The Return of Relampago?
Corpus Christi's ONLY Superhero!

RELAMPAGO Returns? Corpus Christi crime spree! Gangs open kiosk selling flower baskets in Padre Staples Mall! )Relampago investigate although Relampago do like turquoise jewelry); No active classic car cruise night on Ayers! )Relampago need car, see below story!); Dicso is dead (no crime there move along Relampago); Catfish Charlie's no longer has All You Can Eat Catfish! (that is real crime! Relampago investigate hush puppies too!); Ocean Drive repaved, ha ha, you figure that out (no Relampago find flat road after get AMC Javelin). Whataburger move to headquarters San Antonio! (crime in MY book) (Relampago say maybe he move HIS headquarters to Corpus Christi being super hero friends!)

In the Autumn of 2018, I contacted Mattel makers of such things as Barbie's and Hot Wheels, about the possibility of honoring a old friend of mine from Corpus Christi, my hometown. Judge Margarito Garza was a big comic book fan and also talented, putting together three comic books (extremely collectible) in 1970s about Relampago! He fought Corpus Christi crime! Not only was Relampago Corpus Christi's only superhero, but also he was first ever Mexican American super hero created! He battled other things too like the big Robstown Pajaro Grande (big bird) that was carrying off people. Can't blame the bird, not much to do in Robstown.

Why now? The good judge has been gone since 1995. He was a friend of mine. Loved his big comic book store in Corpus Christi off McArdle. Well, I thought this might be a great way to honor him and bring about a whole new bunch of fans who have never heard of Relampago. (Lightning in Spanish).

So. I have worked with not one but three Director of Diecasts with Playing Mantis, aka Johnny Lightning years ago to get a few small miniature diecast American Motors cars done. My own 72 AMX was used on the coin in 1990s. Also sent them photos, actual models like Testors, AMT and more 'to get the details right' and of that we ended up with a number of Super Stock AMXs 1969, 68 Javelins, 72 AMXs and later the James Bond Hornet. NO, I did not make a penny off it, but did end up with a number of cases of new metal toy AMC cars for my effort. And hobby got a LOT of new collector items, as some, like the SS/AMX mold ended up being used 15 times.

This is a old 1990s file about the Playing Mantis effort

Judge Garza liked my AMC Javelin in late 1970s, so this is the car I chose to also present to Mattel, since they already have the mold! A good thing! No development costs which can sometimes kill a project. I do not own the rights to Relampago and it might be public domain by now. Seeing aisles filled Thor, Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Batman, Captain America, they all have fancy cars! Not sure why Superman needs wheels unless to take Lois Lane out on date though. But Relampago needs a hot car to cruise streets of Corpus Christi fighting crime. So I approached talented AMC friend Britteny Miller, wife of Mike Miller. Both very talented and told them what I wanted. The two designs that came back are awesome and (to me) would honor the memory of Judge Garza. Imagine going into a Wal Mart & seeing Corpus Christi's only super hero ready for action in toy section.  Wow. Enclosed are the two designs submitted to Mattel. There is nothing in it financially for me in this endeavor. I also want to add I have never worked with Mattel before, just Playing Mantis, so whole new ball game.

Photos #1 & #2 show one design,

relampago-hot-wheels-1.JPG (1281467 bytes)  relampago-hot-wheels-2.JPG (1629903 bytes)

Photos #3 & #4 show another design.

relampago-hot-wheels-3.JPG (720036 bytes)  relampago-hot-wheels-4.JPG (1361600 bytes)

The 5th photos is just correspondence letter from Mattel.

relampago-hot-wheels-5.JPG (252714 bytes)