Seaside Memorial Park Cemetery

At a windswept corner of a small cemetary bounded by Robert & Gaines Drive just west of Ocean drive in Corpus Christi is Seaside Memorial Park. In the 1960s, this was not all that big, but then again a number of large townhomes, condos, apartments, hotels and motels were not on Ocean drive either lined up against their fence. The 1st photo shows my late dad, Homer T. Stakes, pointing out someone's last sunset at this cemetary. My late brother Tommy on left, me in the shorts. Had to be momma, Sarah Stakes with old camera taking this photo from our Rambler wagon in November 1967. This final sunset for many folks in that area is totally different from the other one onn Lipan near Miller high school. That one has lots of old growth live oaks and other trees, while Seaside does not, seems every day is a sunday here, quite, breezy, with occasional mockingbird or seagull breaking the silence.

I do not know where Aunt Ruth's or other relatives graves are in this one, which has expanded a lot sinve I grew up down there & more so since 1980s when I left. The last time I visited was with my kids and wife in 2016, and wandered around aimlessly looking to see if any names lit the old bulb but none did. The hotels, motels, and other places lining Ocean still encroach on Seaside but that seems to be ok with both living & dead after all these years. Was surprised to see that it stretches all the way to Airline now however! One thing that bummed me out was seeing Selena grave. Poor kid, even in death still no respect. Not sure why Seaside put here where they did, but watched kids (and I use that term loosely) but kids, maybe tourists, walking looking at their cell phones and other devices, just walking over those other graves near Selena's not missing a beat while playing Candy Crush, so the folks around Selena not getting any rest.

Being 1967, I will have to speculate that this must have been Aunt Ruth grave new as she died in 1967. My dad was one of nine kids, they had a modest house off Up River road before it became a industrial wasteland, was just tidal flats back then next to Nueces river, but I do not know what happened to his dad, but his mom was BLIND & raised all those kids. My dad was Number Nine, so was younest runt! Photo #2 shows their mm with my dad, homer on her lap in 1926, the house shown off Up River road in background, this is only baby photo I have of him or his mom.

Aunt Ruth used to live in one of those neat houses off Santa Fe, Morgan, 3rd, 5th, a few blocks from Ocean drive near Spohn. You know the houses that are 2 story, wood, some duplexes, others have 4 places, but Aunt Ruth's house upstairs, and below you could park under the house! So was a treat to go visit here for Tommy & me, as the stairs ran along the side of the house. Bounded on one side by 3rd, the house faced Morgan, & other side of property was Santa Fe, although another house sat there on that corner, there is zero there now I believe. On the corner of Morgan & 3rd was a old filling station in 1960s, I believe previous life was FINA or Texaco, but with proximity to hospital a few blocks away, was turned into a neat pharmacy. And in that pharmacy, there were big doctor "things" glass jars filled with colored water hanging from ceiling, one red, other green, and the pharmacy old men told us kids 'that is Kool Aid' to which we had no reason to not to believe them, but sure would have liked to have a taste of those. Instead, we got Wrigleys gum, there was Spearmint, Juicy Fruit & a green type, maybe Double Mint, but every time poppa went there for medications, us kids got lucky with small packs of gum.

Across the street on Morgan was Doctor Bernard's office, he was the elderly nice doctor that delivered both Tommy & me at Spohn in 1950s. Not sure what ever happened to him or if his practice still around with relatives perhaps. Regardless, if I can find the photo of my dad & his 8 other siblings standing in a row, will show it, quite neat, as Aunt Ruth was one of them & unfortunately I can't name them all now as time has moved on.

Photo #1, Seaside in 1967, note background, my dad, late brother Tommy & me (in shorts!). Dad was probably telling us DON'T STEP ON THE DAMNED GRAVES!!! Or pointing out a relative who just buried, not sure what going on here.

Photo #2 this is my dad's mom off Up River Road, (somewhere near Cord Products area) she raised NINE KIDS by herself & was BLIND! When they bad, she would make them go out and get 'weapon' or 'sheleaigh' to spank them with, my dad said they would put on 2nd pair of underwear, or small book in pants as to not feel it! Sometimes stand next to couch as she swung, hittting couch they they go ow! Ow! wrong on bunch of levels...but it was 1930s.

Photo#3: Selena on Shoreline what a sweet girl, deserved a better fate, may Yolanda rot in hell one day. Selena's grave at Seaside Memorial Park. I wished they had put this farther in corner or area knowing that on her birthday...and death...lots of traffic from cars, people and those who 'ain't got no sense' as momma used to say, & just disrespectful of those folks trying to rest in peace.

Photo #4. Here is one of those doctor thingies that hung from ceiling when I was a kid, apocathary, we always thought was Kool Aid dispensers but hell we were 6 or so years old.

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