All Female Rock Band at Rock Alive! 1982

Rock Alive 1982: Vixen the all female rock band played at Rock Alive across from King High school on Staples where I was working, these girls ROCKED.

Rock Alive was in financial trouble with the owners spending money and revenue on their rent and other stuff, not recycling it back into club. As the girls took a break between sets, I went up to office from bar & told them 'this place is in serious trouble, if you have not been paid you need to get the door money!' as employees had not been paid in 2 weeks, so we all living off tips! The girls demanded "the take" from the door before they would go play second set, the owner oblidged knowing would be huge riot in there packed house if he didn't pay up and they refused to go back onstage.

Rock Alive closed a few weeks later, and many of us sat at Nueces County Courthouse trying to get some form of back pay. Never will forget the long faces in the hallway, some missed car payment, others got evicted from apartment and others mortgage, CPL, all the bills. Even child support.

The girls still tour and have a facebook & website. Sadly, the tall blonde, Jan, died in 2013 from cancer. This is my huge banner they gave me in 1982 for helping them get paid. All is signed, which makes it more special since Jan gone. The little pac man thing is cool in one corner. Made of felt, and big as door, it has been stored carefully in closet over thirty years.

Vixen has sold over million records and still tours, although some of the band members replaced, but worth seeing if they come to town.

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