KEYS Radio Station Downtown

KEYS radio station downtown Corpus Christi. It always was a battle between KEYS & KZFM back then, this is view to you would get from Lipan next to Corpus Christi Cathedral. It is a hill you did not take lightly on a bicycle, and sure as hell would not go down on skateboard, as there was bumps that would make Evel Kenievel proud. Go down smoother Leopard street one! At this time there was a tire company barely visible on left in photo, the big white building in back is CPL (Central Power & Light) the business under construction was a big garden place, but not sure if that is what it stayed. With KEYS, the DJs were AWESOME, us kids would marvel at all the equipment and them talking on mike, we could hear it on our little radios, but better yet, they had cool speakers under the awning there!

As I got older, I would still go by this place, sometimes in my 1970 AMC Javelin in 1977-on, and stop, of course have the radio tuned to them, I would write down a song I wanted to hear, and hold the paper up to window, get thumbs up, and drive off, many times would hear song before I hit Shoreline. How cool is that. They also gave me free tickets to concerts for "tuning in" to KEYS. KZFM was located I believe inside 600 tower, then later moved to near my old crappy house was on Doss & Antelope, they moved to brown brick building across from Coca Cola plant, just next to the Missouri Pacific train tracks, I do not remember timeline on them moving though.

Photo #1, look closely, that is Redi Kilowatt on top of CPL building in background. Photo #2, look close at this one also as Cathedral up the hill STILL had all it's Italian bells & Wilson Tower had it;s huge red "W" on top. Hurricane Celia took out most of Cathedral bells & the big "W" also. Can't argue with 150 miles per hour winds.

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