Some Great Beach Songs!

Everyone who lives in Corpus Christi & surrounding areas like Rockport, Sinton, Taft, Gregory, Portland, Ingleside, Odom, Calallen, Annaville, Aransas Pass, Port A & all "should" have some favorite "beach songs" either associated with Padre Island, Malaquite, even MeGee & North Beach I would guess. I know I do! And when I hear one of these songs on the radio in Houston (I moved from Corpus Christi, my hometown in 1983, but still visit) it can easily transcend me back years, decades, to another time...when I lived there and spent a LOT of time going to Padre. Usually parked within 1 mile of condos, sometimes drive 4-5 miles south of J. P. Luby pier a little quieter over there, depends on mood or if I wanted to share beer.

circle in the sand belinda carlisle

Belinda Carlisle former and sometimes lead singer for the Gogos (Margot Olavarria, Elissa Bello, and Jane Wiedlin.) a all girl band when didn't see many all girl bands. And they rocked & had a mess of hits. The only thing matched by her beautiful timeless voice is her features, love the red hair. Guess one could read what they want to into this song, but appears a love that may or may lot be eternal. Or she is world's most beautiful stalker!

Can't think of anyone who has never drawn whimsical lines and names in sand on Padre Island. Especially with a loved one! We used to draw things in sand on McGee Beach in Corpus Christi as kids with sticks, junkie syringe needles, poke holes in washed up catfish and pop bloated jellyfish, not romantic but FUN as hell. To me, this song leave one looking over shoulder a few times as you leave Padre Island to go home though. Belinda still tours if you want to see her in concert!

boys of summer-don henley

This song can listen to repeatedly, if you have ever been lucky enough to see the "original: video, consider yourself lucky! Really lucky! Very sexy, passionate and sultry. However Don Henley, one of the original Eagles, won't release it again and is one of a handful of artists on youtube that his videos are commonly taken down when someone EXCEPT HIM puts them up, which is his right. But that being said, Don...lighten up bro, we love your music, and this is one of the best beach songs ever made! And looking at a screen shot or generic screen while listening to Boys of Summer (love the seagulls in background) takes away from whole experience! Sit in your classic car one day on Padre Island deserted one around...and crank this song up while you watch a dawn of a new day with waves lapping on beach. Sounds better in 8 track or cassette tape if you have one...keep in mind that you might have to actually search for Boys Of Summer on youtube if above link taken down.

banarama-cruel summer

If you can get past looking at the beautiful girls of Bananarama in this quirky song & video (which don't seem to have anything to do with summer to me, but what the hell, is FUN when music videos were FUN and MTV was relevant!) love the girls hair and makeup while working on cars. Keep eyes peeled (no banana pun intended or is it?) in background of video, and check out the cool 1970s/80s cars. Like the cops takeoff of the popular Dukes of Hazzard Boss Hogg cop chasing them and how the girls handled the chase, what else, banana peels....then end up dancing with them at end. In closing seconds of videos, a really haunting and sad image of the girls looking over river at....the Twin Towers.....was a different time I guess, lots of memories here from more innocent time

last summer-martha davis & the motels

Martha Davis, voice like silk & beauty to match, the only thing wrong with this song is not longer! The ice cream truck symbolism not lost on my who spent a LOT of time on Padre Island in late 70s/early 80s, of when this song came out. Ice cream truck driving away? Yes, someone had to tell ME 'summer was pretty well damned over' whether it was school, night shifts at bar, or girlfriend wanting to go to my apartment in The Landing to clean up all the sand and tar balls stuck to legs & feet. This video actually LOOKS like it was filmed on Padre Island until to see the big rocks sticking up our of sand. We didn't have that but we DID have Ixtoc-1 tar balls that big & some late summers....seaweed piles even bigger than a Buick on Padre. This song simply will drift you back into another time, the promise of a good day at beach with possibly someone you love! You know for what it is worth I never remember ever seeing ice cream or taco trucks on Padre back then in 1980s?

 in the summertime-mungo jerry

'when the weather is fine we go fishin or sailin on the sea' Well sure as hell can't argue with Mungo on that, but who names a kid Mungo? This quirky unusual and fun song I could not stand when it came out in 1970, as seems every time I stepped foot in Woolworth downtown Corpus Christi, a alarm would go off with this song. I didn't even have time to smell the fresh popcorn or cotton candy at front door without hearing it. Much less star at velvet Jesus & Elvis paintings on the whole wall across from diner. I thought it was some evil soviet plan. Maybe they knew I 'ain't go no money' and this was Woolworth red flag warning for employees to watch the poor kid in the toy section. The only thing with more hair than their beards is their boots in this video. Feel free to dance or tap feet for you greybeards! This whole video is 'electronically tested in 1970' as little screen pops up with ha ha. Not sure what happened to these guys singing about summer in middle of some British looking town with lots of old cool car traffic. Was probably made on vintage camcorder too in 1970, but neat summer video. Well. singing about summer in city.

A handful of my other "summer each songs" that take me back to Corpus Christi & Padre Island without actually being there...your list may vary!

Summer In City (back of my neck felling dirty & gritty!) by Lovin Spoonful; Summer Breeze & Seals & Crofts; Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay, Otis Redding; When The Lights Go Down In The City (and the sun shines on the bay!) Journey. A case could be made for the whole Gary Wright Dream Weaver album, cassette or 8 track, wow, that thing lived in my 8 track player at Padre Island, especially at night! Anything by Jerry Jeff Walker

Photos! First one is my momma, Sarah Stakes, at McGee Beach in 1940s. Photo #2 is my two oldest kids, Jennifer & Jacob on Padre finding treasures! Photo #3 is two girlfriends that had found a conch shell. No, it does not have Wi-Fi duh. Photo #4 is wife Paige, nothing better than sitting Mother Natures couch...seaweed. Unless there is sea roaches. Photo #5 Lisa Kloster's granny & Dawn, me in middle in 1980s. Photo #6 Chris Rodriguez & Gina, two sweethearts that lived near me in Lexington Manor off Kostorzy. Amazing how quickly they could come up with 'gas or beer money' if I told them I was headed towards beach. Sometimes my TWO SEAT AMX looked like Shriner's Clown Car so many people packed in it! Please remember to put out your bonfires & also NO GLASS like the idiots in Corona commercials, so no glass bottles a broken bottle can ruin a great day!

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