Corpus Christi's lighthouse mirador bathrooms on seawall

I love the new bathrooms Corpus Christi has put along seawall. Look like little bird houses, maybe lighthouse. Well built too, should survive a hurricane. Was fishing July 2018 and had to go. Saw a guy under there relieving himself and thought, what a novel idea! It's even lit under there.

My only suggestion would be to watch wind speed and which way is blowing ha ha. And the SEA ROACHES! They will attack like Godzilla attacks Tokyo, and there are a lot of them under there. My favorite fishing spot on steppes not seawall as some call it, is about block south of where I-37 hits Shoreline from parts unknown like San Antonio. So first thing people, tourists included see when they dead end there is Shoreline, look to left there is USS Lexington, look to right some big bank building thing casting shadow on steppes, some days not a bad thing with heat. This is short 1 minute video of me feeding my buddy, Mister Pelican, who ended up eating about 10 piggy perches, I would haul them in using hand line, and well, he slowly walk towards me. In all my life including growing up down there never ad a pelican come up to me. If you look in background you can see about where this is on the steppes also.

No, don't email or write me about the cool seawall toilets (deeer meeesteer ette you no bueno esse!) even before those built we would be fishing and watch people hang something other than fishing line overboard. Guys that is, locals, day & night. Maybe Japanese tourists take photo of that! Bet there were a few photos taken from Captain Clark's Showboat of guys fishing without a rod. When my dad & brother were alive we used to fish here a lot. Never had license, was nothing worth keeping except sometimes get lucky and get drum, speckled trout, sheephead or non trash fish worth keeping, many times just get piggy perches, menhaden, catfish, or gafftop, we would keep the perches after checking for leeches in the gills, if leeches, throw them back, if none, toss in box for the dogs back at old house on Doss & Antelope, usually had plenty of dogs to feed, so the more perches, the happier the dogs. Sometimes catch redfish, momma cook that up in pan, wow, better than Water Street Grille. Ok, Burger King fish sandwich is better than anything at Water Street Grille. (Ok, deer meester ette! No, I got sick there, never have gotten sick on seafood over 5 decades except that place, never been back)

The steppes have not changed much since growing up down there in 1960s. I do like the extension of bottom step, even though covered in slime, sometimes barnacles, the old step was black with goo and if line got stuck had to get on there and 99% time was slippery. Now you have extra area to slide. And hopefully not fall in. I told my boys that there are piranhas in the water so they stayed off bottom step. I really hate giving away my "fishing spot" but here it is, about a block from I-37 where it hits Shoreline but just out of shadow of the two bank towers. Seems others like my spot too, as in July 2018 there were three guys just south of us vaping, a disgusting habit, and one of these guys walked to the new bathroom & peed, which is where I got idea! Thanks CC homie! Wind speed from south about 15 miles per hour, next time please turn around, wife does not want to see the old fishing pole, and it also keeps shoes dry. Could just imagine Walter Furley KZTV giving 'weather report' on this in 1960s: "Fishing report good from the steppes with amounts of trout, redfish being caught, wind speed 20 miles per hour out of southeast, pee report, turn around don't drown, don't spit or pee into the wind, don't pull the mask off the old lone ranger and don't mess around with jim!' Years ago (great, here we go) years ago, when we had to go, we would walk back to The Sand & Sea, they had several open bathrooms.

Farther down we would go to Downtowner, which not only could we go to bathroom we could also load up on ice since the ice makers were in hallways open. Kudos to whoever planted all those oleanders in median also, those are Plan B If You Gotta Pee. I saw people going in and out of these thought maybe there was a ATM in there or someone giving away new iPhone 10 perhaps. You know even back in 1960s there was lack of restrooms on the seawall (not steppes, seawall when talking about top!) I know there is a real bathroom near where coliseum used to be, and one on a T-Head, but who has time for that, especially if you ate at some place like Chipotle?! My lovely wife Paige wanted some beer, so I drove here to the gas station at Water & I-37 I believe a Valero, and was line for bathroom in there. Maybe they need to do like Woolco used to do on Staples and charge people dime to use bathroom. Novel! Beer sales, this place must have some of best beer sales in Texas looking at the line for checkout. I sent a copy of my letter to the Honorable Joe McComb who is Mayor of Corpus Christi. Maybe will see some 'real' restrooms sprout up on seawall if they can find the spare funds or people or companies donate! Or stay cheap and plant more oleanders in median, those work too. Hope he does not write me back a 'deer meester ette!' letter. If does, will share it with ya'll.

Photo #1. One of the new 'bathrooms' that have sprouted up like mushrooms along top of seawall. Aw, they cute but smell bad under them for some reason. Spanish design, I told wife I could probably sell that on ebay if I dug it up.

Photo #2. How many of you ever got to see the boat races Corpus Christi used to have from the steppes? Was pretty awesome sight. Here is a mess of them about where I was feeding Mister Pelican. I believe Corpus Christi quit this tradition in 1960s sometime as we were watching boat races on a T-Head, and someone lost control, and boat veered towards T-Head hitting about 50 yards from us, killing several people. I can't tell you year, but chances are can find that online. Too bad, wish they would bring them back. Same with Bayfest.

Photo #3. My late brother Tommy, Homer T Stakes Jr, dad Homer T Stakes Sr, & me, in 1967 standing in our fishing spot. Hurricane Beulah was in the gulf. Look closely will see angry waves on bottom step & our hair to one side like Gumby head. And of course those wonderful Cathedral plaid uniform shirts & khaki pants.

Photo #4. At one time, the old Sand & Sea motel was directly across from our fishing spot on steps. After I moved from Corpus Christi in 1983 to Houston, when come back down to visit would stay here.

Photo #5. Downtowner Motor Inn was about 1/2 mile from our fishing spot on steppes, and used to get free ice here for coolers. Just drive up in back, walk down little hallway early morning 4-5am, fill cooler, leave. They had ice machines toward side of building on each floor too. Thanks guys! We also would fill up chest for when we fished at the little long pier at Holiday In Emerald Beach. Guards never gave us any issues either place. Sharp eyed viewers who are still awake and not writing me (deere meester ette!) letters will notice the sign has Skippers Club At The Piano of which this place, just like Sand & Sea, had a bar. This means that the Skipper must have somehow gotten off Gilligan's Island & opened a bar. Sharper eyed viewers will notice the Driscoll Hotel looming in background over office registration area on right, and yes, that is a olive green Studebaker Lark parked out front.

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