Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight Showings at The Movies

Rocky Horror Picture Show. At one of Corpus Christi's smallest theaters, located on the SE corner of the Staples & Weber/Doddridge intersection was a little white theater that on Saturday nights, shows Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight screenings. Always seemed to sell out. Across the street was a Handy Andy grocery store & Hamlin Pharmacy. And across the street on north side was firehouse with a big 5 or so story building they trained at.

Was a great date night place but I had never been. A girl asked ME out who was living at The Landing one day near pool. I told her sure why not, sounds like a cool thing midnight movie. Horror scary movie too! In the land of no internet, cell phones, just raggedy Caller Times & land lines, I figured would be fun. So picked her up at her apartment about 11:15pm and off we went, straight shot down Weber from The Landing in my AMC AMX. We got there & must have been 20-50 people already in line. What the hell is this, some of these people look like zombie apocalypse while others had on wedding stuff. The girl I was with was wearing some of that stink crap oil perfume Patchouli stuff, funny how I didn't really smell it in the car, but inside my car smelled like Cheech & Chongs van, that little pine tree air freshener hanging from the Day/Night mirror overcome by smoke months before. But standing in line next to her on a humid Corpus night, wind blowing nicely from south, but humid, I could smell it. That stuff while I am not allergic to it, makes me sick. Someone roll me around in 2 week old catbox, same smell.

Line got longer, do not know capacity of this place, but I got us two seats, she insisted since I bought tickets she buy groceries, so Sprites & popcorn it is. Cool a 'horror show' at midnight. Well it didn't take this old Catholic raised altar boy to utter 'what the hell is THAT sh*t?!?' to her. I thought this was going to be teens heads flying around like Texas Chain saw Massacre. No. Damn, and that patchouli has even over powered the popcorn with extra butter (could to that then you know) smell.

People seemed to know the songs! Lets Do The Time Warp Again, singing along.

I used to same thing in Cathdral with Latin Mass, can't speak it don't know it, don't want to know it so just open and close mouth like singing. I looked around, sort of surreal but a fun sort of way. I was probably one of

3 people in whole theater NOT dressed up. When I first saw Frank N Furter I had a 'Boy George Moment. Granted, Boy George would not come along for a few more years. Flashback time, but it all flashback at this point in life. At The Landing, a number of us guys sitting around one night playing poker. MTV as usual on, playing music. Boy George came on with that Do You Really Want To Hurt me song. Poker game stopped when Bobby said 'what the hell is that?' to which Bryan said 'Eddie, is the radio on?' and Bob said 'is that singing??!!?' to which all of our mouths gaping open trying to figure out if this really was someone singing or lip syncing like Milli Vanilli would be doing years later. So pretty much someone could have walked into apartment 4302, taken the $200-$300 in bets on table, our several bottles of Reposado Tequila, even our various bags of weed, walked out, we would all still have catatonic look staring at Boy George. So that was my face in theater when first saw Frank N Furter.

Then there was a wedding scene, whole place was trashed with rice like wedding, aw cute. Except some people would wrap rice in little nets and toss it. And I also saw box of Uncle Ben fly thru air, don't waste that, I can use that back at apartment! I got showered with a lot of rice as did my date, she seemed to know all the words to the songs, and danced when people danced, and she also had all her teeth a good thing. After movie over, I was a little shell shocked, even though I had moved away from house on Antelope & had my own nice apartment at The Landing, momma would have taken the Hot Wheels orange track to my butt if she knew I went to a movie like this, staunch Catholic that she was. So I didn't tell her.

We left and since I had a relatively fast car, cruised down Staples past Everhart to where Gollihar bends and hit Staples as was at time a Floyds over there, sort of like a Denny's or IHOP now. Awesome food and beat the drunk 2:00am crowd influx easily. Damn that patchouli stuff even drowns out bacon smell. Anyways was uneventful date, took her home, dropped her off, kiss goodnight hoping I would not get any of that catbox smelling patchouli oil stuff on me. Walked to apartment, and crashed out.

At later date I ended up seeing this 'midnight showing' 4 more times. With different dates. I never dressed up but did have a lot of fun at the movie after that first initial shock. At one time, the little Corpus Christi theater now gone, had some sort of record for showing it continuously I don't know how many years it was though. There is some theater in Germany that allegedly has been showing midnight showings of it for over 40 years now making it one of the longest running films ever. Lets Do The Time Warp Again With No Patchouli!

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