illegally, I never did see bottom! Of course we entered the building on 2nd floor (from behind) and walked up stairs to almost top. Many times we took boxes or small cages to catch pigeons to take home & release. For some odd reason I thought if I released them at my old house at 2009 Antelope (corner of Doss) they would stay there. Nah, even with seeds and bread crumbs they flew away. Sometimes on dares we would spit or pee out on walking pedestrians way down below, ha ha, hey it was 1970s, sorry if I ruined your Litchenstein's expensive hairdo or Wilson Tower suit!

Sometimes I went into this building by myself. There are all sorts of paranormal activites here, shadow figures were the most scary. You also would encounter people stealing the pipes out of building, also homeless and winos. Corpus Christi is a windy city and when you are up 9, 10 or more floors of a building with no glass, the wind would whistle thru it is a sad reminder of the grandness of what this place might have once been. It was when the wind was not blowing that one would hear and see things. But to see a 'black mass' of something in corner or near roof would scare the heebee jeebies out of you.

I personally do not know history of the Center Building, but the feeling of sadness were on several floors. Other floors just normal, no sounds, no shadows, nothing, but the upper floors a number of us encountered 'things' of which of course in 1970s we didn't have EVP detectors, spirit boxes, FLIR cameras and all the fance ghost hunting things of today. Wished we had though as I do know a woman was killed at Center Theater next door (I believe husband killed her) and it is said her spirit still stalks that theater.

The Center Building (might go by another name now in 2018) looked to have been restored to its former glory last time we visited Corpus Christi, a GOOD thing as would love to see downtown CC brought back to life now that malls have pretty much dried up.

Besides the Center Building & Lady Lexington (where we did take our paranormal equipment & caught a lot of activity near Mail Room) high on my list would be the old County Jail next to freeway (shown in foreground in photo #3) before it shoots up Harbor Bridge and of course City Jail at corner of Brownlee & I-37. I can assure you a number of people died in both places. And maybe their spirits still waiting for bail.

Any other places? Lester Rolloff's old girls school way out Saratoga (?) perhaps, the Cathedral basement where I believe a number of monsignors and cardinals are buried, (photo #4) W. B. Ray gym where Ernie Stettner fell in front of us to his death at pep rally (it is said he still is in the gym poor guy) there is a list online of 'Corpus Christi's Most Haunted' here maybe some of you have experiences and places wish to add?

Photo #1, the Center Building looming over Center Theater, Photo #2 different angle later date from near Woolworths. Photo #3, County Courthouse in foreground. Ironically the harbor bridge in background almost finished in 1958. Not harbor bridge fixing to be torn down, NEW harbor bridge going up almost ONE BILLION dollars to build it. And the old raggedy ass courthouse which has been neglected and abandoned before I left Corpus in 1983...just got $38 million dollar historic grant to refurbish it. Photo #4 my school on the bluff, Corp Christi Cathedral, there is priests, cardinals and monsignors buried deep in it. Not to mention the dozen or so who died who fell to death building it. Photo #5 shows back angle of Center Building just past white parking garage.

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