Padre Island!

Born & raised in Corpus Christi, I didn't get to island until about 8 years old. It was just someplace we didn't get to much living on east side. (Doss & Antelope, near Port & Leopard) If we 'went to beach' we went about 2 miles away to McGee Beach and rarely, went to North Beach. North Beach in 1960s/70s not good place to be, and Mc Gee was tolerable, but a big ashtray.

Eventually started going to Padre Island in teen years a lot. Just to hang out. I still have my short, green Gulf Coast surfboard, specially made for what passes for surf on Padre, and a good day would be 3 rows at 3 feet.

Watch for Portugese Man O War jellyfish and take a Adophs Meat Tenderizer with you in case get stung by these jellyfish!

Where was the hotspots? Near the condos, not unusual to have five rows of cars for 2-3 miles. Could walk along and people bar-q-quing, smoking weed, drinking, volleyball, and of course frisbee. I loved frisbee, still do, and have taught my boys all sort of tricks with frisbees, the best ones if you go to beach are 165 grams, they hold the wind. If you don't know what you are doing, you throw a 'wagon wheel' and it rolls back to dunes, that sand it hot walking to get errant throw!

I have lots of neat photos from Padre, here are some from early 1980s near the condos, hope it brings back some good memories of ya'll. 1st is Lisa Kloster in middle with Dana (?) and I think her sister, buried up in the sand, 2nd photo is unknown guy on left, Scott in middle and longtime friend Emilio Gutierrez on right "the sinner!" leaning up against my 68 AMC AMX, which is a 2 seater. Scott & unknown fellow on left were both Rock Alive employees, as was Lisa.

For being a factory built 2 seat car, you would be surprised how many people and ice chests I could fit in it! Was like Shriners car at circus people piling out.

3rd photo is Chris Rodriguez & Kristi Parker tossing some frisbee, the key here was don't get too far back where sand is dry as it would burn feet, where the tide had came in night before sand still wet. 4th photo shows my AMX before was painted, Debbie Thomas on left, Chris Rodriguez in middle, Christi Parks on right. We parked sideways like this as was expecting 2 more cars of friends. 5th photo shows Lisa standing next to my 68 AMX after it was painted, still had not installed the antenna on it yet for radio. This time we went way north of condos to get away from crowds! 6th photo Debbie Thomas on hood of my AMX. Suntan Oil NOT good for paint jobs, neither is metal rimmed cans, could not buff it out.

Sometimes you do that on Padre.... For those of you in bar know routine, work ass off at night, get home 3-4 in morning, crash out, get up next day 10am-noon, go to beach, go back home, clean up go to work at bar or restaurant! Was great time!

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