Sarah Stakes Corpus Christi Girl Scouts NAVY DAY Parade 1942

Navy Day, downtown Corpus Christi, 1942. Sarah D Alcala (before Stakes) I don't think anyone here is still around now, the only person I believe 'could' still be around would be my 4th grade nun at Catherdral, she was in 70s teaching in 1960s, so she would be maybe 142 or so now. This photo was found in my mom's archives and I have never seen it but DO recognize her beautiful handwriting on the back. Says NAVY DAY, October 27th, 1942. So am guessing this had to do with family. Could not have been my grandmother marching, as she was a socialista with Pancho Villa's movement in Mexico of all things. Not Pancho the place everyone pining for damned sopiallas here and raise the little flag place and eat until you burst from buffet.

Sadly a lot of history on my site of family lost, not only photos in hurricanes, but hell, everyone croaked! Well, except me. Look closely at the photo there is Nueces Hotel/motel, a Shaws store, and Optima Hitts Cigar Store there on right. Possibly someone with Dollar store eyeglasses can positively ID the street although have been told it is Chaparral. If it was my grandma here, I would wonder how did she get across the border? I know nothing of HER family, just the Saltillo connection, and a number of old photos I will eventually scan and bore ya'll with here later, including her waving Mexican flag with some bad ass hombres. If anyone can shed more light on this ancient photo besides sister Berchmann and her 142 years of knowledge, please comment!

Photo #1 downtown Corpus Christi, 1942. This could be Brownies or Girl Scouts, my mom would have been 16 then so about right age. I am not sure how all that works, might be like Eagle Scouts, they can be as old as Sister Birchmann still be Eagle Scout well into Year 3000.

Photo #2, my mom Sarah D Alcala trolling downtown Corpus Christi. At one time, she had three brothers fighting over who gets to date her ha ha, Robert, Leroy & Ernest Briles used to get if fights like you used to see on Popeye vs Bluto where all it is is cloud with hands and legs and fists flying. And my dad won out go figure. Note the black women all styling in background in this photo, mom was about 16, 17 in it.

Photo #3. A photo I have NEVER seen before until recently. Momma died January 30th, 1988, she miss her. This photo if you look closely is on the Lipan side of Cathedral. She appears to be under 20 years old here. I am not sure what the dress is, possibly spanish type design of which her mom was Mexican. Wished this photo was clearer!

Photo #4. Yea my mom was hot, I would have asked her for a date but then people would think I am from Arkansas or something. This photo undated, but had Culli's on back, one of the major photo developers in Corpus Christi back then. I will take a guess here and say she was 17 here. The "colorized"

photo was common back then, I have some in big Cathedral frames on the walls dating back to late 1800s of 'mi familia' that were colorized. Now a lost art.

Photo #5. Mom was also a sort of tomboy and loved sports. Here sitting on the long front porch I often write about that was at 723 Doss at corner of Antelope. This was a old boarding house. NO! No AC! But wow, on front porch what a breeze! There was 6 'rooms' that were rented in the house, then central back bathroom for everyone, long hall, and opposite side of bathroom was a storage room, could have rented that too.

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