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My Hometown:
Corpus Christi Stories Of My Youth & Memories

"The Corpus Christi Years 1959 thru 1983"

Born in Corpus Christi, March 26th, 1959 (hatched my dad said) at Spohn Hospital Ayres & Ocean Drive. Lived in sh*thole ghetto north side sandwiched between I-37 and Leopard street near Port & Leopard. Went to Corpus Christi Cathedral, CC Academy, Incarnate Word, St Josephs, Miller, Ray, Del Mar.  A lot of these stories deal with this time. We mentioned in my OTHER Corpus Christi file about Leopard & surrounding area, we had nice little house 2009 Antelope until hurricane Celia took it out Aug 3rd, 1970. Then moved next door to grandma Maria D Alacala's house. Then to 642 Naples for a few years, then back to shit hole 723 Doss, no electricity, no hot water, no air condition, no indoor plumbing, phone, real stone age, as was POOR. But for the most part, we were HAPPY. Anyways, that being said, for those of you who have known me all my life, or part of it, know how rough it was for my family mired in poverty, even crap hole area The Cut, now GONE (you can thank city council for running all those black folks off) but even the Cut made our place look like Hewit Drive!

I hope all of ya'll who stop in, and my site gets staggering amount of hits a month, enjoy the stories compiled.

Why do I do it? My only brother Tommy died in 2016 at age 60, so no one left to tell these stories except me. Feel free to email me if you wish, please note volume of email is heavy though due to my business. Or call days 713-464-8825. Most of all, thanks for readin!


Homer T. Stakes: Veteran

Shotgun House 2009 Antelope

The North Wind (Northers)

Relampago: Corpus Christi Super Hero

Return of Relampago?

Our Old House & View From It 723 Doss

Aldridge Christmas Display House

Foxys & Wolfies Strip Clubs SPID

Corpus Christi's Most Haunted Places

La Quinta Royale Downtown

Some Great Padre Island Beach Songs w Photos

Corpus Christi Grain Elevator Explosion

Downtown Corpus Christi's Forbidden Zone

Padre Island Late 70s/Early 80s

The W. B. Ray Years 1975-1977

W. B. Ray Drill Team Texanns

Harbor Bridge: Goodbye Old Friend Parts #1 & #2

Harbor Bridge Gets Hit By Ship

Selena & Tommy Stakes Connection

Shakey's Pizza Parlor On Everhart

All American Motors (AMC) Dealership Water Street

White Rabbit Disco

Galvan Music Center Agnes Street

Woolsworth Downtown

Kmart, El Cue & Warehouse Groceries SPID

Woolco Parkdale Plaza

Parkdale Plaza Parts #1 & #2

Ritz Theater

KEYS Radio 1440 AM

600 Building & La Retama Library

Whataburger Weber & SPID brother Tommy

Ship Ahoy Downtown

Hurricane Celia August 3rd, 1970

Sarah Stakes Girl Scouts NAVY Day Parade Downtown

The"Cut" & Washington Coles Neighborhood Destruction

Oso Pier Ocean Drive & Ennis Joslin Road

Corpus Christi Cathedral Revisited

Mirador Bathrooms on Seawall

Ayers Bowling Alley

Cruising Ayers Friday & Saturday Nights

Angel Of Antelope Street: Sarah Stakes

Free Beer!

Six Points & Surrounding Area

Corpus Christi Public Bus Service 1960s/70s

Nuke Corpus Christi! Cuban Missle Crisis

Missing Corpus Christi Military Landmarks

Sheraton Marina Hotel & Lynyrd Skynyrd

Big Tree After Hurricane Harvey

Under Harbor Bridge Summer 2018

Hamlin Pharmacy

Sand & Sea Motel Shoreline & I-37

Walgreens Downtown Chaparral Street

Maverick Markets & Jitney Juniors

Cathedral Cub Scouts & Oscar Soliz

Upper Broadway Post Office & Stealing From Blind Man

All Female Rock Band Vixen At Rock Alive!

Rock Alive! Staples Near King High School

Holiday Inn Emerald Beach

Corpus Christi Telephone Booths

Midnight Mass & The Cathedral

Best Christmas Window Displays

The Cotton Tractors of Port Avenue

C101FM Hannah Storm & Rock Alive Gig

Seaside Memorial Park Cemetery

Drive Inn Movie Theaters

Lichtenstein's Department Store Downtown

Burger Chef (Weber & SPID)

KZTV Channel 10 Upper Broadway Wilson Tower

Bayfest! (late 1970s/early 80s)

Belltower Church Across Cole Park Cindy Stakes 77

Navigation Lift Bridge (Tule Lake)

Rocky Horror Picture Show Weber & Staples The Movies!

Atlantic Thrift Store

Tourist In My Hometown Stories 2019 Visit

Padre Island #0

Leopard Street Bridge #1

North Beach #2

The Steppes Seawall #3

Port A Ferry #4

The Astor Restaurant #5

Panjos Pizza #6

Louisiana Parkway #7

Corpus Christi Academy #8

City Bakery #9

Chicken Coop #10

Whataburger Field #11

Oak Park #12

Lift Bridge Olympia Restaurant #13

Bibeaus Restaurant #14

The Lost $10,000

Legendary Doctor Barnard

Vicks Burgers

Vicks Closes Old Location

National Twin Grand Opening Chill Wills

Floyds Restaurant Staples & Gollihar

Montalvos' Texaco & WOW (Way Out Weber)

Birthday Party Bust 5th Grade Cathedral

Cathedral Safety Patrol Crossing Guard

Cathedral Cakewalk!

V-Land: The End of Skateboarding

Gibsons Kostoryz & Staples

Padre Island Surf War

Rainbo Bread Leopard Street


Lightning Bugs!

Lichtenstein's Tea Green Room

J. C. Penneys downtown

J. C. Penneys downtown revisited

Chick Inn (under harbor bridge)

Luby's Cafeteria

New stuff December 2021

Left Handed Kids at Cathedral

El Gato Negro Superhero!

Christmas Catalogs

Old Mexico Restaurant

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

USS Corpus Christi Submarine Visit

Bandys aka Granddaddies Bar SPID

Ping Pong Ball Helicopter Drop

New Fancy McDonalds 1972 Everhart Oldstown

Hitchking In 1970s

Glowing Waves

W B Ray Mascot Hipshot

Kids Lullabyes 1960s